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The power of words and the true Israel

Uploaded and shared to spread awareness of the truth about 9/11 watch and share for all to see.

Is This About Me or You

This isn’t written just for you
But me too
Take it personal
Shoot yourself in the foot
Take it personal
Poke yourself in the eye
Take it personal
Make it so difficult to get by
Eight billion people on this earth
When you think the world is all about you
You are the fool
Who isn’t the whore
We all want more
Never enough
Just need more stuff
Especially when it gets rough
What would you think about if
You just had this
If we just had that
We would be a matter of fact
Ten pounds less
A hundred dollars more
We could really be what for
There talking about me
They’re talking you
What they’re saying
They really don’t know
What’s true
Fit in my shoe
You’ll get blisters too
What about the homeless
The sick and the sore
Shouldn’t the world revolve around them

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 8/26/23

The video you we're supposed to see, preserved for your viewing pleasure.

Almost a civil war in Ukraine in 2014

This was posted Sunday by Leroy Jenkins on Facebook. This was shared to me via messenger.

ancientmystic144 had shared this with me on tiktok and tiktok has made it unviewable, so I'm uploading it here to share it with others.

Why do they hate her so much, why do the Italian's love her so much?

Premiered Sep 12, 2019

Us and the Aliens

Just so some people can make a lot of money, other people's lives are utterly destroyed, why is no one being arrested.

Don't Be A Victim If You're Not A Victim
Roe vs Wade, Hate, Victim Hood, Men and Woman

Happening now

Why Did Putin Attack Ukraine

Journalist Roman Kosarev: “Russia isn’t starting a war, it’s ending a war”
by Eva Bartlett

As Clouds Dissipate

People live in different places
for different reasons
Different seasons
For their own reasons
Running out of room
Not enough spaces
Strangled by all the different faces
All alone
Nobodies home
Accept you
You look out
and discover
You are gone too
Like the clouds that forget their places
Lost is all spaces
That time never erases
No going back
No do overs
We can only stand up
Go forward
To a place

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 4/10/22

Why is there a fourth dimension and why does main stream media lie to us.

Let There Be A New Season

When the black is blacker than black
and the white is whiter than white
Nothing is gray
We all pay
and I pray
This ends today
The multi colored rainbow knows
This is the light
Together it goes
A promise for ever
The world will flood never
In the darkness stars shine bright
In the daylight there is shade
Shadows to protect us
from a bright sun light
We say it is good
We say it is right
When they come together
Morning and evening
Orange and crimson
It is then we pause
To see reason
The time has come
It is now the season
We ignore leaders
Who are dividers and deceivers
and be believers of the weavers
To be seers and not blinders

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 1/30/22
A lot of weird videos have been coming out lately and I've been watching them, or parts of them, with what little time I have. And I've created my weird video to go along with all the other weird videos. I don't know were all this comes from. For five days I'm working really hard, tired as could be, and my Friday coming home listening to a christian music station and hearing a song about being born again, when I get home, I decided to make this video just as I pull into the driveway. It was a bit of a mess, I dropped the phone once and had to create a second part because I forgot some things. Edited it all together and even added music which I have never done before, real proud of it.

The Science of Born Again-2022-01-10T12:59:58Z-Youmaker-Minister Peacefulpoet-After hearing a song about being born again on the radio coming home from work after a busy week.

I will not share this on facebook, instagram or youtube - however, if you wish to, you may.

Music: Reaper's night By Sean B from Royalty Free Music

Previous video about the Event, or Happening:

Explaining the Gothenburg Excursion Event due to come between 2030 and 2040 and how the Galactic Federation is saying they are going to save us after watching the latest domesday documentary from suspicious observers

There’s Glue For Those Cracks

Solid glass brakes
When it crashes
But its no disgrace
Just wasn’t prepared
For the race
Momma should have told you
Daddy should have taught you
Just gave a push off the curb
Let you get run over
Not your fault
Now you have learnt
Let it be taught
All who have listened were naught
We learn
We all take our turn
At the end of a life we are glued together
Full of broken cracks

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 12/18/21

Woman lites herself on fire in Australia


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