This is an excerpt of the October 5 UK Column News. In it, Alex Thomson introduced super lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and explains his group's lawsuit against some main perpetrators of the covid 19 pandemic hoax. He also explains how common law, so badly needed now, as been slowly destroyed over time. Why the UKC spells Reiner as 'Rainer', I do not know.

James Corbett talks about this in one of his recent shows. While he's happy to see this development, he makes the point that there's actually been nothing done legality-wise and it isn't even clear where the lawsuit is being launched. There's little, therefore, of substance to report. And he feels that this won't stop the roll-out of the global biosecurity police State. That's no doubt true. Michigan gives us some idea why it's true. I don't yet no the details, but the Governor there halted the attack on the people and then she was in turn halted. And the ruined citizens didn't even want their freedom. And that, the majority's obedience, has emboldened the predators.

"UK Column News - 5th October 2020" /

"Interview 1583 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato" /

This is an excerpt of an April 29 interview that Brian Rose did with Andrew Kaufman. I took it from a Bitchute channel titled "TruthVideos1984." /

I've heard Andrew talk about this problem before but I thought that this discussion, about the ruination of doctors, with Brian was particularly good.

A commenter on Off Guardian reminded me of something that I should not need reminding about, namely the influence of corporate media on doctors. Everyone, including professionals of all sorts, is addicted to corporate media. And that has had deadly consequences. See my blog post titled "Corporate Media - A Terrifying Addiction," which was my first (of 70, so far) blog posts about the covid 19 pandemic hoax:

VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. There is no genuine, meaningful accountability in the vaccine industry. Instead, If your child is injured or killed by a vaccine, they pay you off (with taxpayers' money), you go away and you are not allowed to talk about it. The vaccine industry is the ONLY industry that has immunity from prosecution for harm done to others by its products.

This excerpt is from the June 9, 2020 Valuetainment show. Patrick Bet-David interviews Del Bigtree. Del is very informative, as usual. He's also quite establishment and prone to American exceptionalism. And he's infected with Camelot propaganda (JFK was a white knight fighting the forces of darkness).

This is an an excerpt from the September 10th Highwire show with Del Bigtree. It proves that Tony Fauci and his associates are gangsters. See "THE PANDEMIC: HINDSIGHT IS 2020" /

I don't buy the concept of 'virus'. I don't buy Sars CoV 1, I don't buy Sars CoV 2 and I don't buy covid 19 (the disease caused by Sars CoV 2). The above Highwire show operates within the rules and belief system of the for-profit Rockeffeler health care system that dominates on this planet. According to that system, it's rules, beliefs and ideology, Pharmaceuticals - all of which are toxic - are our salvation in the face of our enemy, nature, which is attacking us. Did I mention "for profit"?

This excerpt reveals how Tony Fauci, a gangster who stands to make millions by lying (with, HE believes, deadly consequences for others), broke his own rules in order to push his, and other gangsters', expensive 'solutions' to illnesses (caused not by viruses but by a sick society in which capitalists pursue profits and don't give damn how those profits are made). Is it about your health and playing by the 'right' rules or is it about 'riches for the strongest'? Del's show was removed by YouTube, not only because he crossed gangster Fauci, but, in fact, for PROMOTING a pharmaceutical! And yet, Del's critics all call him anti-pharma and anti-vaccine. He's anti-gangster. Take the criminality out of pharma and he's happy. He's pro safe vaccine - an impossibility, but set that aside - not anti-vaccine as his gangster critics charge.

As Jon Rappoport said, The virus is the cover for bad industrial practices (toxic manmade chemicals, pollution, industrial food). The virus is a convenient, profitable, cover for the negative effects of out of control (neoliberal or rules-free) industrial capitalism.

HCQ (hydroxychloraquine), with zinc, in the right dosage, does seem to make sick (not covid 19 sick) people better. That's all. Personally, I do not want to take a toxic drug (which Didier Raoult's own website makes clear HCQ is) in order to deal with a mild sickness that will come and go. If I'm seriously sick, then give me the toxic drug (I'm not an extremist) but give it to me in the proper dosage.

"Feb 6, 2016 - The Truth About the Zika Virus Jon Rappoport on The Corbett Report" /

Del warned us. The fascist authorities and (obedient) health care 'professionals' are going to target healthy people. Breathing is against the law now, so anything goes, clearly.

