How long do you and you and who else again know about this ....I am a German and know about the numbers of children being abused, tortured and killed in the US since at least 20 years.

You Americans have got no problems to send even your sons to wherever your false jewish God (Jehovah) sends them to kill innocent children, their mothers and fathers. And even if American children get treated like that you do not collectively shut down the TV and destroy them openly on the streets and then bring your guns into severe effect and round the perpetrators up. What is wrong with you? The rest of the Nations are without weapons ...and you use them to watch Pedophile TV. And then you are waiting next for your Savior and write stupid comments that one should read the Jew-Bible-Koran Stuff filled with Infanticide and Genocide? Did you ever read that stuff yourself or did you get "so holy Christian" by watching TV Priests? I can`t believe how degenerate people can get.

So now listen: you restore now your souls and selfrespect. You build up warrior groups and you do what you have to do.

Are you sure that you really ever comprehended what kind of images were given to you through the Bible?
I think you should get aware about that now.

By the way: European folks did not celebrate Christmas but a Festival of Light because the dark Winterdays would be over. Through the (enforced Christianisation) things were turned into the ChristMess of childsacrifce. Even more impudent they accused the Heathens of it ....

which is embedded in all the common religions. They are not attacking "Father in Heaven" - they are attacking "Mother in Earth". It is the ultimate Idiocy to tell people that Eve was created out of the rip of Adam. Who by the way got the Sinner-Card in Abrakadabra Religions? Yes, you are right. The Ladies got that card who should from then on (the ultimate sin to eat from the Tree of Knowledge) give birth under pains. Adam also got a bit punished; he got the Stupidity-Card because he took the food his woman gave him. So from then on (his ultimate Sin to stick to his women) he should not listen anymore to her ....and what? Get a faggot, at least ...if not a holy but castrated Eunuch. Read your Bible, Dear Americans ...finally understand what it is written in that book: It is Jesus recommondation not only to forget about your Mother and other Members of your family but also about your Gender as a Male. Go and read your Bible, dear Christians: do not tell me I should do that. Go and read ...

Do not go around what it is actually written and put all kind of your interpretations on it. Words are clearly defined and so you have to take them, not as you please because otherwise your beliefsystem would explode. Judaism, Christianity, Islam ...all of them promote Motherfuckery, spitting the Big Mother and Women into the face, even disrespecting that women are giving birth.

Who actually tells such shit that men are giving birth ......without any shame the Transpeople and their Makers are coming these days out with that shit. How many children did they already "transitioned" as they pleased? We are talking about castration, cutting off and destroying healthy bodies as they were given by the birth of women. We learned already that women had to be punished and so they would have to experience together with their children painful birthings.....( go into the so called Healthy Industry and see how they are treating birthing women. And then they are torturing their children with transgenderism and then ...they attack Mother Earth on all levels of her Beauty. Feminism by the way is not a creation of women, not at all. It is a Creation of the special ones. It had been another attack towards women, Just like the painful birthing process they would also get a painful motherhood while being forced to hand their children into the hands of Evil doers such like fruitless nurses who would drill and torture their children with needles and poison them with impunity with poisons ..or to hand them over to all kind of psychos who would call themselves Psychologues or Psychiatrists and all these Experts in "the field of Growing children" which are in reality only the parents, in first line the Maimis.
In America they also promote since a while "MGTW" ..another assault against women .... Don`t you get it where all that shit was coming from? They are running the Bible on us what they call Prophecy ....It is their program for mankind, for the animals, for the plants for even Mother Earth herself by Geoengineering, some even call it Terraforming.

The Perpetrators are at war against Feminity on very deep levels. It had effected the relations between men and women, the relations between sisters and brothers ... and it alienated people from Nature. They even talk from "the fight against the forces of Nature". So people are buying chemicals and will kill off with them anything they do not like and call "Unkraut" (weeds). They betonize the soil wherever they can ....they put skyscraper ghettos at the beaches and so fort ....they actually put Mother Earth under a poisonous grew shirt. Can`t you see that?

