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Real Deal Reports (7 May 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Fake nurses and doctors abound to support the fake CV pandemic, where a student who was working on a cure appears to have been taken out in Pittsburgh. Gov. Cuomo of NY "shocked" to find that 66% of CV hospitalizations in his state are persons who "sheltered-in-place", which he had encouraged. Now he’s (stupidly) bringing Bill Gates into planning the future of eduction in NYC, no doubt to equal or exceed the damage caused by Common Core upon our children.

Real Deal Reports (8 April 2020) with Mike Bara in Seattle (while Dean Ryan is on special assignment in LA). Bill Gates admits that 700,000 or more would die from his program of mandatory global vaccination, while Bobbly Jr. exposes his corruption in a series of fascinating revelations. Small businesses are suffering and the proof this was an elaborate scam grows by the day. Governor Cuomo continues to do his best to turn NY into an educational wasteland.

Real Deal Reports (23 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Trump equivocates on the Governor of George moving to open the state. Battle continues to rage in tunnels deep beneath Los Angeles. Social distancing may have the role of allowing the perps to monitor the militias of each state, where, if Trump should fail us, they may have to confront tyranny in each of the 50 to save the nation.

The Real Deal (21 April 2020) with Robert David Steele on the (fake) coronavirus pandemic, which is a political rather than a medical emergency. Robert offers his views on what’s taking place, who was responsible and should be indicted, prosecuted and punished.

Real Deal Reports (22 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Bobby Jr. reveals Fauci’s agency stands to make billions if Gate’s vaccine program moves forward and where authorities at state and local level have lost their way arresting mothers for taking their children to the park and sending choppers after three men on a roof relaxing in New York. Use every resource at your disposal to fire Fauci and get the nation back to work. Literally, you life depends upon it.

The Raw Deal (22 April 2020) with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who may be the leading expert in the US on the use of vaccines and their consequences, which are generally highly adverse to the health and wellbeing of those who receive them. Bill Gates appears to be completely unqualified to be calling these shots. Excellent comments from Kelley, Giuseppe, Paul and Brew.

The Raw Deal (15 April 2020) Moving quickly, Trump wants the economy reopened for most states BEFORE 1 May 2020, which is the Death Date for the United States based upon well-founded computer models. The Fauci/Gates approach has in effect been repudiated. I have reports from two independent sources that Bill Gates is fleeing the country, where we conjecture he is headed for New Zealand. Trump may now be saving the nation from a "Global Vaccine Action Plan" in which both Fauci and Gates are implicated.

Real Deal Reports (13 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Evidence emerging that Facsi could predict a "surprise" viral infection because he was involved in the planning by the Obama administration sending $3.7 million to the bio-lab in Wuhan. The dark background of this manufactured pandemic is being gradually revealed in the light.

The Raw Deal (12 April 2020) with Sarah Westall, one of the dying breed of investigative journalists, who shares the results of her own research on the "coronavirus pandemic", which confirms our own findings that this is a political event and not a medical emergency: the virus is real, but the pandemic is not. Half-a-dozen excellent calls.

The Raw Deal (10 April 2020) with Dan Towery. Nurses, doctors and state senators with MDs expose the fake statistics and payoffs to hospitals of $13,000 for each CV-identified patient and $39,000 for each ventilator case. It’s all complete BS. Dan offers thoughtful reflections on living in a digital society and quite a few practical ideas for managing life in threatening environments. It was a highly enjoyable conversation.

Real Deal Reports (10 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Nurses and doctors are blowing the cover, where hospitals are being paid $13,000 for each COVID-19 identified patient and $39,000 for each on a ventilator. It’s a huge scam and the country needs to get back to work before suicides are occurring at a faster rate than virus patent deaths, which will be soon!

Real Deal Report (9 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Robert David Steele has it right: the time to reopen America is NOW--before Easter! Let the people return to their houses of worship and get the country back to work and you will be lauded as a hero to the nation.

Real Deal Report (8 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Sensational revelations that the data coming from official sources is massively over-reporting deaths by as much as 40 times and that the crisis is completely manufactured, where the President may have known the game that was about to be played on the nation. Look for us all to get back to work (hopefully) by Easter.

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Real Deal Report (6 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Henry Kissniger lays out the NWO agenda of mass vaccinations, digital currency and world government as the end game of the political coronavirus pandemic, which does not pose a serious threat to humanity, but where Boris Johnson may be taken out to set an example of a prominent celebrity.

Real Deal Reports (7 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. The proof that we are in the midst of a manufactured crisis has become overwhelming, where "The Hunger Games" appears to have been the plan for our future, which monsters like Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger are promoting. They ARE the true "enemies of the state".

JIM FETZER "The Real Deal" / Patriot Radio New Orleans

Real Deal Report (5 April 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. Is the coronavirus scam a cover for the installation of 5G across America? And how is it that leading Democrats are lining their pockets with illicit gains related to a national tragedy? Dean and Mike are over the target. You don't want to miss these daily reports and updates.

The Raw Deal (5 April 2020) with Dave Johnson (first half-hour), then review of evidence that none of the hospitals which are reported to be teeming with coronavirus patients are teeming with coronavirus patience. Lively discussion with multiple callers about what's really going on with this elaborate scam.

The Raw Deal (3 April 2020) with Carl Herman on NY data showing that only older folks with preexisting conditions are seriously at risk, but that Anthony Fasci and others--who are political enemies of Trump--are dong their best to tank the economy to sabotage his reelection prospects.

REAL DEAL REPORT (2 April 2020) on the California--really, national--coronavirus "plandemic", where we have further confirmation of rescue operations of sexually-abused kids in New York and other indications that Q may have been right all along. Even some skeptics are becoming more and more convinced that Trump may be using this event as cover for "draining the swamp".

Real Deal Report (2 April 2020) update with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle on growing proof that the coronavirus panic (exaggerated beyond belief) is functioning as a cover for taking down sex traffickers and child abusers and other actions to "drain the swamp", suggesting that Q might have been on the right track all along.

The Real Deal (28 January 2020). The historian of science and brilliant iconoclast, Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D., explores the mythology and theology behind the "Wailing Wall" in the history of Palestine, exposing in the process the hypocrisy and deception behind the "Peace Plan" unveiled by President Trump in Washington, D.C., earlier today.

JIM FETZER "Truth vs New$,Inc" (3-29-20) Hour 2......Political Plannedemic???

JIM FETZER "Truth vs New$,Inc" (3-29-20) Is COVID-19 a Plannedemic?


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