I really need to get a consistent upload schedule but no need to worry, April is going to be the month where I start uploading videos onto here.

I've finally made it through the catalog of my video history on YouTube. This video right here was from January of this year, but after this, there's the lineup of videos from 2019 up to 2020

I've managed to get this video done just before Valentine's Day and I was going to upload this on Friday, but I decided to go to the store and get some chocolate and other candy.

This year's Valentine's Day was a little hollow considering the fact that the world is still in a global pandemic. Next year will probably be a lot better

First video to be uploaded in 2021
I hope all of you are having a good first couple of weeks in the new year

YouTube is still being a miserable place for content and I am still in the process of getting (almost) of my videos uploaded to BitChute.
Also yes, this is a work in progress

I have nothing else to put here so have some links I guess:

Youtube channel:

I was meant to publish this a week ago, but the Holiday season has been keeping me busy despite the fact it doesn't feel like Christmas

And yeah, I know that this really isn't a remix. It's basically an arrangement

Before you ask, no it didn't take a me a week to complete this. This was made two years ago along with Whistle Proto

Longtime no upload

I was meant to be posting three videos in November but some things happened in that month and I couldn't get the chance to upload anything on Bitchute. Also YouTube is now starting to become an after thought after news came out of them updating the TOS

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today I give you a Halloween themed pmv that was made two years ago which I still like

Finally at long last, we've made it to last and final track which is a huge sigh of relief. Err...unless I join another video sharing site (that doesn't punish it's content creators and give videos a copyright claim despite the media in the video doesn't have any info about it online. Yeah, I'm looking at YouTube) and have to repeat everything onto there, but that's not happening anytime soon

Also I am about halfway through on getting all of my video uploaded onto BitChute

Don't mind me I'm just uploading this while I work on a video and by work I mean by listening back on the audio

The last track took awhile to get processed. Hopefully this one won't take twice as long.

Anywho, there's two tracks left on this CD and after uploading them, I won't have to worry anymore

Ahhhhh...... I was meant to post a video like three days ago but I forgot

I was planning to upload this after track 8 went live, but it never happened since it went through converting/processing hell. I thought that video would be done with the processing stage at the time of me sleeping, but it only went live like 12 hours ago which would happened to be the time where I would wake up (in my timezone)

Now my whole uploading schedule is off by a full day. Also speaking of sleep, I've stayed up all night and after clicking on the finish button, I'll be heading off to bed

I'm just going to say that besides the first two tracks, this one is my second favorite track out of the 13.

And yes boys and girls, there are 13 tracks in total and I am going to show you all of them

And we are back after a two day break.

I've also just noticed that I've gained a sub. Hello there, nice to meet you one sub. How are you today? You're not much of a talker? Well ok then

You might have noticed that there wasn't a description in the last two videos that I've uploaded and that's because I had a massive brain fart. Half the time, I don't feel putting anything at all even though I love to ramble and interact with those who are watching.

All of us have our own limits

Ok last video so I can go to bed. I'm like dead tired and getting videos that I uploaded onto YouTube together is so time consuming, but it's worth it in the end

Story time: I've gotten a claim from the Content ID system on this video after almost a full year of uploading it onto YouTube. When I went to see the claim, it was claimed for an entirely different song. The song that the bot got was a song known as The Canticle Of The Turning which sounds nothing like the song in the video.

Anyway, I sent a dispute and YouTube saw it a mistake and dropped it. However three months later, the video got claimed again for another entirely song. To make matters worse, YouTube took away my option to dispute the claim. "Great! That's so nice of you, YouTube" was the words that came to my head, but out of my mouth were swear words.

Moral of the story: If you plan on uploading songs that can't be found on the internet and that people don't know anything about them onto YouTube, be warned, you might get a claim from some random person who's corrupted by the greed of money and pretends to be a record label to take your revenue because profit. Also YouTube, fix your Content ID system. It's bloody trash

Brace yourselves for this because this may get long, but I'll try to keep it brief

Great Bible Reef was a vacation bible school program that was held during the summertime. I remember going to this one when I was about 9 years old. It was actually fun tbh.

Unfortunately, when I had the thought of revisiting the memories of it there was nothing online about it making it a lost piece of media. Luckily, I was given a CD of the songs that were used for what I would call rehearsals of the things that were learned in each lesson.

I happen to be one of the few people who knows about this, but nobody uploaded the music on the internet and that's where I come in to bring you light on this subject. You're welcome.

Oh and uh, these tracks contain images from an anime and not images that represent god himself because I didn't had the energy for it.





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