Beauty is a mixture of physical attractiveness, attitude, personality, and just an "aura" that is attractive to other people. While these things are difficult to pin down, one thing is for certain - the pretty ladies in this video have that special something that people recognize as beautiful.

Known for her style and elegance, she was a popular leading lady for Warner Bros. during the 1930s. My name is properly pronounced "vor'shack." The D remains silent she said, having been called practically everything from Balzac to Bickelsrock. She came to prominence in Scarface (1932) with Paul Muni, but her acting started at a very early age (5 years old) in the 1916 silent film RAMONA.
Arguments with her bosses at Warner Brothers led her to move to England. Ann said "The trouble with Hollywood is everybody is crazy for money." During World War 2 she contributed to the British war effort driving an ambulance. She retired from the screen in 1951, and died on December 10, 1979 from cancer.

The song "Love, You Funny Thing" is from the 1932 First National Pictures LOVE IS A RACKET. Played during the opening credits and at the end. Played on a radio in Mary's apartment and in Eddie's apartment and played as background music in the film.
This version is found on the Melotone record # 12322 by Art Kahn and His Orchestra, vocal by Elmer Feldkamp.

Elsa Martinelli was known as the Italian Audrey Hepburn. Elsa was born in the central Tuscan city of Grosseto she had to earn her keep from the age of twelve, delivering groceries in Rome. Looking older than her years suggested, she did part time work as a bar maid. At age sixteen she started modelling. She was spotted on a Life magazine cover by Kirk Douglas (or by Douglas's wife, according to another version of the story). She went to Hollywood to co-star opposite Douglas in The Indian Fighter (1955) (despite some as yet unresolved problems with her command of English). She returned to Italy, married Count Franco Mancinelli Scotti di San Vito attended lavish parties and created an image for herself which rivaled those of Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.

Taken under the wing of Carlo Ponti, Elsa was able to eventually make a success of her screen career not merely because of her exotic good looks, but by deliberately varying the type of parts she took on and thereby avoid typecasting. Those included the titular Stowaway Girl (1957) who bewitches an embittered steamboat captain played by Trevor Howard. In stark contrast, she was also Carmilla, possessed by her vampiric ancestor Millarca in the film Blood and Roses (1960).

In Hatari! (1962) Elsa co-starred as a freelance wildlife photographer on a Tanganyika game farm. In The Pigeon That Took Rome (1962), Elsa was the romantic (mostly decorative) interest of Charlton Heston's army guy smuggled into Nazi-occupied Rome in 1944 to extract and send back secret military information via carrier pigeon. For the remainder of the 60's, Elsa appeared in a number of international co-productions which included a segment in The Oldest Profession (1967) as a Roman Emperor's wife discovered in a brothel; and as a gangster's daughter helping a bumbling American treasury agent in Rome (played by Dustin Hoffman in his first starring role) to recover Madigan's Millions (1968).

In 1968, Elsa married Paris Match photographer and furniture designer Willy Rizzo. By the 1980's, she was active as an interior designer in Rome while still making sporadic screen appearances, primarily in TV series. Described by the newspaper La Repubblica as "an icon of style and elegance", Elsa Martinelli died on July 8 2017 in Rome at the age of 82.

Music is from her 1962 film Hatari, by Henry Mancini.

Joan Blondell born August 30, 1906 in New York City died December 25, 1979 in Santa Monica, California. In the 1930s, Joan made a career playing gold-diggers and happy-go-lucky girlfriends. James Cagney said that the only woman he loved other than his wife was Blondell.

The song is I'm Just a Fool in Love with You by Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra. This was played in the 1931 Warner Brother movie, Blonde Crazy, staring James Cagney and Joan Blondell. Played when Dan and Anne discuss working together.