I can't find the full show on Del's website or on his Bitchute channel or I'd link to it here. I had used that info in a previous blog post but YouTube delete the video. Fortunately, I did commentary on it and pretty much laid out the entire show which you can therefore read on my blog. See "Covid 19 - If You're Healthy: Run!" /

I was combing through my YouTube subs and deleting some that looked not useful and came across Susie Dawson's channel. That led me to "#ProtectSuzie." Well, I don't wish her harm, but I have to ask: Does she wish for Covid 1984? I thought I'd watch a video, not recent, from Protect Suzie (by, apparently, Lyn Ny) in order to try to find a clue about what she's up to now. I didn't. (Her work with faker Joe Lauria worries me.) But I did find one section of the video to be very interesting in light of what we've seen recently since the police State has gotten crazier, namely the police tactic of strangulation. Apparently, That's a thing. Talk about State terrorism!

""Suzie Was Driven Out Of The Country" Eye-Witness Blows The Whistle" /

This is a funny and important video presentation by J.P. It's not the first time he's done this sort of thing. Good on him. I can't imagine why YouTube would allow this to continue. He may feel the same, seeing how he has invited everyone to freely download and use his video.

Australian citizen, Zoe Buhler, a mom already and expecting, was terrorized for posting to Facebook a call to people to peacefully demonstrate against the loss of freedom happening as a result of the (phony) covid 19 pandemic. She called the event she created on Facebook "freedom day." But the fascist authorities have a fascist law about things like that. She was told that she was 'inciting'. In other words, she was told that the war-making State doesn't like her or her call to peacefully demonstrate for freedom. This isn't suprising in covid 1984 where breathing properly is now against the law almost everywhere and being human (coughing, getting sick sometimes, getting the sniffles) is frowned upon and considered dangerous and in need of remedying. (Abusive health checks anyone?)

David Scott (UK Column News) explained that democratically fashioned laws are thoughtful and flexible. They are 'crafted' by politicians representing their constituents and with a view to making their lives better. (That's the ideal anyway.) Rules, however, are different (and they can masquerade as laws). Rules are inflexible and are issued by dictators and enforced via fear. Politicians are gangsters and their paycheques depend on pleasing their bosses whose paycheques, and more, depend on their pleasing bigger bosses and so on, all the way to the top of the garbage heap where the Transnational Capitalist Class resides. They are un-elected and perverted and they own, rule and ruin the world. Governments serve as their enforcers, ensuring that markets thrive (and people busy themselves with work, only) and those who profit from those markets - fast food, pesticides, vaccines for example - thrive. See "Authors Of The Global Biosecurity Police State" /

Zoe is the poor woman who the fascist authorities decided to make an example of. And they enjoy doing that, so it isn't going to end any time soon. (Remember Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning?) We are to be terrorized into paralysis and obedience and Zoe was such a good target. Caring, a mom, pregnant, She had the perfect credentials for a target of fascist authorities carrying out the instructions of the Transnational Capitalist Class, which requires terrorizing the population. When the people see what the fascist authorities are willing to do to someone like Zoe...

I found the link to this in an article by Peter Koenig (Global Research) and thought it was pretty good. The video is dated July 12, 2020. I only uploaded it (from a site called Banned Videos) because I wanted to cut out the advertizing at the end, which might be a bit unfair. But the origin of the video is InfoWars and anyone who wishes to can visit that site (on Bitchute as a matter of fact) and donate. The Peter Koenig article is titled "Is the UN Preparing for the “Second Covid Lockdown”? Oppressive Measures Worldwide, Obedience and Acceptance…" Read it here:

This is to be used in my next blog post on the covid 19 pandemic hoax. Read "Professional Scam Artists & Truthtellers" :

Well, I wasn't going to upload any more of my excerpts from "Plandemic Indoctornation," but the excerpt that I just uploaded 'successfully' to YouTube is... gone. I saw no sign - message or anything - that I had ever uploaded it! If YouTube noticed that and didn't have any problem with my other vids, that would be very strange. I upload nothing that YouTube would approve of. I only upload stuff to YouTube because I can embed it in my blog. If I find that I can't, I'll use Bitchute or something and just link to the vid.

