Great flow session this this absolute legend, investigative journalist who has been digging in the trenches for 2 decades uncovering the truth and delivering powerful info for the world.
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Powerful Flow session Enjoy and please share !!!

A simple message of hope and empowerment for those feeling unsure about the world right now

Its time to stand up and push back against anti-life government and big pharma corruption, this ends now the people have spoken, a line has been drawn in the sand. Humans will no longer tolerate this united nations rockerfella controlled global take over. Covid is a cover for the great reset, we the people reject this agenda!!!

Share far and wide, inbox it to people, instagra, facebook, email, whats app, signal, telegram spend time sending this out its time we end this madness.

Police protecting a weapon that will ultimately be used on the same police protecting it. 5g, contact tracing, HAARP, targetted individuals, heavy metals, A.I. , this is the attack on earth this entity wants full dominion over humanity.. When humans unite its all over.....

Short speech I did for an awesome crowd in the gold coast!!!! hope you enjoy
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Full interview

Full power buckle up

Plandemic the movie part 1

Another presentation enjoy !!!!
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Covid the worlds biggest IQ test

Sacha Stone, Meryl Dorey, Professor Marc C Choen, & Nate Max
Powerful interview

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Short shout out to all the people in the northern Rivers & around the world, stay sted fast and buckle up.

March Recap 2021

The inverted reality we all create...

March the shit storm continues

Hey guys a recent interview with Tom Barnett, Jason Christoff & Fanos Panayides regarding the state of our world and the covid Scamdemic


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