Anne Francis was discovered and signed by 20th Century-Fox's Darryl F. Zanuck after playing a seductive, child-bearing juvenile delinquent in the low budget film So Young So Bad (1950), Anne soon starred in a number of promising ingénue roles, including Elopement (1951), Lydia Bailey (1952) and Dreamboat (1952) but she still could not seem to rise above the starlet typecast. At MGM, she found promising leading lady work in a few noteworthy 1950s classics: Bad Day at Black Rock (1955); Blackboard Jungle (1955); and the science fiction cult classic Forbidden Planet (1956). While co-starring with Hollywood's hunkiest best, including Paul Newman, Dale Robertson, Glenn Ford and Cornel Wilde, her roles still emphasized more her glam appeal than her acting capabilities. In the 1960s, Anne began refocusing strongly on the smaller screen, finding a comfortable niche on television series. She found a most appreciative audience in two classic The Twilight Zone (1959) episodes and then as a self-sufficient, Emma Peel-like detective in Aaron Spelling's short-lived cult series Honey West (1965), where she combined glamour and a sexy veneer with judo throws, karate chops and trendy fashions. The role earned her a Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award nomination.

Betty's classic beauty put her on over 300 magazine covers and books.
Betty had the greatest hourglass figure of all time: 38-18-36 (inches).
She was in thousands of magazine spreads.
Her face appeared on full-page ads in Life, Time, Fortune, Look, Saturday Evening Post and other leading magazines of her day.
She won over 50 beauty contests before the age of 20.
Betty, the ultimate Calendar Girl, appeared on hundreds of calendars.
She was on numerous music album covers;
On billboards in Times Square and billboards across the country;
On life-size cutouts in retail stores selling Kodak film, Thom McAn shoes and other products.

Every time you see a green tree hanging in an auto windshield, think of Betty. It was her effervescent smile on display cards that started that trend and made these tree air fresheners famous throughout the world. They are still sold today.

Betty was the first model to receive residuals every time her picture was published.
She was one of the first models to own the rights to many of her negatives and photos.
She was the highest paid model of that time period.
Betty was the first true Super Model.

This is one of the largest collections of Betty Brosmer photos. Hundreds of photos will still be added from original negatives and prints owned and copyrighted by Betty. Many have never been published before.

Bettie Page's life was filled with cult myth, mystery and sadness. Her image captured the imagination of a generation with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality, during an era of strong sexual repression. She was the quintessential pin-up, tacked up on walls in military barracks and garages.

In her teens, Bettie acted in high school plays and was a straight-A student. She graduated from the Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville on a Daughters of the American Revolution scholarship in 1944, and went on to study drama in New York City.

In 1959, she was lying on a sea wall in Key West when she saw a church with a white neon cross on top. She walked inside and became a born-again Christian. She worked full-time for evangelist Billy Graham's ministry. However, a move to Southern California in 1979 brought her more troubles. She was arrested after an altercation with her landlady. Doctors diagnosed her as suffering from acute schizophrenia, and she spent 20 months in a state mental hospital and she was subsequently placed under state supervision for eight years.

Her mysterious disappearance from the public eye only fueled the public's fascination. In fact, for two decades no one was sure where she was or even if she was still alive. She resurfaced in the 1990s after being tracked down for a documentary. She occasionally granted interviews and sold autographs, but refused to allow her picture to be taken in her old age. After a three-week battle with pneumonia, Bettie Page suffered a fatal heart attack at age 85 on December 11, 2008.

Playboy Playmate of the Month February 1955. She was named the second (out of 100) top Playboy Playmates of all time according to Playboy magazine. Turned down the role of Ginger Grant on Gilligan's Island (1964), which went to Tina Louise. Spoke five languages. Was a classically trained pianist and violinist. Was arrested for indecent exposure during her nightclub act in Burlington, Vermont in 1963. Claimed to have an I.Q. of 163, though she did not have exceptional grades in school. Her goal, as quoted in the book, "Jayne Mansfield and the American Fifties": "To feel satisfied with myself; to know that I have arrived. To be liked. To be a big personality. The real stars are not actors or actresses. They're personalities. The quality of making everyone stop in their tracks is what I work at.".

The late model Buick that Jayne was killed in was locked in a garage for decades, in the same shape it was in after the crash. The owner, who was a huge fan, displayed it at various shows over the years, and it was sometimes billed as Jayne Mansfield's death car. The car was sold at auction in 1999 for $8000. Reportedly, the car still has the blood stains on the seats. She had a serious drinking problem most of her adult life. Was the first American actress to appear nude in a mainstream American film (Promises..... Promises! (1963).

