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Big purge going on just now. This channel might be doomed.

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This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.
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This video is not intended to condone 2017 or 2018.
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Jared joins me for a brief chat about Christmas, past and present, and to wish everyone a merry Christmas in 2018.

This video is not intended to condone turkey or goose.
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This video was banned from Youtube.

Proposing a "dualistic" model for society that would enable people to get what they wanted without damaging the social fabric. This model can be stated simply: the underworld has to remain the underworld, be acknowledged as such, and kept separate from the mainstream so as not to contaminate or weaken it.

Original discussion here:

Attempting to get to the bottom of why Sweden is destroying itself with welfare, Islam, mass immigration, multiculturalism, feminism and nihilism... Several theories are considered, including that Socialism is a mutant off-shoot of Christianity, and that the middle-class mentality is inherently self-destructive in several ways.

Filmed on the 1st of January 2014. As you will see, I had yet to master the art of framing an image.

The last video from 2013, this was filmed over midnight on New Year's Eve, while the transitional controls that prevented Romanians and Bulgarians from working in Britain were lifted.

In 2006, Scotland got its smoking ban, forbidding smoking in any public place that was more than 50% enclosed. In 2007, England followed suit. The British pub has never been the same since.

NOTE: The bar chain is called TGI Friday's, not TFI Friday's. Sorry.

This is the last video that was filmed wholly in 2013 (29th Dec)

On 14 October, Erkenbrand will host their second annual conference, in the Central-Netherlands.
More info: [email protected]

I filmed this, but then decided it would be better made as two separate videos. As a result, this was never uploaded to my YouTube channel.

Mad? Evil? Perhaps not.

Pontificating on how the two interact... Is there dignity in rebellion for its own sake? How should rebels treat the mainstream - with respect or contempt or a combination? Is the mainstream necessary?

A discussion of the morals of imperialism and the British Empire in particular, and its treatment in British schools post-1945.

This is the fourth video that I filmed. I was still learning, so please excuse the low picture quality and meandering nature.

The third video I shot for MW (28th December, 2013), this is a discussion about the suitability of the word "genocide" to what is going on in the modern West.

The second video I filmed for MW (28-Dec-2013), this is about the need to retain the title of "Doctor" as a bulwark against hateful (and hate-spawning) egalitarianism.

This early on in filming, I was still quite panicky and said things too hastily. I do not believe that "people need to be kept in their place". However, they do need to be taught humbleness.

The first video I shot for MW (28-Dec-2013), this is a discussion about the role (if any) that "the learned physician" can have in the Internet age.

A general introduction to the channel and the themes and topics that will be discussed here.

My third and final attempt to introduce myself, this is the version that went up on the channel, on the 12th of January 2014.


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