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What happens to children who are reared by those stuck at the youngest stages of soul development, the Mineral and Vegetable Stages? In this skit, you will get a taste of a typical scene from such a child's life. In this scene, "nine-year-old" Deborah shows that she has managed to maintain many of her human traits, but for how long...

In this discussion, we review the highlights of SOS Video 20, a skit demonstrating the Vegetable stage of soul development in a typical family setting. If you are wondering what is behind the vegetable's frightfully nice smile and how to recognize these people in your life, this video is for you.

In this video, we show some common family dynamics when the parents are stuck in the youngest stages of soul development. See how many of the dysfunctional family dynamics you can identify. If you feel like it, please write what you notice in the comment section below.

Our outer world is always reflecting our inner world. We are now living in "the information age" where information goes viral. Could it be that we have a corona virus which is reflecting a technological societal virus? Going "Viral" is a common term when information spreads quickly.

The definition of "normal" behavior of women and men has changed a lot over the years based on what the average woman and man is doing. Because the average "adult" is traumatized, she or he doesn't reach the most mature stages of soul development. We must learn the true qualities of the psychologically healthy Woman and Man if we are to realize how traumatized most people are and participate in the recovery of everyone we know and love.

Who do you know that is frightfully nice? People stuck in the Vegetable Stage are throughout our communities yet rarely recognized. This video gives you a vivid experience so that you might identify this second stage of soul development as you go about your lives.

In this discussion, we review the highlights of SOS Video 18, a skit demonstrating the youngest stages of soul development in a typical family setting. If you are wondering what's wrong with some of the rigid, rocky, hard to get along with people in your life, this video is for you!

The symptoms of the Coronavirus, like those of any illness, have something to say about our emotional bodies and minds. What might some of these soul communications be?

Our American methods of child-rearing tend to sever our souls, at least in our experience. As we disown unwanted aspects of our human nature to fit into our culture, our identities become smaller. We lose many abilities and potential talents. And our vulnerabilities and fears grow...particularly toward what reminds us of ourselves...

The new year can be a time of new awareness, new possibilities, and new abilities. How can we maximize these potentials?

The Christmas Story has much to teach us about our soul development. During the holidays, people stuck in young stages of soul development also make themselves known in unmistakeable ways. With this knowledge, may we give one another the gift of what we need to progress on our souls' journeys.

Adults in the Child Stage are often misunderstood because they are highly emotional. They may not look good compared to those in the younger stages who are not as aware of their true feelings as the Child. Those in the Child Stage are also more aware of what is going on around them, and their emotions are appropriate to these circumstances.

In this video, we talk about how we often need some traumatic experiences to move us out of our current developmental stage. The amount of trauma required to move us is often similar to the amount of trauma that caused us, as children, to become stuck in young developmental stages.

People stuck in the Animal Stage negotiate life through physical experience and expression. They are focused on survival, performance, and tangible achievements. They have only rudimentary awareness of their emotions, which are, of course, shared physically.

The Vegetable Stage of Development is when our souls move in the realm of appearances. Our minds and emotional hearts are still largely immobile. Think of a plant growing toward the sun while its roots remain fixed in the dirt. When our souls are stuck in the Vegetable Stage, we are focused on changing appearances only, in ourselves and in our world.

Just as the physical body has stages of development, so does the psychological body or soul. When this growing body has been overwhelmed by chronic trauma, it can get stuck in this youngest developmental stage. Do you know anyone who is utterly rigid and uncompromising? Please watch this video to learn how you might budge this person from his or her rocky stance.

Most people look to the physical body to discern if someone is an adult or not. But, this is just the physical age of the person. The emotional body of that person also has a developmental stage, and so does the mind. Understanding these developmental stages is essential if we are to truly know people, comprehend their capabilities, and help them progress on their developmental journeys.

There are many consequences to being stuck in young stages of soul development. In this video, we discuss a few that most of us can no doubt relate to...

We know that most of us need academic schooling to get where we want in life. Isn't it strange that so many people DON'T realize that their souls also need schooling to get where they want to go? Our souls want to return to wholeness, and they have a plan for this return. Are we willing to follow the course outlined by our souls?

The School of Soul reflects on the beautiful, brilliant soul within each one of us and how it communicates with us. Would you like to learn its language?

In this video, the School of Soul talks about the enormity of our true identity as a whole soul. Unfortunately, growing up we learn to condemn parts of ourselves, so we hide them away and forget about them. Like young children, we are dependent on someone showing us how to return to wholeness. Our souls know the way! Are we listening to them?


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The School Of Soul's mission is to help our global community practice our greatest priority: soulful beliefs, values, & behavior.

Our goal is to evolve our world into a living organism that supports the individual and collective development of all.