This video is based on an article from 1968 by Senator Wayne Morse.

From my collection of 78RPM records, enjoy.

How can you identify a "false flag"? It's easy if you spot the anomaly in any given event. JD US Marine explains.

Rooester Bingo, a popular radio crooner, takes a girl, to whom her boy-friend was just about to propose, for a ride to the city. But Bingo soon gets bored of her and when she makes a scene at a night club, he has her thrown out. Pennyless she's now struggling to survive in the big city. But her boyfriend hasn't forgotten her, after interrupting and beating up Bingo on one of his radio broadcasts he accidently bumps into her and takes her home. But after the marriage they notice the strange behaviour of one of their children.

CIA bioweapons and chemtrails

Myron C Fagan is our speaker who recorded this talk in the 1960's, he describes how one Jacob H. Schiff was sent to the United States by the Rothschilds to further the Illuminati plot and how Schiff plotted to get control of both the Democratic and the Republican Parties. How Schiff seduced our Congress and our Presidents to achieve control of our entire money system and create the Income Tax.

Proof that by 1950 the infiltration and overthrow of the United States was already complete. From Major Jordan’s Diaries.

Unfortunately just as relevant today as it was in 1971
Excerpt from the postscript of The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell

Doctor Cornish was a real life mad scientist. Cornish needed a way to convince the public that his research was not only humane, but vital to humanity. The film from 1934 "Life Returns" attempts this, but in reality it makes him look insane. The only thing fact in this film is the operation. This is that clip from the movie. The cut-away shots you see in the video are actors from the movie including the shot at the end of the boy hugging the dog.
For photos and more on the mad doctor go to:

The 1960's was a time of young people seeking the truth, it was a time of looking for a better way to live. Can society be changed? Can we stop war? Can we live free? The Vietnam war was broadcast every night in living color with Uncle Cronkite giving us a death count. The illusion of what our country was fell away. The war divided the nation and the young people were turning on, tuning in and dropping out. A new underground emerged in the 60's that was anti-establishment and wanted no part of the war.

On May 4, 1970 at Kent State students were demonstrating against the Vietnam war. The National Guard were ordered to clear the campus . The Guardsman opened fire and fired sixty-one shots within thirteen seconds, killing four students and wounding nine. Disbelief, fright and attempts at first aid gave way quickly to anger. A group of two hundred to three hundred demonstrators gathered on a slope nearby and were ordered to move. Faculty members were able to convince the group to disperse. A University ambulance moved through the campus making the following announcement over a public address system: "By order of President White, the University is closed. Students should pack their things and leave the campus as quickly as possible." Late that afternoon, the county prosecutor obtained an injunction closing the University indefinitely. Normal campus activities did not resume until the summer session.

May 5th Student strikes honoring the four deaths spread to 448 campuses.

May 14th Mississippi police killed two black students at a Jackson State college dormitory.

A grand jury said the National Guard acted in self-defense at Kent State.

The Vietnam war did not end until April 30, 1975

Ohio was written and composed by Neil Young in reaction to the Kent State shootings, performed here by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Young wrote the lyrics to "Ohio" after seeing the photos of the incident in Life Magazine. On the evening that CSN&Y entered Recording Studios the song had already been rehearsed, the group recorded it in just a few takes. During the same session, they recorded the single's B-side, Stephen Stills's ode to the war's dead, "Find the Cost of Freedom."

Tin soldiers and Nixon's comin'
We're finally on our own
This summer I hear the drummin'
Four dead in Ohio

Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are gunning us down
Should have been done long ago
What if you knew her and
Found her dead on the ground?
How can you run when you know?

La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la
Na na na na na na

Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago
What if you knew her and
Found her dead on the ground?
How can you run when you know?

Tin soldiers and Nixon's comin'
We're finally on our own
This summer I hear the drummin'
Four dead in Ohio

Four dead in Ohio
Four dead in Ohio
Four dead in Ohio


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