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Those of you not preparing for the time when there's nothing else to eat are going to eat the bugs. So prepare for that inevitable time, so you don't have to eat the bugs.

A walk through the orchard and the garden, and how I'm trying to grow my own chicken feed.

Yes, unfortunately I have a YT channel (eww), because I have more leeway with how long my videos are (why I had to do this update in 2 parts). I do monthly updates and occasional other videos there, if you want to subscribe. https://youtube.com/channel/UC0np-DIIM4bCOV09DpjUVig

In part one I'll show you what I have going on and planned for our animals - currently chickens and rabbits.

If you want more regular updates and other homestead videos check out my YT channel (Bitchute caps my data at around 15 minute videos) https://youtube.com/channel/UC0np-DIIM4bCOV09DpjUVig

Avoiding the reality if things the way they are will literally get you killed.

New age bullshit is gonna get you killed.

A famine is being engineered and all most people care about is meme circle jerks and triggering the "other side". Grow up or die.

Would you cry about it? Would you be a victim?

What is the Great Reset? A lot of people don't understand the implications because they think this is their grandparents' communism. It's much more sophisticated than that. And much more deadly.

More shock and awe from the globalists. I hope you have your shit together because we are in the fire now, together.

Things have been hellish for a long time but the last two years were such an early stage of the overall Great Reset agenda that they could hardly be said to have begun at all. Now the shit gets real. Russia has (we are told) invaded Ukraine. Russia has halted its fertilizer exports, adding more pressure to an already devastated agriculture industry. Oil is exploding. The Fed continues to print. I can't say with certainty that you're out of time, but you may be. You can no long be in denial of the danger you are in. Save yourself.

Stop trying to go back to normal. The globalists know you're desperate to go back to normal and that's our greatest weakness.

Through 15 years of activism I know full well their tactics. Like a boa constrictor, they squeeze, and then let off, so you relax, because you've expended your energy resisting. Then they squeeze even harder.

Some of you are satisfied with half ass measures and think you're gonna get through this. Protesting is not enough. Saying no is not enough. Mass civil disobedience is not enough. It's too late for that. They *want* societal collapse, and here you come telling them give us what we want or we'll shut society down. That doesn't concern them. At all. Say no to them, but then you must prepare to survive the aftermath. The reset button has already been pushed and it can't be undone. Some of you are holding up signs when you should be building parallel economies and networks so you can survive post-reset and you won't have to slaughter your neighbors to keep them from raiding your shit. This is the reality. Here. Now. Not in some possible maybe future. It's already happened.

The problem and the solution are never separate from one another.

Whether your state, county, or town propagates the hysteria.

The garden is nigh complete, 11/14. I could barely get the whole monstrosity in one pic. Next time I'm gonna need a drone. I have at least 2 full months to finish the other 3, piece of cake. I'm gonna work hard to get it done by the end of January, so I can work on some much easier tasks before it's time to sow and transplant.

I guess people have their coping mechanisms, and I'm not telling you to lose your sense of humor, but even though this is all absurd (on purpose), it is literally suicidal not to take it all seriously.

Just because you can't relate to your enemy's motives, because they're psychotic and you're not, doesn't mean what they're doing can't be real. Be critical, verify information, but don't dismiss a thing out of hand because it's not something you would do, or it's not something you understand. They are not like you. They literally came out of the womb with their boot on the face of humanity.

...to the show that never ends, it never ends, IT. NEVER. ENDS. Like I've been telling you since spring of 2020 there is no end to this. It is the globalists' big move, the New World Order, Agenda 21, Great Reset. It's all the same. It's all vaccine reactions but they'll bombard us with fear and propaganda and gaslighting until most people (God, I hope I'm wrong) fall back into their trance and comply us into complete hell on earth. Get right with God/Spirit/Universe. Store food (link below). Grow food. Unplug now with radical urgency.

Storable food https://mypatriotsupply.com/?rfsn=6153716.4c9778

Building the Apocalypse Homestead series: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/QIrpUJ3HmTdB/

There's still a titanic amount of work to do but the homestead is now fully armed and operational.

The target of the gaslighting has always been black people. Defend yourselves if and when necessary, but remember this: when the Establishment wants a thing, you should never give it to them.

Once this agenda fully takes hold, the human race goes out forever.

There's the way we want things to be, and there's the way things are. Cling to the way you want things to be and the way things are destroy you.

Politics can only bring you to further ruin. Urgent, radical, direct action. Get to it or die.

Don't celebrate the dock workers and the airline pilots, etc, striking so much that you forget the bigger picture. Resistance to the vaccine is key but it's only the beginning. In a sense our resistance plays into their hands because they want society to collapse. What they aren't prepared for, perhaps, is for the rest of us to anticipate a societal collapse and proactively prepare for it. That's the only way we survive this.


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