Weaves of Waves

The heart must feel, know and soar
The mind can only show is the door

A weave of madness in a shoe
At what point does fear leave you
Clear kindness leads the way
Finding your truth to have its day

Freedom is a state of mind

Just like I choose to be kind

I take what belongs to me

And set that which is not, free

Reach in and take your freedom

For inside is your sovereign kingdom

Heaven & Hells of the Mind

Shifting mental states that are unkind

Evil & Good are invoked as One

I am pissed off with the Moon & Sun

Duality is reminding me to fall

And to except the fact that I am all

Looking back while looking forward

The Dark is here and wearing a hood

Fear not for you will lose it all

Please do not follow the sirens call

We are not losing this war

But complying will not get you more

Meat is not wrong

If it is done gently, listening to life's song

We are being baited and crudely led

Guilt and shame on how we are fed

Lets sit back and avoid this dance

The shadow is just watching us enhance.

Follow the rabbit down the hole

Looking for a concept called a soul

Transmuting pain into love

Is not found in a one god above

It is there for all that breathe

Grace will hold you as you grieve

The dying are not alone

A hand is guiding them home

Find out how you see your end

For all should leave with a friend

Death & Change are unavoidable

No life is allowed to be immutable

Reality shifts and accountable has flown

What, after all is really known?

Qualification will not prove anything

I have mine and will you listen to me sing?

Lets talk about Class, Science and Life

And try and end this endless bitter strife.

Passionate about solutions

What are our conclusions?

Working together for something true

I will work with the differences in you

For Unity might be a distant dream

But maybe things are not what they seem

For our children we must stand as one

I will not consent for my daughters and son.

This world is reaching deep inside

Fishing for your soul & opening you wide

Coping methods on full red alert

Looking for virus they insert

It is okay you are stronger than this

We were born to fight and to resist.

⁣The song is hopeful though starting small
Soon it will build and all will hear its call
People will begin to rise
And say no to more lies
We will come together and say no more shit
We will take them all on and take the hit.

As Storms blow in we must embrace the dark

Times look bad and all seems stark

Barren fields of shadows and greys

Spiral paths full of toxic sharp ways

Many are with you if you can see

Just keep moving and all will be free

I cannot be a man

So do not tell that I can

He is not equal to me

And I can see more than he

Together we can take them on

Hand in hand we can be strong

Insidious, nasty, bitter and not fun

Talk about life being twisted on the run

Low frequency black magic being cast

Traditional rotten ways falling fast

Laugher with and an edge for bucks and more

Leaving families bleeding painfully on the floor

Home of the free, land of the Brave

Weirdos, hippies and strange people that like to rave

Celebrate your kinship with those that love your land

Be proud of your creation and reach out another hand

Attitude and pride of who you and what you are

Is a power that can take you really very far

But it can be used against you and take away what you got

So it is now to stand up tall and cut away the rot

A mind that sees is not enough

You have to be able to speak your stuff

Respect to he that has returned from the abyss

Watching the left raise their collective fist

Beyond Order leaving chaos behind

As the cancel culture lose their mind

How to move through this mad space

Where to find both style and grace

Within the inner worlds is a must

So find a meditation you can trust

It will not be instant or come easily at first

Perseverance can and will quench your thirst

To everything there is a season

For every rhyme there is a reason

Duality means that there is always flow

And gratefulness is often hard to know

See the thread fully mend

And love your life without end

Finance is a huge woe

With no clear place to go

Worry drains you to nothing

And robs of any chance to sing

Life should be so much more

With much more chances to soar

A weave of waves found at Barrow Mump

Connecting to a beautiful wave with no lump

Feeling those from times gone past

Who built these places that were meant to last

Can you feel the wave within you

Dip into the well of the past and be true.

The world will do what it will

And I will do my best to not be still

My Dance is unique and mine alone

I will not sit for a chat and moan

From the Darkness come the greatest Light

And Dawn will end the present Night

A fresh look and new projects..

'Cry Freedom!' was our ancestors chant

Now once again we have governments saying can't

I am not dancing to this tune

I will always whirl around the moon

The times don't change and history repeats

Let's now find a brand new leap!

Not a seeking man or women be

Held back from finding a higher key

Why should my lot be confined

Because of what is in another's mind


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