Now they even got you or you to debunk the man made Climate Change. Of course did the Climate not only change but is man made. They and probably also you or you are poisoning the skies and lakes and oceans since decades ....since many years we have no more real Seasons ...let alone some real hot summertimes to enjoy at the beaches.
The Lady here talking is right: Where are you Pilots hiding ...and all the rest of you Gentiles who follow all the commands of the Jews even to kill off your own family members and your Big Mama Earth with Geoengineering, for what: for money or for your idiotic belief that the Endgame was an Idea of your Creator. What ridiculeous kind of belief is that?
You are craving for life in Paradise .....after you were helpful to destroy the paradise you are living on: Earth.

No one is as stupid as not to know if s/he puts Fluorides into the drinking water or to fly through the skies and not to know about Chemtrails. This is just impossible. It is Motherfuckery.

Europeans are not Christians, we were Heathens and got christianized. So called Jesus did not recognize his Mother but send her away from his vine parties. Jesus came with the Sword and with him came Legions of mercenaries ...For some special reason the Catholics let the Mother alive and called her "Maria, the Mother of God". It is not a joke; well probably it was a joke- one of so many mockeries towards the Gentiles. Allthough of Inquisition and brutal enforcement of Christianity they could not keep that Ideology alive unless they at least recognized some of the former celebrationa of the Heathens around the breaks of the Season.
For me it is just unbelievable that some people still hold on on Christianity and his "holy book" allthough it is just absurd right to the beginning. We are born naked to our Mothers and on Mother Earth and then we get a Handbook in which we must read how to behave? Think about this and then think again. The next step of such bullshit will be a chip under our skins .....because most of the people did not read the disturbing and confusing "Manual" which out of Men women were created: Wow.
I have no idea if the Creation Story of John Lash is true or what have you ...but his talks deliver for sure some serious insights.
Just a short video by this guy to get you interestet ...there is much more to be known about Zinc. Please do your research.
Source in German Language

Do they really think they can take a fight with all mankind except the traitors? Billions of people who have got enough and even enough of creativity to round these Paranoids up and bring them on an Island where they can practice their religion freely on them own? Do they really think they can finish us off with their A-Tom-Bombs and Bloody Chickens on their heads and Newspapers? We have got cars, trucks and all kind of tools including soap to stop City Tanks and more and more and more. Goys are creative. From Sabotage to all kind of creative defense methods: no chance for them. Here we hear now that the Black people are coming clever that we are Whites. Guess what will happen ....White, Black and Yellow ... the biggest Circus mankind ever got to see. The biggest Team ever ....

How to create Analphabetism with Billions of Taxmoney
...guess what it is written ....
and much more; I also whitnessed this deliberate dumb down of my people in Germany
but later than it started England

King James Bible
"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."

Wich God is that and to whom is this God talking?
Please Jews, Christians and Muslims ...start to read your holy books - do not tell me to do so. I am very trained to read books with critical thought. Most "Believers" never questioned anything and many did not read a word of their holy books. or twisted what they were reading around until it made any "holy" sense to them other than brutality and genocide and sexual deprivation

"Let us make Earth in our Image" you get it, what is going on?

they really hate everything natural.
The "World" is fake - the Earth is real and called the Paradise.
Fake Humans (Robots and Transpeople) - Fake Food (GMO) - Fake News
brought to you by Judeo-Christian-Islam and other disconnect people from everything beautiful and natural.

And now look around you: people are running around with their "Personas", meaning they are wearing masks. They are lying to you as to themselves all day long. They are trained to lie. If you ever looked into the eyes of an animal, you could not see any lie in their eyes. They are speaking through their hearts to you. Many humans cannot decode what they are telling them - anymore. They are used to listen to doublespeeach and lies.

You see, the Crown claims the ownership of the Earth ..the whole Rome (room). They claim ownership on something which they never owned nor could own. They tax you for being alive. They even "tax" you for dying, for putting the bodies of your loved ones back into the Earth.

The so called Auhorities (members of the lying Crown Cooperation) have the body of my Little Peter in their "office". They will not give it to me, who never claimed ownership on my Little Peter. They do. They even "tax" you for being engaged in love with another being: your human partner, your child and also the animals who loved you and who you loved. Do you get it what it is wrong on "their globe"?

My little Peter died in the morning. A car-driver murderer him with his fucking metal-donkey otherwise known as car. Like in this film my little Peter used to give me so much love.

