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Performed live at Steel's Used Books in North Kansas City, MO.

Casio WK-1630, Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB and Fostex PM0.5. Selling these locally, made this video for the selling sites on FB. Please don't contact me through YT for these if you are not local, if you are they will be on Craigslist or my FB.

Just fixed the guitar! Here's some test noodling. The composition is original to Moe, all rights reserved. My cool t-shirt says "Jump Start Art", and this is a local Kansas City arts 501(c)3 non-profit - I'm the board secretary! To learn more or to help us support the arts, check out

From my 2006 album Radio Caroline, available at


Now, Dan and Tom and Sam'll
get a picture on a camel
while Uncle Sam debriefs
them there in bed
They'll tell the truth
you're cleared for,
and dry poor momma's tears
for all her boys and girls
who come home dead

Oh, goodie, it's a war
and we get to watch,
I've looked forward
to this so much,
we're gonna dance
all over somebody's country,
we're gonna spike
our football in the sand,
live from a newly
conquered land,
c'mon, cameraman,
let's go play soldier
c'mon, cameraman

Now, national pride
is crumblin'
this humblin' ain't in
keeping with the arrogance
Americans should feel
'cuz people just won't buy
if they don't think their
pie'll be as high
as all that gas
we're gonna steal

Oh, goodie, it's a war,
let's hide behind,
occupy the public's mind,
drown it all in a bottle
of Flag and Country,
why, we'll boost
consumer confidence,
it just makes advertising sense,
packaged all up with a brand,
let's go play soldier
packaged all up with a brand

Now, we got politicians prayin',
TV preachers playin'
"Onward, Christian SOldiers"
to the war,
cashin' in on fear, now,
leadin' that bloody cheer, now,
surf the crowd right
through the White House door

Oh, goodie, it's a war,
we'll hold the fort,
lead the sheep,
observe, report,
help make the world safe
for God and country,
we'll volunteer for priest and cop,
positioning ourselves on top,
a new establishment,
let's go play soldier
a new establishment

From my 2006 album Radio Caroline, available at

All Nice and Legal
from Radio Caroline by Moe Shinola


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Let's all salute,
we're gonna bring on the law,
we're gonna lick up the law,
we're gonna choke on the law,

Because, you know,
we're want security now,
we're gonna show those bums how,
we wanna see their ass bow,

So, go ahead and kill me neighbor,
put those dissidents to some forced labor,
just hang 'em all,
and let God sort out
who's innocent, who evil,
long as it's dona all nice and legal

Hey, stop right there
I wanna see your hall pass,
and stick a chip in your ass,
and break your knees if you sass,

And don't go on about your privacy rights,
I got your mouth in my sights
and my police doggie bites,

So, go ahead and kill my neighbor,
just be sure to miss me
when you seing that sabre,
I'll name some names
and make those bloodhounds more agreeable
long as it's done all nice and legal

Now, don't remind me
how we once had backbone,
I gotta get my cellphone
and we're all in this alone,

You know, us winners
all are kissin' that ring,
we don't respect a damn thing
if it don't whisper "ka-CHING"

So don't start in about my neighbor,
how d'ya think my friends & me
hit paydirt?
We turned him in and got
his land, his house and wheels,
everything done all nice and legal,
'cuz the man, he said all's fair
if it's nice and legal

Words and music by me, Moe Shinola. I declare this song to be Public Domain, in honor of NO DAPL, Occupy, and all others who stand up for liberty and justice.

G-C-D G-C-D G-C-G (intro)
I'd love to sing some happy song, G - D -
And turn my eyes and act like nothin's wrong, B7 sus B7 Em9 Em
But 'cause my country's goin' so astray C - A7
I wanna call a general strike today Am7 - C D G

Our debt as citizens is due,
I hope every badge and uniform remembers, too,
If it'll keep the drums and boots at bay
I wanna call a general strike today

We've gotta make sure people know
It's people, not the dollar bill, that run the show,
And they've gone from "trust obey" to "just obey",
So, can I call a general strike today?

Those corporate capos really shook
When people hit 'em in the pocketbook
And like the folks we thank on Labor Day
I wanna call a general strike today

It's all our money, anyway,
And we'll pay for butter over guns any day
Before the soldiers take your kids away
I wanna call a general strike today

We interrupt this endless war
And ring the bell to tell 'em playtime's over
A bell not all the guns on earth could stay,
I wanna call a general strike today

We all together equal more,
They'll have to think of something else than fire & sword,
We'll show 'em bloodshed ain't the only way,
I wanna call a general strike today

Their lust for empire's gonna cost,
On top of all those we've already lost,
Before our demons charge us hell to play,
I wanna call a general strike today

Ain't never been no royal road,
My Bill of Rights won't be ignored or vetoed,
We can't just give all this carte blanche away,
I wanna call a general strike today

Yeah, patriotism's got so huge,
But I don't care, it's still a crook's last refuge,
And while I'm still not riskin' jail to say
I wanna call a general strike today

If "globalized" means me and you,
Then human dignity and rights count too,
For solidarity is here to stay,
So can I call a general strike today?

Yeah, solidarity is here..

Just me, noodling again, over a blues tune by Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. Playing through my BOSS BR-1180 hard disk recorder(and great FX box for guitar!) using the BIG FUNK gutar FX preset.

Playing around with the new electric guitar! Sorry about the sour tuning at the very end,

A song that states the obvious. Words and music by Moe Shinola, copyright - today!
Healthy Disregard
If you, my friend, are worriedin the same way that I amFrom seein' Captain Ahab Where once stood Uncle Samon meaningless vendettaswaged on made-up enemiesand includin' our neighbors in with these
I think a healthy disregard is well-advisedwhen grown-ups abdecate and children superviseand brush our freedoms with the brush suspicion tarredI hope I see some healthy disregard
Oh, don't you wonder why we're led to think authority'sinvested in some scary "them"and not the common "we"?and you who hold a shieldain't it time you looked insideand see the face your helmets hide?
You might think a healthy disregard is well-advisedcan't we be countrymen instead of warring sides?who treat our neighborhoods like Folsom Prison yardI hope I see some healthy disregard
So, when they mention thingsthat if we see, we'd better sayso folks who make us nervous can be neatly dragged awayremember what our Grandma'sgeneration would've thoughtand all the injustices they fought
They had a healthy disregard for stupid rulesand not much indulgence for legalistic foolsso when some punk decides to play some fascist cardI hope I see some healthy disregard!

Just me noodling along to a backing track in the key of E, warts and all. Hope you like! Backing track by QuistJam: - like and subscribe!

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