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Jana's opening comments in Tennessee

We have entered the age of great deception and it is the return of Jannes and Jambers

Israel Looking For David's Children

What has been hidden from the world for nearly 300 years is that 21st degree Freemasons have been trained to be the New World Order judges for Israel, they are the Noahide Judges.

Seven Noahide Laws What they mean for Christians and their future. Christians generally have a close love for the state of Israel but do they really know what some extreme Talmudist have in mind for them? Very doubtful that is why the information here is a must see

Jana and Dr Day

Jana Bennun, shares the inside story from her research from other Jewish people that exposed the truth about the evils done to Jews by other Jews

David was given the promise of his descendants on his throne conditionally. the last part is often overlooked

Seven Noahide Laws that are not part of the Bible are being clandestinely forced on the World. These Laws are found written in the Talmud but many extreme Talmudist would have you believe they are part of the Bible. Worst yet is that the Talmud defines the punishment for violating these laws by Beheading. Christians are becoming more concerned because according to some Rabbis Christianity or rather the belief that Jesus Christ is divine or that He is God falls under the Law of Idolatry.

Steven and Jana Chat

A disturbing trend is taking Christians away from Jesus Christ in favor of the Talmud.

Discover the truth of this Bill that is working its way through the Senate before your freedoms are destroyed


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