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An update to my 2022 video on why Antifa and Nazis are really the same, and Antifa is every bit as brutal and terrorist as Nazis and Marxists.
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The Democrats' Marxist Agenda: https://www.terryobrien.online/brief_two.htm
Is Fascism Right Or Left?: https://youtu.be/m6bSsaVL6gA
American Marxism, Freedom for None: https://youtu.be/Qc719BBWyak

Video link mentioned in video: https://youtu.be/ukUpqQHZwyU
Update of a video from 2 years ago about how pro-abortion people deny personhood to babies the same way Democrat slaveowners denied personhood to slaves. Please Like and Share my videos, and see us at: https://terryobrien.online/

My fellow Catholics, it is time to WAKE UP and come to grips with the fact the the Democrat Party is now a party of Pure Evil, from sodomy (gay marriage) to abortion to mutilating childrens' bodies in the name of transgenderism. No Catholic can ever vote for a Democrat anymore. Below are links mentioned in the video:
Biden supports mutilating children:

Black Pastor GOES NUCLEAR On School Board For FORCING KIDS To READ P0RN:

Five Non-Negotiables: https://youtu.be/N4HMaf7GEwU

Website: https://www.terryobrien.online/ - The fake news put out by CNN and MSNBC and others is a real danger to this nation. Fake news stories feed upon more fake news stories, they build upon themselves, and the next thing you know we are almost in World War III over the Ukraine and stupid parents are mutilating their children's bodies In the name of fake phony transgenderism. Fake news is responsible for people voting for senile pedophile Biden instead of the greatest president ever, Donald Trump. Please like and share my videos and please follow me on Gettr and Truth Social.

STOP the #WarOnChildren #VoteRed #VoteRed2024 LETS JOIN TOGETHER #Muslims #Jews #Christians #hindi - Democrats are sexualizing your children in schools, teaching them the opposite of what you teach them at home. #ParentsRight #Trump2024

Fakebook and their fake Community Standards do not represent the vast majority of Americans. Terry lets them know why.

Democrats love to get their man. They worry about finding a crime to pin on him later. A few thoughts on democrats fascist history when it comes to finding people guilty before a crime is committed. Please Like and Share and Visit our site at: https://terryobrien.online

It is true: You cannot be both a Christian and a Democrat. In fact, you cannot be a Christian, a Jew, or a Muslim and be a Democrat. The evil ideology of Democrats is incompatible with those faiths. Democrats are the party of socialism, sodomy, pedophile groomers, transgender freaks . . . . they are the party of high taxes, insane monetary policies resulting in massive inflation, junk green science that is destroying our energy needs . . . . the are the party of CRT hate, Antifa mobs . . . . none of this is compatible with the God of Abraham. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO. And remember to visit the website: https://terryobrien.online

The media promotes Leftwing extremist policies under the disguise of Black History Month. Black History Month has northing to do with black people and everything to do with Democrats. Please like and share my video, and then watch this interesting take by Larry Elder: https://youtu.be/J0KPrFRol4Q

Great American SHORT video : Hunters Rent
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The eternal war between good and evil rages in America today. People of all faiths must band together. Remember to visit the website: https://www.terryobrien.online/

An update of my video dated May 2021: Why is the conspiracy theory about JFK's assassination okay to consider and even make a movie about, but the topic of the election being stolen from Trump scares social media and the media to death. See my website page mentioned in the video at: https://terryobrien.online/stolen_election.htm

Democrats are the party of infanticide, socialism, groomers, government control, smashing Free Speech rights, giving free stuff to illegal aliens, and now they are the party of inflation and high gas and food prices. Republicans are the party of Traditional Values, Liberty and freedom. Please visit us at https://terryobrien.online/ and join the discussion forum

My Thanksgiving 2022 muse on Diversity, Thanksgiving and more. Visit us at https://terryobrien.online/

The filthy degenerate mindset of so many Leftists is on full display after the recent shooting and a Colorado gay club. I decided to record a rant.

Inflation (Bidenflation)
Gas and Food Prices
Food shortages and empty store shelves
Illegal aliens
Tapping Strategic Reserve
Collusion with Tech to prevent free speech
Gun control
REAL "Jobs" numbers vs. fake news numbers
Hispanics fleeing over wokeism and socialism
Covid jab mandates
Afghanistan fiasco
Communist Chinese buying land next to US military bases
Groomers and Grooming (see my other video)

We must Vote Red this election and every election.

That's right, I said it. And I can prove it, in my video. The minds of little children in schools and daycares are being sexually assaulted by grooming degenerates and it must stop.

It is about time I address Putin, the Democrat Boogeyman, and the real history of Democrat collusion with the Soviets. Here is think link I mention in the video:
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A quick fun video about the word Halloween and All saints day.

A follow up to my video Policy or Propaganda, and a happy welcome to out new Hispanic Republican voters. Save America and Vote Red 2022 and Save America and Vote Red 2024. See my website at: https://terryobrien.online/

Republicans are forgetting the state of affairs in 2015, and that Republicans in 2015 were so sick of RINO's and the GOP not keeping its promises that they were going to not vote at all and let the party go rot in hell. Yes, I remember many people saying that. That was the mood after 8 years of not defunding Obamacare. But then came Trump!! Trump made the disillusioned vote just once more and we had an America First revolution. Trump KEPT his promises! He is the only man in the party who has earned our loyalty with DEEDS! A Curse on the asshole who wants to go against the only real un-bought man in the party. You just want to take us back to the bad old days of globalist Bush's and traitorous McCains . Trump saved the GOP and he deserves our loyalty.
#IStandWithTrump and whoever he endorses.
#TrumpWON #MAGA #MegaMAGA #Trump2024 #KeepAmericaGreat

Democrats and Fake News put out a lot of propaganda, because when it comes to actual policy they lose every argument. See my website at https://terryobrien.online/

Once again, America is on the brink of destruction brought on by Democrats, and once again patriots must save this nation. Biden has committed every evil that an American president can. We must vote red 2022 and 2024. We must never let our guard down after we win either. Conservatives must take over school boards, mayors offices and local politics too. See my website at https://terryobrien.online/ . Here is a link to an article mentioned in the video: CNN Poll: 75% of Democratic voters want someone other than Biden in 2024 https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/26/politics/cnn-poll-biden-2024/index.html

Guess what, the Bishop who told Pelosi to repent before receiving communion merely told her what all Catholics are required to do anyways! See my video, and visit my website at https://terryobrien.online/

I answer a question in a forum about a recent gun shooting, and why Americans are not more angry about crimes that happen to involve guns


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