This excerpt will be used in my latest covid 19 blog post titled "Covid 19 - Fascist Crap Sticks Together."

This is another excerpt from the documentary noted in the title. Notice the time factor. I am going to add this into a blog post I did titled "Covid 19 - The War On God And Nature Heats Up! Choose Your Side Carefully," which can be found here:

This is an excerpt from "Plandemic - Indoctornation." It riffs off of the word 'indoctrination'. I've made quite a few excerpts from that documentary. There's a ton of good info there. Yes, there are clips on the official "Plandemic Indoctornation" website, but I noticed them only after I made my own. In any case, I know exactly what I wanted to convey with my cuts and what I examine will probably not be exactly what is examined in their excerpts/clips.

This excerpt ties in with the excerpt I did for Carrie Madej's YouTube video titled "The Planned Genetic Modification Of Humans." See that here:

Carrie and David aren't the first to ponder what the genetic modification of humans will mean, legally. It was mentioned by Ryan Cristián in his discussion with Andrew Kaufman, here:

The extra juicy thing about David's examination of the question is that he explains how any way you slice it, a crime has been committed. If they agree that covid 19 is manmade, then have violated a law about bioweapons. If they agree that covid 19 is natural, then they illegally patented it. And they most certainly patented it. See "Plandemic Indoctornation" for free on any number of platforms (excluding YouTube obviously). It's somewhere here in Bitchute. The official website can be found here:

This is an excerpt from the excellent presentation/plea by Dr Carrie Madej. I uploaded her entire presentation just because I feared that it may disappear. I may or may not remove it when I find it elsewhere on Bitchute, which I expect I may.

See the original August 17 2020 YouTube video titled ""Human 2.0"? A Wake-Up Call To The World" here:

Marry this excerpt with my most viewed excerpt (which stitched together two excerpts) titled "Don't Get Shot By A Gene Gun Either," which can be found here:

The importance of Dr Carrie's report is that 1. She's a doctor and 2. People need to know what they are saying 'yes' to when the bully government (TCC police force) tells them to get vaccinated or else. I bookmarked Dr Carrie's YouTube report but decided that, as YouTube is on a tear, going after all of those (with a certain number of viewers, seemingly) with a non CDC- and non WHO-approved message, it might be a good idea to grab the video. I would be surprised if others have not. I just haven't checked around. I guess I should have looked first (not that Bitchute's search is great), but... the more the merrier.

I'm guessing that Dr Madej is a believer in 'safe' vaccines and accepts the Rockefeller concept of 'virus'. I don't accept the establishment concept of a virus nor do I believe that you can have a safe vaccine. I believe that it's a scam through and through. Here's a good primer: "“The Misconception Called Virus”. Dr. Stefan Lanka 2020 Article" by Makia Freeman /

See also my Bitchute video excerpt titled "Don't Get Shot With A Gene Gun Either" here:

* I'm trying to upload an excerpt from this video right now but they are somehow preventing that. I'll persist. It's a great excerpt (titled "The Planned Genetic Modification Of Humans") that ties into both the discussion that David E. Martin has with Mikki Willis, the director of the documentary titled "Plandemic Indoctornation." (I'll be uploading a whole pile of excerpts from Plandemic, including that one that looks at the fact that any way you slice it, the law has been broken by the scammers patenting Sars CoV 2 and everything connected to it.) As for the title of "Plandemic Indoctornation," that's not a spelling error. 'Indoctornation' riffs off of 'indoctrination'. To view Plandemic and/or clips (excerpts) from it, visit the official website for Plandemic:

I tried to use my avidemuxe to marry this excerpt to my most viewed video (two excerpts stitched together) about the gene gun, discussed in the frst part of the video by Andrew Kaufman in conversation with Ryan Cristián and discussed in the second half of the video by Whitney Webb in conversation with Ryan Cristián. I don't have the time to learn how to adjust videos in order to be able to stitch them together when they don't by chance have the same specs, ergo...

This is an excerpt from the 1983 movie called "The Keep," starring Scott Glenn, Jürgen Prochnow, Gabriel Byrne, Roberta Watson and Ian McKellan. YouTube says that it can't be shown. So why don't they just delete it? I really don't give a damn. I used it in a blog post. It's not critical.

