Feb 08, 2017 / 185

Moe Shinola plays the Blues 2

Just me, noodling again, over a blues tune by Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. Playing through my BOSS BR-1180 hard disk recorder(and great FX box for guitar!) using the BIG FUNK gutar FX preset.



Jan 30, 2017 / 993

Moe's new Epiphone G-400!

Playing around with the new electric guitar! Sorry about the sour tuning at the very end,



Jan 23, 2017 / 349

Healthy Disregard

A song that states the obvious. Words and music by Moe Shinola, copyright - today!
Healthy Disregard
If you, my friend, are worriedin the same way that I amFrom seein' Captain Ahab Where once stood ..



Jan 16, 2017 / 123

Moe Shinola Plays The Blues!

Just me noodling along to a backing track in the key of E, warts and all. Hope you like! Backing track by QuistJam: - like and subscribe!



Dec 08, 2016 / 81

Moe's First Saved Pattern Sequence On Casio The XW-PD1!

Poring through the printed instructions PAYS OFF for Our Hero, as he gets the stupid groovebox to actually do what he wants it to, resulting in this very basic beat.



Nov 26, 2016 / 31

Moe's Robot Voice Take 2 - MicroKORG Vocoder Presets!

Sorry about the stinging feedback at the very end.



Nov 26, 2016 / 25

Moe does the robot voice!

Just me playing on my new MicroKORG.



Oct 13, 2016 / 22

Kansas City Urban Deer Encounter

Me following what looked like a young male deer through the residential streets of Kansas City, Missouri, in the area of 60th and Oak Streets.



Oct 08, 2016 / 23

Moe Covers "Fire Down Below" Bluegrass Style!

MAJOR MISTAKE! In the 2nd verse, right after I sing, " to have his green", I should have jumped down to the F chord like I did at the same spot in verses 1 and 3.



Sep 09, 2016 / 25

Abolish Legal Slavery

Released in conjunction with the 9/9/16 nationwide work stoppage by prisoners across the USA in protest of corporate exploitation of prison labor, and of the prisoner exception to the 13th Amendment..

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