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Apologies for the background noise!!! It was one of those days FOR REAL!

2 rounds:
5 neck rolls forward
5 neck rolls back
~20 second cross body shoulder stretch
~20 second overhead shoulder stretch
10 forward and reverse shoulder rolls
~10-20 second interlaced hands stretch
10 up on toes w/ reach up
10 arm swing squats
10 calf raise bridges
20 russian twists
5 squat & shift each side
45 second knee hover plank
Bonus- 10 lean backs

2 rounds:
5 inch worms
10 tricep dips
10 hover planks
5 second hold single leg bridge, 5 each side
8 row boat abs
5 back step & side lunge (stay on same leg for 5)

2 rounds:
4-8 rounds of square breathing
10 hover planks each side
20 legs in air crunches
45 seconds or 1 minute bridge (alt leg lift for 5 second hold)
3 each leg, downward dog leg lift to knee crunch (5 second hold)
20 penguins, each side
10 crunches, slide hands to knees

2 rounds:
20-30 sec hip stretch each side
20-30 sec low squat
5 back step then curtsy lunge (5 each side)
20-30 sec ankle grab quad stretch (with bonus points)
5, 3 second squat hold then burpee motion
30-45 second knee hover plank

2 rounds:
5 downward dog to plank/pushup
5 each side opposite arm/leg lifts
10 l leg pulses and switch
5-10 in and out bridges
10-15 sit ups with arms in the air
butterfly & straight leg stretch
(optional) 100 jumps/jumpropes

2 rounds:
30 seconds hop around
5 squat switch backs
5 squat hold for 3 seconds and burpee
10 tricep dips and/or 5 each side plank to knee tap
2x each side 10 second hold front, side, back

Stretches & a couple exercises at the end :)

2 rounds:
-balance hip opener stretch
-1 minute plank (optional plank to pushup cycle)
-5 lean backs
-(5-10) 3 second hold squats
-(5) 3 second single leg bridge holds
-45 sec-1 minute wall sit

2 rounds:
-30 seconds hop in place, shake it out
-5 downward dog to plank/pushup
-8 single leg deadlifts on each side
-8 back step lunges
-8 shoulder tap plank each side
-20 mountain climbers

2 rounds:
-rollie pollie stretch
-supine spinal twist stretch each side
-8 inch worms with knee to elbow
-8 sumo squats with intermediate calf raise
-45 seconds hold knee hover plank
-1-5 squat jump series
-15 crunches with legs in the air

For the month of September this is what our group will be doing

A surprising and shocking journey into what prevents our garden from flourishing.

Learn my go-tos and how-tos for making amazing healthy meals, with an emphasis on fresh raw veggies.

Soothing flow of stretches from top down. Apologies for the tv audio in the back :)

Info on how to care for a robust inner ecosystem and why you'd want to.

Whats in our soil and what to do about it.


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