This is an excerpt from The Highwire's back to school special (August 2020). The Highwire has an aversion to putting dates on its videos. I used to get them from the YouTube versions, but now I don't have that recourse. I suppose the dates may appear somewhere. I just don't know where.

This excerpt was used in my latest blog post, on "A Yappy Trade Barrier," titled "Covid 19 – “They have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the valley of Hinnom, in order to burn their sons and daughters in the fire, a thing that I had not commanded and that had not come into God’s heart.” – Jehovah" /

*This is my second effort at uploading this. (That's frequent enough.) It's not just Disqus that trips us up. They can meddle with Bitchute directly. I already know that. Really, They can turn the internet on and off at will, as they have done in places at times. Ergo...

This is an excerpt from the so-called (Valuetainment, July 23, 2020) debate between Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Alan Dershowitz about vaccines and masks. Robert simply educated Alan and the audience and the debate was worth watching because the education is worth having. This part of the discussion jumped out at me, especially since my thoroughly indoctrinated (in Rockefeller health care ideology) doctor said to me something along the lines of 'Where would be without vaccines. They cured polio'. I had this in mind when he blurted that, and other establishment nonsense, out at me, but I didn't get around to mentioning it to him as we were arguing (with him shouting me down, disparaging me with the 'conspiracy theorist' label and just generally being arrogant and unprofessional. I felt assaulted after I left his office. It was all 'my way or the high way' with my doctor. I can't have my opinions. If I do, I've sinned. That was on top of the actual assault, which being forced to wear a mask, which only harms you, constitutes.

See "Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. vs Alan Dershowitz: The Great Vaccine Debate!" /

related: "The Impact of Vaccines on Mortality Decline Since 1900—According to Published Science" by J.B. Handely (Children's Health Defense) /

related: "The Impact of Vaccines on Mortality Decline Since 1900—According to Published Science" by JB Handley (Children's Health Defense) /

Here's another excerpt from the awesome James Corbett series on Bill Gates titled "Who Is Bill Gates?"

"Who Is Bill Gates?" /

This is an excerpt from the must see documentary by James Corbett titled "Who Is Bill Gates?" See that here:

This is another excerpt from the July 23, Vauetainment debate between Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Alan Dershowitz. That entire show can be seen here:

Marry the above situation to that which Del Bigtree reports about Big Pharma funding of all of television, which can be seen in this excerpt:

Then, if you have time to kill, check out James Corbett's examination of Bill Gates, in which James looks at Bill Gates's funding of tv networks, here:

This is an excerpt from Vaxxed 1. (I saw it for free but have paid for a streamed version of Vaxxed II. Please support their work if you are able to because they've done the people a real service.)

Vaxxed II, and my own ongoing dealings with my GP, convince me that, knowingly or not, doctors are too often a big part of the problem. They abuse their authority and put awful pressure on patients to see things their way or else. My doctor, who refuses to listen to a thing I tell him, even when he says "Tell me," just doesn't think that he can, or should, learn anything from me and that what he knows is the holy truth. Doctors are dangerous.

Thanks go to the BitChute channel of Mafia77 (a name I don't like). See the entire show at:

Also, Marry this report with what's Robert Kennedy Jr reports in his July 23, 2020 debate with Alan Dershowitz (Valuetainment) concerning the funding of Congress by big pharma. I excerpted that and you can watch it here:

This is an excerpt from the July 23rd Valuetainment debate between Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Alan Dershowitiz. I think it's the best part of the show. Decide for yourself. I was disappointed that both participants seemed to accept the idea of a covid 19 pandemic. I was also disappointed that Robert F. Kennedy was weak on harmful face masks. Dershowitz refers to covid 19 as a deadly disease, implying that it is far more deadly than it really is. People got sick, with colds, at the beginning of 2020 and they called it covid 19. As one author, Duff Conacher, said, 'If you name something then it will need its own experts'. As Dr John Ioannidis, a lead researcher at Stanford University, said, 'If they had not named that cold, people would not have noticed anything'. There's no pandemic. Even Tony Fauci said that deaths from (what they are calling) covid 19 are in line with a sever seasonal flu. My own GP didn't seem to be aware of that - and a lot else. I offered to send him the link to that statement by Tony Fauci, and links to other facts I was sharing with him, but I guess his position is that he instructs his patients, not vice versa. How humble. He was hostile and, although he asked me to explain my position, he wouldn't listen to a thing I said, simply dismissing it all as conspiracy theory. And this guy is normally caring!

