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I will be analyzing the Sixth Assessment Report of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC).

Bottom line, climate change is another lie that's being peddled—and these bureaucrats’ own data and analysis proves it. I’ll be doing a deep dive into the report to show you.

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A discussion of the situation in Australia. This is a Patreon webinar which I'm opening as a public service. Because the hysteria of the Australian authorities might well come to other countries in the Western Democracies.

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• Charts of current COVID-19 cases in Australia: Google "covid deaths in australia" for the chart, showing both hospitalizations and deaths.
• Number of ICU beds in Australia:
• Number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Australia:

It’s at 10am at PALERMO restaurant in Kharkiv—here’s the address and the Google Maps link:

Nauky Ave, 35, Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, 61072

I’ve never been there, but I pass it all the time.

See you there and then. CRP

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This is an impromptu video. I completely disavow a Twitter account that I had formerly endorsed. I have deleted the previous video where I had endorsed this guy. I won’t mention the name of the account, because I don’t want to draw undue attention to this guy. I just want to put it on the record that I disavow him, and I have nothing to do with him. I don’t think he’s a Fed — I think he’s just crazy (and stupid). Whatever insane opinions he is spouting or has spouted or will spout in the future, they are his own – not mine. I don’t agree with any of them. If he ever claims otherwise, know that he is lying. This is for the record. Thank you for understanding. CRP

PS: No, this isn’t about Wheat Waffles, who after all has a YouTube channel. This is about a Twitter account that I had endorsed two or three months ago. Consider this video a full and unequivocal disavowal of that Twitter account. CRP

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Claire Lehmann’s Twitter handle is @clairlemon. Do NOT harass or bother her, don’t even try to interact with her—I’m just passing along her handle so you can go laugh at her ongoing meltdown.


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