You all know I had to jump on this train. If bugswriter can do it, so can I, even though I spent a couple days prepping it...

=== Lyrics ===
Bringing you this Linux Mormon,
Not just any ol' Unix Norman.

I'm running Artix,
to skip that SystemD antix.

Not missing my DE,
That's pretty easy.

Always year of the Linux Desktop,
but don't forget that good ol' laptop.

I like my games like I like my computers,
retro and old like my console disorders.

You complain about Linux not being good game,
And I'll show you why you're oh so lame.

Running some Calyx and maybe kotatsu,
we reading manga with total onmitsu.

They might call me gangster,
cause I show my Stoeger.

Got plenty o' seeds o' freedom,
lemme know if you need some.

Sure it ain't no graphene,
but still you know I won't be seen.

Now, Show me your Deck and I'll show you mine,
Then we'll crack it open making it o' so fine.

My games may be clunky and somewhat torrid,
but with RTX they be running doggon fluid.

Armed with my ol' thinkpad,
cause it ain't no JingPad.

My WM's way awesome,
configs, you know I stole some.

I been using runit,
cause I just can gun it.

I'm a Linux Saint in These Latter-Days
Showing you freedom in your software ways,

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A Returned missionary gone creator. Working on getting the ball really moving. There will be a mix of content showing up here.
Most things will be content also available on my youtube. I will upload certain things as exclusives to here depending on the content, but also expect to see things that might get deleted from Youtube here, too.
My twitch is where I spend most of my time, but once live streaming gets started up here, I'll come here for that, too.