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With this new approach we might just solve the problem of collapsing birth rates.

In this era of innovation and inside the box thinking, we now see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now here's Tom with the weather...

Local pedestrian makes major breakthrough in combating declining population. This will prove to be unimaginably impactful for gen Z and woketardia.
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By charlie.robinson (@macroaggressions on Hive)

We know that the ruling class would like nothing more than for half of us to drop dead, so in looking 70 years into the past at life expectancy and demographics, have they been able to achieve their Malthusian fantasies over the decades to advance their goal of a culled population? Actually, yeah they have, and the numbers are terrifying.

Sure, people are living much longer, but the number of people being born these days is down massively from where it was just half a century ago. This is due to the Infertility Industrial Complex and the amount of money that is sloshing through there from NGOs pushing depopulation and involuntary sterilization, to the egg-freezing market being offered by all the Silicon Valley Big Tech companies as a corporate perk.

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Investigative journalist Ben Swann has compiled substantial evidence demonstrating that the Israeli government was aware well in advance that Hamas was planning the October 7th attacks. Not only did Egypt warn Israel and the IDF had collected their own intelligence, but Hamas was staging obvious military exercises leading up to the fateful date.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Swann about why the Netanyahu government might have allowed this attack to take place.

The Jimmy Dore show

Ben Swann on Twitter: / benswann_
Ben’s website:

"America is BUILDING these secret facilities in all 50 states" WHY?!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris

America is secretly building large scale detention facilities in all 50 states. Will they be used to house illegal immigrants? The answer is no and the real reason is far more nefarious. Former customs and border protection, supervisor JJ Carrelll shares this unbelievable story. You can pre-order J.J.'s new documentary called Treason right here:

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The new food guidelines are not based on what is best for you. They are based on what is - supposedly - good for the environment. But WHO and your government is trying to sell it to you as healthy for you as well. It is important that we understand that those are two different things. In fact, the new guidelines have the potential to make people very sick.

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Before everyone shits themselves let me explain... 🔴

This is incredibly dangerous to our democracy.

Let the race wars begin... just be sure to buy your bullets and bandages from he who will not be named.

Yeah maybe. I think this could be a trick. Here's why.

I wonder if part of the chemtrail agenda is just to drive us crazy. Day in and day out we see it and we feel powerless and we Believe it is making us sick. That's powerful in itself.

So now they want you to think that your dreams are not yours, that you are never alone and advertisers aka the gobernment now occupy your sleep time.

It wasn't that long ago that people were all a buzz about the US I.R.S. buying millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition and the info wars side jumped on it and pushed the fear that the gov agents are coming to shoot you. What was it really? I mean infowars could be right, but so far it's just words. Words with a big impact and I wonder if those words increased the amount of money they were able to steal from people.

This video is how they get in your head but also LRAD ELF PDQ XYZ, etc.

Also they dont cover this at clown college, so I had to piece it together on my lonesome

Source material

20 million dead, 2 billion injured is the claim made by the man in the blue coat.

There is a lot of snake venom in the water, the well has been poisoned. I mean, how do we tell what's true?These days anybody can set up some chairs and a couple fake ferns and interview dudes in blue coats and call it the science.

If this is true or not, one thing I know is it does seem risky to be injected with an untested self-replicating gene therapy pushed by 1. our governments (are you fucking kidding me?) 2. Media whores ( the people that helped lie us into Iraq and helped murder hundreds of thousands of people) 3. Bill Gates (said he'll use vaccination to reduce global population, his father was a central banker eugenicist that helped found planned parenthood) 4. Pig pharma (huge profits, zero liability, doing it to help humanity). 5. every average npc because the tv said so. Also pushed by hollywood/pedowood, UN WHO, etc.

I know let's pump that toxic shite into babies. Now what should we do about all this flouride toxic waste...

54 seconds plus I also have had eyes over the past whatever and have seen the death cult called pharma run amok with an unprecedented kill rate that would make even the most ardent commie blush.



A false dichotomy is a logical fallacy where only two options are given as solutions and everything else is ignored. The state either wants you to be a jellyfish or a killer. I wouldn't choose either.

I've been home invaded and I've confronted a man climbing through my kitchen windows, after breaking it, and I handled it with out killing him. That's not to say there's not a part of me that thinks they should get killed and loves seeing the fafo thieves getting f*cked videos, but I know it is wrong. It's poison and we're being fed it for a reason. Same reason every Liam Niesom movie for the past 15 years is about revenge and murder and presented in a way that's justified so it's okay. They did after all kill his dog after his wife died so hundreds must die. A short wick, kinda right on the nose 🔴. They seek to program us to rip each other apart when the trumpets blare. They know if they put sugar (revenge, victimhood, righteousness) on it we'll gobble it all up. So much so that we have type 2 revenge diabetes, but don't worry diabetes is good for this economy. Think of the jobs making caskets alone, now that's employment.

We going viral baby. I'm trying to think of something cunty to say. Looks like my fans will have to just look forward to the next post. Also, just focus on the good times you've had with cunty things I've said in the past....

Super foods

New World Next Week

Great episode

This week on the New World Next Week: The WHO is preparing to drop Scamdemic 2 with the bird flu bogeyman; Japan's birthrate falls to yet another record low while the government plays dating app on the Titanic; and Adobe shoots itself in the foot with a disastrous privacy-destroying terms of service update.


Jim crow mask society, a teachable moment.

Reposting because the original fails to play.

I know to some it's like we're beating a dead horse still talking about the mask and cofefe bs. For a moment I'm inclined to agree, but only for a momo. Tell it to the suffering, to the traumatized, to the dead. Including those killed in hospitals by weaponized allopathic medicine. So if my tiny voice crying out in the digital wilderness adds a grain of sand to the scales tipping it in our favor then hoorah

Definitely worth a share. Feels like there's a message in the film trying to reach someday I know.

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Fundraiser for my friend Nedal in Gaza

Five Times August "Ain't No Rock & Roll"

This may prove to be the most significant social commentary in 750 generations.

Artists use lies to tell the truth, sometimes. We all know there's real rock n roll out there. This song is a part of a conversation taking place in the mainstream. He's working at reaching the normie denialists and coincidentalists. All these so called artist who got everyone to believe in them betrayed humanity and themselves when they fell instead of 🌹 up at the 🔑 moment. They pushed the kill shot and division, now people are dead and united against the depop agenda, not to be confused with the K-pop agenda which is basically just the gay agenda and if you look any further into it that would actually be against the law and a hate crime. They over played their hand, they used their puppet celebrities in the process and in doing so they create an opportunity for the entranced masses to snap out of it. Or something like dat.

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"Ain't No Rock and Roll"
Songwriter: Bradley James Skistimas
Publisher: Seven Places Music (ASCAP)
Label: Baste Records

Brief clip explaining how toxic female hygiene products are....

The evidence presented: This lady said some things.
Also do do your own research.

From j6 to 9/11 and back again, this is incredibly dangerous to our democracy...

One mom's experience

Take 851
Anyway, the white coats WERE coming. They here now son.

Doesn't Fauci look like somebodies pet troll? Standing there next to sci-fi alcapone. A sad state of affairs indeed.

This dude nails it. Profits over people.

Well, Alex was right about the frogs. Wonder what that has to do with this.

Chipotle and Macdonalds food comes from the same factories. One claims to be non-gmo and tries to apeel to healthier minded people, and one claims to have it your way. Do we really trust these people? I mean we're pretty lucky compared to what's coming in a couple turns of the page.


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