Anon Rancher

I turn my back for a couple of seconds and I could have been sued into the ground....Lesson?- CLOSE THE GATE!

Attack dog nearly rips up the UPS driver who was trying to be nice and drop a package at the door because the gate was open..,..Swiss cheese principle!!

The finishing and detail work after heavy cleaning of the skulls for my backyard

I raise my own beef cattle and I use Dexters for their smaller size, ease of care, but most importantly it is the healthiest leanest meat because man has not screwed with its genetics. To honour their time here on the ranch and the excellent BBQ they helped me make, I will immortalize them and clean and bleach the skulls for display and hopefully inspire stories and

Takes place around 6am PST May 29th on a ranch about an hour outside Vancouver, BC Canada. Just after my chickens come out to start their day an eagle swoops in, chases my chickens around their house and separates one and chases it down and takes it apart. You can see him up against the electric fence plastic post, and was getting zapped so once he has control of the prey, he moves the body for more feasting. it's the first time I have lost a chicken to an eagle even though a couple live close to me. When I got up and saw the feathers everywhere I thought it was the great horned owl that lives in the trees out back. He got a chicken a couple of years ago and it was so early in the morning it seemed the early bird was the likely suspect. Once I got to the security cams the truth became clear, silent witness trumps conjecture....What was heartening was the family crow that follows me around the property as I feed the animals and do chores, tried his best to ward off the eagle and even called a friend to help in the mission. Hat tip to GI Crow and rest in peace Debbie the hen, I raise a glass to your memory.

Well a couple days later I get to help out GI Crow after he had tried to scare off the eagle that ate my chicken. One good deed deserves another here on the hobby farm.


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