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Hello, Bitchute. This is my debut video on this platform but I've been making videos on and off for a while. Before exposing you to my older videos, and to test Bitchute's upload on a minor video, this is a v-log discussing my goals for this year, and the hopes that I don't repeat last year and stay well enough to actually accomplish them. Reviews and other videos will follow.

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Alternate channel of BW Media Spotlight and The Clutter Reports related videos, for when YouTube is being a pain. BW discusses the art of storytelling through reviews and commentaries while also covering conventions and working on comics, and represents the majority of videos. The goal is to become a better storyteller and video series are one of the methods I examine stories. The Clutter Reports, which rarely has videos, is me organizing and removing clutter in my house and in my life. I also have the occasional v-log and take part in the annual Art Soundoff podcasting challenge. All content on the YouTube channel will also be here as well as things the YT content bots won't allow. All content is PG at most. Happy creating and decluttering!

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