This is an excerpt from Abby Martin's interview with Peter Phillips, author of "Giants: Who Really Rules The World?" See the "Empire Files" YouTube channel:

This vid is from the Council of Canadians YouTube channel (

What a freaking loser Trudeau is! But that's what fascists are. See Tony Cartalucci's interesting recent article about Thailand and the regime change efforts that Trump, Trudeau et al are engaged in. It's titled "West Finds New Anti-China Puppet in Wake of Thai Elections."
( Just in that article, Tony lists a number of ways the Canadian leader earns his swastika. See my blog, "A Yappy Trade Barrier," for entries on Justin Trudeau.

Everyone knows what this is. This is a window into the barbarism of the US Empire. Hopefully, Bitchute survives and allows this video to survive. It's on YouTube, but I don't know why and I don't trust it to remain there.

Dave Cullen's alert over the barbaric EU's attack on freedom. But this sort of thing should be expected from fascists. Note, I am unimpressed with Dave's cool 'f&%k the EU' with which he concludes this otherwise vital, clear warning to internet users about what's coming. The world is a toilet. The winners and losers, together, are foul. I won't join them.

This excerpt is taken from the movie "The Devi's Advocate"

Noam Chomsky is interviewed by Stephen Sackur

Yucky Stephen Sackur can't stand Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is interviewed by a yucky guy named Stephen Sackur

from the YouTube channel "Chomskyan"

Excerpted from Star Trek Discovery S02E09. It's only fiction, but the moral lessons are serious and meant to be learned. I call this kind of propaganda 'demonstration thinking and behavior'. It's acting that is meant to demonstrate to others how to think and behave, not because the actors believe in the thinking and behavior demonstrated, but because they need others to swallow certain lies in order to further their own (exploitative) goals. (The lie being told here is that the CIA, whose analog in Star Trek is Section 31, is evil but necessary and beneficial. The mines are a stand-in for any evil CIA crap, like torture, that the CIA does. Instruments of repression like the CIA reveal the true character of the State that employs them.) Star Trek is fictional but it's regular (Star Fleet) moral fabric is no more fictional than the English spoken. There aren't any Klingons, but Star Trek's storytelling, which includes Star Fleet's dealing with Klingons, is meant to suggest to people a true moral realm, which, once viewers embrace that realm and the lies told in connection with it, will put them in a receptive state that will then allow the storytellers (who include Pentagon and intelligence community individuals) to count on less resistance to their actual criminality in the service of powerful, capitalist special interests. Politicians' speeches are sort of just as fictional as anything in Star Trek, although they are not supposed to be. You see a lot of demonstration thinking and behavior by politicians. There's almost nothing coming out of Hollywood or tv land that is agenda-free. Give Tricia Jenkins "The CIA In Hollywood - How the Agency Shapes Film and Television" a read to get an idea what our 'benefactors' in power are up to. Idle hands - toward positive society-building and needed problem-solving - are the Devil's very, very busy workshop (which has many branches).

And behind the wild beast of Corporatocracy stands its invisible ruler, namely Satan.

"An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup" from the YouTube channel "Empire Files"

Abby interviews Alfred De Zayas

Fascism is like Superman. It's up, up and away!

This video is about nazi Israel's agents running amok in nazi America.

Nazi Israel running amok in Nazi America

Rachel Maddow's deception is exposed by Caitlin Johnstone.

Parents who have children and raise them properly are evil agents who "sent" them, according to the mentally and spiritually ruined Dianne Feinstein.


From Novara Media. Thanks to Axis of Logic for calling this to my attention.

Nazi Israel goes to work on Nazi America and no good will come of it.

Are you waiting for members of the gangster Corporatocracy to investigate members of the gangster Corporatocracy? If "Yes," then Why?

CNN report: Rob Ford wants to murder someone. What do you expect from a gangster?

From CBC: Rob Ford crack video

Noam Chomsky explains how public education is unsupported by elites because it embraces non 1% principles.


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