In Europe during the Inquisition times black Cats got murdered by the Catholich Church; they accused them of being demonic. Their owners got burnt on stage. They got accused of being Witches. Most of them were Midwifes, women who took care on Life and Wellbeing. The former "Healer", who the Pharmaceuticals needed to get out of the way to get their dirty hands on the Birthingprocess and also the rest of Medicin.

My little Peter was the most polite Cat you can imagine and his presence gave me joy and love.

Germans are essentially Heathens, not Christians but Heathens. Even the jewish sect, called Christianity, had to accept this. Over centuries they could not bring the German Tribes to no more appreciate the Trees (Irminsul). So they created "Weihnachten" (Christmas) and "Santa Claus" to get more devoted Christians, who eventually would start to believe into J-Isis and to forget about the Father (God, Creator, Odin or Wodan) and replace him with the Son ( also known as Sun).

That was the way how they pacified our Tribes, meaning making especially our men defenceless and kissing the ashes of the enemies (you shall love you enemy...). What do you think that they were doing behind closed walls in the Monestaries?. How many men did they get away from building families within the German Tribes and Villages and defending them? Think about it. They even made them busy to create much of alcohol: beer and vine and get that spirit under the masses. These Monks got the seed of the homosexual crowd and torturers of women (nuns).

They loved to kill off the heatheneous Women by fire or other means, accusing them of being witches. Look it up under "Hexenhammer" by Pope Innocent VIII

It is now that the Jews claim to have been followed by the Inquisition only that there is no evidence for that at all. Jews were in the Alcohol business and so fort but also in the MediSinner Business. And therefore they needed the germanic women dead, especially those in control of the birthing process, the midwifes: "From now on you shall give birth in pain. ..".

Do you think that this had been a creation of God, really? Because of an apple? I know I am communicating mainly with Americans and you were troubled with this childish nonsense from birth and as you were far away from your European roots they got you easier than your European ancestors, especially the German ones. But let me try to appeal to your inner senses because they are still what is called "Heathen".

Please do not mix that up with babylonean Paganism. Germanic people never sacrificed neither animals nor humans - allthough the Media wants to project that picture on the german tribes or the Barbareans (Bavareans/ v and b were often used for the same sound). They were not even big flesh eater but ate fruits and nuts and mushrooms. They had great use from the fruitful Trees. Germany had plenty of fruitful forests. Only idiots would work their ashes off to plant but dismissing the fruits for free out of the forests. My ancestors were not known to be idiots - nowadays things are different, as we are occupied and our children as well as the elder generations got hardly mindcontrolled. But even after WWII they took another approach than the Christian way of mindcontrol namely the Sexual Revolution and the Holopcaust, Communism and then the "alternative Greens" and Feminism/Homosexuality. Christianity would not fly, neither Evangelic nor Catholic.Cristianity.

Germans love the Trees is written into our DNA. you get what I say, We have of course Christians but if not Pope Benedict they would have probably died out - not much of real followers. Most Germans never read the Bible or parts of it even. But we hang on our Trees on Christmas. Do you see the connection? Of course would our Ancestors have appreciated the turn over of the seasons, from Christmas on the day light would hold on longer and the days would get warmer. If you live in cold countries you know what that means in each of your bones. So the clever jewish Christians would invent J-Isis as the Lightbringer the good old Sungood, who they love so much that they need to block him-her out via Chemtrails and the Invention of Solar-Lampas in the Skies. (You need to follow my blog; I was showing this in an earlier blog, may be I must repeat that.).

Here now you hear Mister Goebbels giving a funny speech which clearly appeals to the Germans as Heathens. The Catholics knew that. Hitler was a Catholic and I guess this also applies to Mister Goebbels. But for certain he could pick up the German version of funny sarkasm and grounding ourselves on Earth. So, I do not know if those National Socialists were Controlled Opposition ridden by the Vatican. And I do not know either if we find here a kind of doublespeech as well, in which the Vaticlan was taken as Heaven (meaning Leaders on Earth) by the inner circles. Have fun anyway. we are getting from now on more light during the day- so we hope.Remember the Chemtrailmakers are still in charge.

this is how that Agenda looks like: they replace your organs and bones. If you allow that ...