February 19, 2019 - THIS is how pro-family activism should be done! Houston MassResistance parents don't pull any punches testifying before the Houston City Council about the "Drag Queen Story Hour" in the city's public library.

At the end of Day 4, Bill Whatcott and Paul Fromm of Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) cover some of the larger issues, including the problem of LGBTQ protections embedded in the law. Dec. 14, 2018

At the end of Day 3, Bill Whatcott posted this video on Facebook. It is a brilliant description of this bizarre event. The next day this video was introduced as "evidence" against him! Dec. 13, 2018

During a break in the Day 4 session, Bill Whatcott answers questions about the Tribunal's newest accusations against him. He is interviewed by Kari Simpson of Culture Guard, based in British Columbia. Dec. 14, 2018

Bill Whatcott is joined by Peter Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) to discuss what happened at Day 2 of Bill's "hate speech" hearing before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. Dec. 12, 2018

After the Day 1 session, Bill Whatcott discusses his British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal "hate speech" hearing. Dec. 11, 2018

Bill Whatcott discusses his British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal "hate speech" hearing about to begin that morning. Dec. 11, 2018

MassResistance Canada leader Bill Whatcott speaks before the Agape Fellowship Conference in Calgary on Dec. 1, 2018. His trial before a British Columbia tribunal (for passing out flyers) is on Dec. 11-14.

THIS IS HOW ACTIVISM WORKS! A mother, with help from another activist, confronts a horrible "Drag Queen Story Hour" in Riverside, CA, on Oct. 27, 2018. Not backing down a bit to angry LGBT activists, men in dresses, and more.

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez relates ten important insights on Christianity and today’s conservatism gleaned from two recent events: Politicon in Los Angeles (Oct. 19-20) and the MassResistance conference in Killeen, TX (Oct. 27).

Across the country, most pro-family people are reluctant to confront the “transgender” issue directly. But we’re not. On Oct. 7, 2018, MassResistance executive director Brian Camenker debated a transgender activist (a man dressed as a woman) on Question 3 – a statewide referendum in Massachusetts on the Nov. 6 ballot.

For the past two weeks, Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez has been traveling and doing missionary work in El Salvador. What he saw and learned changed his outlook considerably This is possibly his best “Save our Churches” segments so far. Among other things, after watching this you will see America’s “open borders” issue – and the support of it by liberal churches – in the same way again.

Nov 14, 2017. Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez: The true nature of the “gay” movement and the lies it uses to push its agenda. We have never heard any other speech as direct and honest as this. Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez was raised by two lesbians, and for many years he lived as an active homosexual. He is now married and has two children with his wife.

For Episode 5 we continue our look into the breadth and depth of left-wing (and LGBT) subversion in all the major American churches, with a few spots of good news here and there. Your host: Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez.

The fourth installment on our series of how conservative Christian churches are being subverted by the radical left-wing agendas. This includes an interview with Rev. Tom Littleton, a well-known authority on this issue. Your host: Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez.

The third installment in our shocking series of how conservative Christian churches are being subverted -- often from within -- by the radical left-wing agendas. Your host - Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez tells it like it is. Too many Christians are sadly unaware of what is happening.

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez is back with Episode 2 of his powerful series, "Save Our Churches." In this show he reminds us just how sinister and insidious the LGBT agenda is to Christian churches, and how denominations around the world are caving in to that.

California MassResistance activists in a State Senator's office explaining how Bill AB 2943 is destructive and terribly harmful -- as well as unconstitutional. Most of these legislators (and their staffs) had never heard the pro-family side of this argument!

Our new MassResistance TV channel features "Save Our Churches", a report by Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, a professor at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth TX. He discusses the spiritual warfare that today's Christian denominations are facing from the Left.


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