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"Wait, Breadtube is all gay Jewish psy-op?"
"Always has been..."

Bitchute is potatoe. Watch on Odysee:

Her name was Ashli Babbitt

Know your history or be doomed to repeat it.

On this day (June 25 2020) in Fallout Lore, Robert Edwin House is born. Voice by the late René Auberjonois (1940 - 2019), this is a small tribute to the President, CEO, and sole proprietor of the New Vegas Strip.

"This white supremacist theory..."

Step right up! Step right up! Come bear witness the freaks, the geeks, and the human oddities of YouTube. Endorsed by the ADL, this band of social misfits (also known as Breadtube) are debunking crazy alt-right conspiracy theories. Such as observable demographic change and relentless silicon valley censorship. All the while becoming the new 1% whilst doing so!

This presentation is centered around the life and the works of anarchist Peter Kropotkin, the various Marxist revolutions across Europe, the detailed retelling of the Spanish Civil War, the economic realities of anarcho-syndicalism in Republican Spain and what YouTube has become in the current year.

No matter your political persuasion, there’s something for everyone in this presentation. Kropotkin brings a new mindset that falls outside the traditional left/right paradigm that will challenge communists, nationalists and libertarians alike.

00:00 Intro
08:07 Peter Kropotkin
12:15 Breadtube
23:37 Classical Marxism
27:16 Cultural Marxism / Frankfurt School
31:04 Antifa
32:16 Communism
38:35 The Spanish Civil War
1:21:53 Francoist Spain
1:27:41 Democracy - The God That Failed
1:31:22 Communistoids
1:35:55 The Alternative Right
1:38:48 New Additions
1:47:38 Conquest Of Bread
1:52:55 Anarchism
1:57:50 Cringe Compilation
2:07:10 YouTube / JewTube
2:10:13 Revolution
2:15:23 Retribution
2:17:17 Outro

[ LtCorbis ] has entered the game as Doom Slayer

Termites Are Monsters -- Would You Like to Know More?

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

If this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.

Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.

“But if I’m not the same, the next question is, who in the world am I?” -Alice in Wonderland

Don't believe (((her))) lies.

“Okay fuck it, Nazi time!”

A presentation on European history and its resulting effects on the Jewish community. With special focus on world renowned Jewish intellectuals, the religious conflicts between Judaism and Christianity, European politics in the 20th century, World War 2, The Holocaust, Israel and how it is all connected to current world affairs.

0:00 Intro
7:44 The Jews / Judaism
12:36 The Romans
14:50 Jesus of Nazareth
21:11 Jewish-Roman War
23:28 Christianity
26:51 The Middle Ages
35:14 The Black Death
36:50 Early Modern History
38:07 Karl Marx
39:48 Russian Pogroms
42:10 The Jewish Question
44:17 The Bolsheviks
49:35 Ayn Rand
55:34 Emma Goldman
57:17 Rosa Luxemburg
58:58 World War 1
1:09:00 The Great Depression
1:10:20 Mises & Rothbard
1:12:37 Weimar Germany
1:16:52 Adolf Hitler
1:22:06 "Judea Declares War on Germany"
1:24:31 Reichstag Fire
1:25:03 Night Of Long Knives
1:25:42 The Great Purge
1:26:35 Nazi Economy & culture
1:30:03 The Nuremberg Laws
1:31:22 Herschel Grynszpan
1:32:35 Night Of Broken Glass / Kristallnacht
1:35:17 Rhineland
1:36:20 Anschluss
1:39:53 Danzig
1:41:00 World War 2
1:42:42 Blitzkrieg
1:44:27 Soviets
1:45:42 Holodomor
1:46:29 Operation Barbarossa
1:49:08 Battle of Stalingrad
1:49:57 End Of World War 2
1:52:15 Denazification
1:53:20 The Holocaust
2:08:53 Israel
2:18:38 Conclusion
2:31:00: Outro


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