Mirror from the returnofpmtmr channel. Also known as "Jim How" and "MrGeorgeJettison".

in this video he presents the idea that Japhetites, Shemites and Hamites are the ancestors of three main racial groups, which is claimed to be Judaized multicultural version of interpretation. However, many CI interpretations are in line with the idea that everyone who came along with Noah were of Caucasian stock, the flood or floods were local. And the claim he makes that the "Sons of God" who came from the sky and bred with humans were predecessors of Canaanites is controversial. Other interpretation claim the UFO sights(at least after WW2) are from Imperial Germans, or their predecessors, who are located in Antarctica or even inside Hollow Earth were the benevolent fathers of humanity or at least the Caucasian("Aryan") stock. Check out "imperialgermans" website. This channel is not affiliated to that in anyway or manner.

The alternative interpretation sees the scenario the other way around that the descendants of Nephilims are the Caucasians with RH negative blood line as were the original Israelites as well. Or third version is that there are many intergalactic extraterrestials, some benevolent, some malevolent. That the Shemites/Isrealites(Caucasians) are of the benevolent ones and the Jews/Canaanites are from the malevolent. Please leave a comment what's your thoughts.

Mirror from the returnofpmtmr channel. Also known as "Jim How" and "MrGeorgeJettison".


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