Does the government owe people who have lost money because of Covid lockdowns anything?

I feel that Prozac has taken something from me in exchange for helping me in other areas. I don't feel the gain is worth the loss.

Life after a bit over 2 months on Prozac.

The good and the bad Prozac is doing for me.

It's not either-or but both/and.

This is a video from about a year ago sharing the details of my time of dealing with suicidal ideation.

What God does in my life out of love makes Him seem like a jerk sometimes.

Is there really any such thing as a part-time dad?

Keys are to be shared not kept to ourselves?

My thoughts on the protests in response to the killing of George Floyd.


The lesson of the lock-down for me is "Why rush?".

Examining what it means to be a real friend through C.S. Lewis' book.

9 years off weed
7 years in Courage
6 years in therapy

There is no growth without taking reasonable risks.

We're all experts now.

We are all stumpy in our own way and we must care for the stumps in our lives.

21 years of living alone is over.

No doubt about it.

Having a problem with something does not make it who you are.

Jesus is lovingly cutting away what needs cutting so I can be who I really am.

Intro video for my channel.

Do I want real intimacy or fake?

I can't save people.

Thoughts on love languages.

I need real connection not artificial ones.


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I am a 45 year old ex alcoholic/pothead who has finally stopped running from Christ and His Church. I will post recent content here as well as videos from the beginning of my journey out of addiction into being an aspiring great saint.