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Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Direct- Mercury Retrograde- ♎ Libra Sign of Love & Alliance -
Astrology 4 Black Girls- CELEBRATING MARRIAGE in LIBRA SEASON 2021 !

In the Most Divisive Libra Season this Century -The Medical Dictator-ship Unleashed in the Health focused Virgo Season Goes Large & “Legal”-
The Mandate “Massive” (UK, US & Australia) aka AUKUS- Announced Their WWV💉 “Alliance & Set Off Their “Smart Bombs”😷 to Blast Past Our Constitu-tional Rights & Demolish Demock-racy

It`s Now or Never to Come Together, Pool Our Resources & Rise To the Smart War Challenge-
Medical Professionals, Governors, Senators, Parliamentarians, Unions, Transport Workers,
Noble Laureate Scientists, First Responders, Educators, Law Enforcement & Litigators- Are All making ALLIANCES 🗽with -WE The PEOPLE -Left, Right & Centre- WORLDWIDE-✊🏽

And of Course, TPTB Ensured (in the name of Online Safety & Child Protection) aka unprecedented Censor-ship🤐- That this REVOLUTION will most Definitely NOT BE TELEVISED- Tweeted, Telegram-med, Posted or Uploaded!
Yet Despite Their Best or Worst Draconian, Drill Down, Demoralize, Divide & Conquer Efforts -AKA “Mandates” Manufactured “Shortages” Shape-Shifting “Statistics” & MSM Mis/ dis-information-

“Well-Timed “Whistle-blowers”🙄-Cyber “Blackouts”-” Curated “ Climate Change” Shenanigans & Showboating - “ Justice” Theatre🎭 & Celebrity Sacrifices (Agent R.Kelly PSYOP 3 et al) -
The PUSH BACK is Real-

So Here`s to Partnership, Collective Courage, Strategy & Sticking To Our Guns TOGETHER!
POWER COUPLE Astrology Below-⬇Cheers 🥂

In the Astro*Intelligent Lifestyle- TIMING IS EVERYTHING!
After a 6-Month Whirl Wind Courtship, We made our Vows on one of the most AUSPICIOUS Days of the 20th Century-
Under a NEW MOON ECLIPSE in Libra🌙♎ (in exact harmonious TRINE to my own Venus).
A STELLIUM of No less than 5 Planets, The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Chiron were all Conjunct in Libra Bestowing Celestial Bles..

Libra Psychology 101- October 2021- New Moon🌙♎Libra Oct 6- Full Moon Aries♈ Oct 20- Autumn Equinox & Libra Astrological Season 2021 began on Sept 22nd at 15.21 pm EST- Mercury Retrograde in Libra & Venus Square Pluto in Capricorn- Smart war Legislation & Litigation -Full & New Moon Forecast COMING SOON...

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It`s Time to Arm Ourselves for Round 2 of The Libran Leg Of World War V-
And at this 11th Hour, It`s Going To Take all the- Libra capacity for Strategic Thinking, Negotiation, Diplomacy, Alliance & War Craft We can muster-to Coordinate our Collective Push Back!
Partnership, Passion for Justice & Legal Legwork is Key To Victory against the imminent Threat of The Medical Mafia & The Trans-Humanist Agenda!

So, Let`s Dispense with the Oversimplified Remedial Stereotypes - (Vain, Indecisive, Passive & Shallow Social Climbers) – And CELEBRATE & ADMIRE - the🥰Ethical, Elegant, Egalitarian Idealistic, Intelligent & Alluring Political Crusader of the zodiac!

Your Symbol- Greek Goddess, Dice & her Scales of Justice
Your Motto- " I Relate" Ruled by Venus in both her Social Justice Warrior Amazonian Incarnation (Athena) and her potentially Vain, Indolent yet effortlessly Engaging, Charming & Artistic form (Aphrodite)

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September 23rd- You share your Solar☀ Return with; Ancient Legends- Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar Greek Playwright Euripides & Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan..

♍🌙Virgo September 2021-New Moon Message🔎- Students Vs “Science” -Mars in Virgo Opposition Neptune in Pisces- College Mandates- 12+ "Approval"-Labor Day

Labor Day Quickie - Remember - Keep Your Wits About You Under This- September 7th Virgo New Moon- Capitalize on This Galvanizing Trine from Rebellious Uranus in Tenacious Taurus!

⛔“When Tyranny Becomes Law- Rebellion Becomes Duty”- Thomas Jefferson

To ACCESS The Full UNCENSORED Videos- Visit Our New Website-
Home of “Real Deal” Psychological Astrology, Uncensored Cosmic🤫 Conspiracy, Astrology & Agenda 2030, Unfiltered Astrolo*Tea, Astrology 4 “Black“🤎Girls, Cosmic Coaching & The Astro*Intelligent Lifestyle!

Undoubtedly Virgo♍ is The Sign of Discipline & Duty -But more Importantly Virgo Rules CRITICAL THINKING🧐!
The Sons of Saturn (Sat-an) are Celebrating the Season of Control with a Tsunami of Pseudo – “Science” & “Statistical” Smoke Screens! -

September is Back to Business, Back to School & of course Right on Time The Draconian 🤖Empire Strikes Back- Coming Hard for Our Young Scholars & Pushing The Propaganda🎭!
But with People`s Champion Mars Still Residing in Razor Sharp Virgo Opposing Nebulous Neptune in Deceptive Pisces- It`s Time to Read The Small Print! -

Real Resistance is Now Born of Revolutionary Research🔎! The Devil`s☠ in The Detail!
After a Few more Days of Desperately Needed Detox -I`ll Be Back to Blast The Borg with
The DECODE & Red-Hot Receipts!

Watch this Space for my Customary Cosmic Whistleblowing Coming soon📢! So -Keep one Eye on The Ball if you Must - BUT Keep Your Eye🔎on The Needle & Your CHILDREN CLOSE-

Afghanistan🎭- Pfizer Approval- Colleges- Employer Mandates -Parents Protests- Hurricane Ida -Brother Polight- Boycotts- Homeland- Hesitant- Censorship Legislation -Legal Challenges- Leo Celebrities -J-lo & Ben Affleck- Arnie- Cyn G & Tonya TKO


Firstly- Sending PRAYERS from Europe to our Friends in the USA -particularly in Louisiana &
New York City – Affected by Hurricane Ida. Wishing you all Every Safety & Protection🙏🏽

Leo ♌Season Went Out with an Explosive BANG & the First Days of Virgo Magnified The Maxim –
“The Devil`s in The DETAIL”
♍Virgo Season 2021- Began on August 22nd at 10.35 PM BST- Preceded by a Scene Stealing -
Blue Full Moon in 29 º Aquarius -Conjunct Inflationary Retrograde Jupiter at 1.02 PM BST.
The Second Full Moon♒ in The Sign of Rebellion, Revolution & The Borg🤖 !

The Sons of Satan Brought The Smoke as The Leo Lion Bowed Out- Firing Big Guns & Full-Throttle Bully Boy Tactics!
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Home of “Real Deal” Psychological Astrology, Uncensored Cosmic Conspiracy🤖, Astrology & Agenda 2030, Unfiltered Astrolo*Tea, Astrology 4 “Black “🤎Girls, Cosmic Coaching &
The Astro*Intelligent Lifestyle!

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This Week We Go All The Way down The Blue Moon Rabbit Hole & DECODE the Last Days of Leo!

Cosmic Conspiracy on The New Moon in Virgo- Pf-izer Approval & Hurricane Ida HA-RP DECODE Coming Soon at


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