It's revealing isn't it that the WHO changed its definition of pandemic (to exclude deaths!) in 2009. What's confusing in the case of Robert Kennedy, who knows that covid 19 is not a big killer, is how he didn't push back on the pandemic lie. I also don't accept that there's even a covid 19 virus. Until they use the gold standard - Koch's postulates - to prove that there's a Sars CoV 2 virus, and I don't mean lie and say that they have... Not only that, but as Dr Kaufman pointed out, the identification of Sars CoV 2 is based on Sars CoV 1, which they also didn't properly identify using Koch's postulates. It's only the for profit Rockefeller health care system that absolutely needs there to be invisible monsters called viruses that are always attacking us and leading to our 'need' for the capitalist Rockefeller devotees to defend us from them. They are calling everything covid 19, as Jon Rappoport notes. And they've been caught lying about deaths from what they say is covid 19 often enough that that should tell people that something's not right here.

I suspect that Alan Dershowitz knew that he was going to get a drubbing from Robert F. Kennedy in this debate that was almost not a debate and which was certainly not heated. I suspect that Dershowitiz, who was Jefferey Epstein-connected, had ulterior motives in agreeing to this, even if he previously suggested that he would be willing to debate John F. Kennedy Jr. about vaccines. I think he is trying to burnish his tarnished image. Maybe I'm wrong. In any case, he gave Robert F. Kennedy an opportunity to educate people. He gave Robert wide exposure, since both of these individuals are already have huge reputations and are household names.

The WHO changes it's definition of 'pandemic' in 2009 (with thanks owed to Dr Tom Jefferson and Dr Peter Doshi who provided the following documents). I got this from Have a look:

The Valuetainment YouTube show:

Del Bigtree's show, "The Highwire," has been removed from YouTube aka ThemTube. I downloaded his response to that, and to Media Matters's awful attack on Del, when I found it on Del eviscerates loser Timothy Johnson's bullet form criticism in his article, "Anti-vaccine figure Del Bigtree is using Facebook and YouTube to encourage people to intentionally contract coronavirus." /

Unfortunately, he mixes in American exceptionalism. Putting that aside, Del's defence of free speech, informed consent and dialog is very needed and welcome and to be commended. I was actually working on a blog post riffing off of Del's show, the one that triggered ThemTube's censorship action, when Del's YouTube account was deleted.

Del and Jefferey Jaxen are completely deluded though if they think that Trump's move to regulate the social media giants is a good thing. The solution is for us to abandon those fascist social media giants. See "Interview 1449 – James Corbett on Censorship, Regulation and Deepfakes" /

This is an excerpt from the 2019 movie titled "Dark Waters," starring Mark Ruffalo as Rob Billot, a lawyer who took on Dupont. He fought the good fight. But really, Dupont is a part of the Corporatocracy. We can fight the Corporatocracy, but we can't defeat it. We can fight the wild beast, namely the political system which the Corporatocracy rules over, but we can't defeat it. But who is "we"? Most of the world is mentally and spiritually ruined. People are welcoming their own subjugation, making corporate media their god and choosing to believe their lies and follow its orders, including orders to attack those who haven't rejected God and nature. There won't be a Dark Waters 2 that exposes the evil of the vaccine industry and the wider for-profit scam that is Rockefeller health care, but we could sure use that right now. I'm mystified how a movie like Dark Waters could have ever come out of the 'entertainment, military, intelligence-industrial complex', to be honest.

"Dark Waters" /

This is another excerpt from the July 16 edition of NewWorldNextWeek on The Corbett Report. /

A few comments about this are in order. One, My view is that non violent civil disobedience, which is what James is advocating, does work and is acceptable and, in the case of this covid 19 pandemic hoax, was absolutely necessary. We didn't get it because those who might resists are outnumbered by the cattle. (Images of protests, such as those shown in the linked-to NewWorldNextWeek show, are not images of that entire population. (But I don't know how Serbia stacks up by comparison to Canada for example. Maybe the population of Serbia is nowhere near as bovine as the population of Canada is.) As for violent resistant, the war-making State has that market cornered and, as the late William Blum made clear, we can't compete.


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