Just how to play the main riff to this Bryan Adams song.

Classic 808 beats recreated, from Marvin Gaye, Afrika Bambaata, Cybotron, A Guy Called Gerald, Beastie Boys, Phil Collins, and Adonis

Here's me after copying several classic TR-909 beats from songs by Inner City, Daft Punk, Jeff Mills, Madonna, Laurent Garnier, Faithless, Orbital and Gorillaz. The Clap sound, the Open Hat and Cymbal sounds I found way higher in pitch than on the 909, too much for exact copies.

Debuting my Donner Revecho, effecting the Volca Bass. No FX on the Drumbrute except it's own distortion.

Some variations on a bassline I learned how to make from watching a YouTube video.

Just hooked them up, playing a preset pattern on each.

The legendary sound of the Roland TB-303, recreated are Behringer.

Brought it home today, here's the first look!

Sorry about the horrible intonation on this guitar, if you can get past that this will get you playing the intro to Mexico!
D - A - D - Bm - A - Em - Bm - C - G

This is only a short bit of the craziness that happened around the corner from my house last night after dark. This screaming and yelling went on for another half hour, and long after cops arrived. I still don't know what the hell it was about.

Covering a popular song.

Here's a COVID-19 song, written while in home quarantine, now unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Uses the Ali Farke tuning w/capos shown in an earlier video viewable on this channel

A COVID-19 song, written while in home quarantine, now inleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Uses the Ali Farke tunning w/ capo shown on an earlier video viewable on this channel.

My "secret" tuning and the customized capo it uses. The capo, when applied, holds down the MIDDLE FOUR strings, the outer two strings are not capo-ed. Tuning the low E string down to D is not required. The perfidious_ba song Call To Panic uses this tuning. Also, my tune Ali From Mali uses it, you can hear that one here:

Harp preset for my new MS-01 synth, candidate for use with an original song with the Time Travelers band.

How to play the rhythm guitar part of Jokerman. I didn't really spell this out until the end, but they are keeping a sort of pedal point(constant A in the bass) in the verses before the 2-5-1 part leading to the chorus. So the verses consist of a sort-of phrase sung 2x, then the 2-5-1 twice, then the chorus, then back into the verse. I do not own the copyright to this, nor do I claim to, I'm just showing how it's played. Apologies to Bob Dylan for the terrible imitation, I was just trying to give the viewer a feel of how it is sung over the chords. Forgive me, Bob? Best wishes, wherever you are.

How to play Hazy Shade of Winter on the guitar.

Just me showing off a lot of my knives. I have a few more, just forgot to include them.

Manually sharpened Ozark Trail Parang Machete. Used a triangular file and a Smith's coarse/fine sharpener.

New lyric video for my newest original song, Healthy Disregard. In the choruses you may here "you might say the healthy disregard..." where the lyrics show "you might say A healthy disregard", the audio is a lyric flub, sorry. Thanks to David Steel & Alicia Archer for opening their store for itinerant songwriters and poets so many times a month. You guys are the greatest!

This one's a little less polished, but I had a request for another video so I'm posting it anyway. Once again, played using my homemade pestle slide and my Washburn Rover travel guitar. Backing track from the Quist channel, viewable here:

Moe tests his blood sugar! How to avoid sticking your finger when you have Diabetes.

Soloing over a blues track in Am, using my homemade pestle slide and a Washburn Rover travel guitar. Backing track from Quist, watchable here:

Guitar tutorial video for Hold On Tight by ELO in G.

Guitar tutorial video for This Magic Moment by Jay and the Americans.


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