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The radical Marxist left are targeting our kids. This is the proof that what i was telling you about is actually happening. Its time we stand against this radical movement and take back Our Country and OUR KIDS!

This Video exposed Joe Biden and the Radical Violent left for what they are and what they are planning,.. You need to see this. Please share and check out the podcast Keeping it real America found where ever you find podcasts.

In this Vidio, I'm exposing the Fraud Election we are watching as of 11-7-2020 for what it is. This has been War Gamed and now being played out to the Letter! You can find this Document on


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This is the Video blog for my podcast, Johnny stone Patriots for Liberty. here you will find Videos on News, Current events, and some other things. The podcast can be heard on Sound cloud, Iheart, Spotify, or where ever you find podcasts. Feel free to visit the website You can see older podcasts as well as all the show notes there as well.. This Channel will be used for other Videos I feel are extremely important as well. Such as History and other things outside the Podcast itself. If you don't want to listen to the podcast that's fine. Not everything has to be Political. BUT and I mean BUT, what will get you removed from this page and banned from this page as well are the following... A. threats. I do not take kindly to threats or bullying of any kind. Name-calling is also part of bullying tactics and will not be tolerated. B. RACISM. I do not Tolerate any and I mean ANY kind of Racist remarks or comments. That will get you removed Real FAST! ZERO Tolerance for that kind of this crap. Thank you...For all your support.. Johnny Stone