This guy nails it.

Mother's, Father's, Veterans, the heroes of the labor movement and those they represent- get one day, yet those of us who are defined by what kind of sex we have get a month.. a day vs a month and who can't tell what the satanic elite value most. .

Do I want the best for this individual yes. Do I think he's crazier than cat shit? Yes. Do I think its incredibly dangerous that his brand of mental illness is being weaponized, sure. Do I think he's already or is likely to bugger little boys? Of fucking course I do. There is more to life than sexual pleasure and there is more to people than sexual expression. We have become so dumbed down, just look at his stupid hat and the sickness in his voice. I say this with a heavey heart knowing it's just a matter of time before him or someone like him is arresting me for this post. Hashtag rainbow fascism ie target ed.

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God's creation, perfect. Man's on the other hand, abomination.


If you don't know, now you know. Bam

Katy Nichole - "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)"

I speak the name of Jesus over you
In your hurting, in your sorrow
I will ask my God to move
I speak the name cause it’s all that I can do
In desperation, I’ll seek heaven
And pray this for you

I pray for your healing
That circumstances would change
I pray that the fear inside would flee
In Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough would happen today
I pray miracles over your life in
Jesus name
In Jesus name

I speak the name of all authority
Declaring blessings
And every promise
He is faithful to keep
I speak the name no grave could ever hold
He is greater, He is stronger
he’s the God of possible

I pray for your healing
That circumstances would change
I pray that the fear inside would flee
In Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough would happen today
I pray miracles over your life in
Jesus name
In Jesus name

Come believe it
Come receive it
Oh the power of His Spirit is now forever yours
Come believe it
Come receive it
In the mighty name of Jesus, all things are possible

I pray for your healing
That circumstances will change
I pray that the fear inside will flee in Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough
Would happen today
I pray miracles over your life
In Jesus name
I pray for revival
For restoration of faith
I pray that the dead will come alive
In Jesus name
In Jesus name

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Luke all my post- this is for entertainment and educational purposes only and not medical advice

From the original post👇
Ukraine is the Money Laundering, Sex Trafficking and Organ Harvesting Capital of the World.
This thread is about Organ Harvesting in Ukraine.

On 04/14/2022 the Ukrainian Parliament passed a law 5610 which clear Ukraine to export Organs abroad.
Organs were removed without consent and the laws were passed during ongoing military actions. These laws were promoted by former acting health minister Ulyana Suprun. Under the new transplants laws Hospitals, Prisons, Military Units, and Orphanages are free to use the organs of anyone under their care.

Could it be true? I have no idea

I remember hearing this a while back and it seemed spot on back then. What do you think?

Something fishy is going on here and it's not the filet

On why truth folk are often misunderstood. What it's like to see what others don't.

Origin of the bam. Musical interpretation of an nightmare. Bam
Playa righteous music

This appears to be common knowledge among healers. Any thoughts?

You will eatZbugs... um... yeah, no. Share this far and wide

Original post

What I am about to tell you should be the most important story in America but no national media is talking about it. Read this entire tweet.

One of the biggest invasions of property rights in American history is currently happening in South Dakota to expand green energy.

This is footage that was shared with me by a South Dakota farmer named Jared Bossly, whose farm has been in his family for four generations.

Bossly is one of over 80 SD landowners currently facing eminent domain lawsuits from a company called Summit Carbon Solutions who wants to seize their property and use it to build a carbon capture pipeline that will transport CO2 emissions from Iowa to North Dakota to be stored underground.

The men in the video are surveyors from Summit. They entered his home and shop before going on his farm to survey the land all without permission while only his wife was home. They later falsely accused him of threatening to kill them (he talked to them for 6 seconds on speaker phone about how the sheriff should be there while they do it) and are taking him to court to get a restraining order so he can't be on his property when they come back. His hearing is tomorrow.

Bossly tells me surveyors from the company have shown up to SD farms without permission, some with armed security guards like something straight out of Blazing Saddles, and have threatened the landowners who haven't agreed to give up their property.

The Republican leadership in South Dakota has also abandoned them. In the last legislative session, bills to protect landowners from eminent domain from Summit failed. Gov. Kristi Norm has done nothing. Why? Because Summit has connections to massive GOP donors.

They are also bankrolled by large investments, some of which are foreign, as well as benefit from massive federal tax credits for carbon capture expanded by Joe Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act."

Meanwhile, South Dakotans whose farms have been in their families for generations, who have put their blood sweat and tears into their land, are now facing them being seized and ruined for the green energy grift. Their elected leaders have abandoned them and no one outside local media is talking about it.

I'll soon be publishing a full story on this on my Substack with all the details.

Brief look at what this farmer is facing. His industry like his species is being culled by the cult. Learn to grow food, and to ferment, sprout, preserve and barter.

French fries are the most addicting foods on the planet.

Why? They contain HNE - a breakdown product of linoleic acid from seed oils that occur when you heat these oils.

This compound makes you HUNGRIER, leading to overeating and obesity.

If you want french fries, cook white potatoes in beef tallow.

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The demons have gone bananas in California. They are passing a bill to allow the murder of infants up to 28 days after birth. I think if you are lost or stupid enough to murder your own offspring you don't deserve any, but the child still deserves to live.

Stew Peter's in top form not falling for news prostitutes games delivers 8 punch combo. Sure this guy is well hated, but I don't know about any of that. I appreciate him pushing back. At the end of the day if he turns out to be the wrong sort then I just hope this post put another couple grains of sand on the scales in the peoples favor and thats it.

Talk about holding the hand that holds you down

CEI- Corporate Equality Index. Trickle down brain damage. Why are so many companies going woke?

Thyroid disfunction effects vast numbers of people and iodine deficiency is a big part of that¹.

Another reason thyroids are failing is all the fluoride and chlorine we consume and when you are deficient in iodine it magnifies the damage².

¹ Read it on a bathroom wall, but at a prestigious university
² Same thing but on a different wall

Eddie Murphy dropping truth bombs before it was cool to do so. Everybody says it's lizards that run the world, here is proof it's actually cats. Meowowowowow!

South Korean customs seize thousands of capsules containing the POWDERED FLESH FROM CHOPPED-UP BABIES.

This story is from 2014: “Nearly 17,500 of the bizarre capsules have been grabbed from tourists' luggage... The capsules were made in northeastern China… dead babies' bodies were chopped into small pieces and dried on stoves before being turned into powder.”


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