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Long overdue improvements to the Amazon Kindle online reader for comics have been made. Guided View is back...but only for comiXology uploads and there are still improvements to be made.

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Remember me? Talking about plans for this channel and my two websites in the next year.

This one's kind of short because the Art Hall at Naugatuck Valley Community College is smaller than the Connecticut Convention Center. This year they used both levels, though.

Recorded on July 28, 2013 in Waterbury, CT

Comic writer and instructor Alex Simmons discusses how writers use science fact to produce science fiction. Recorded at the Brass City Comic Convention at Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury, CT on July 22, 2012

I recorded this when the movie first came out, and now I'm posting it here to BitChute out of order because I tend to screw up like that. This was the last movie in Bay's first Transformers trilogy. I couldn't bring myself to watch the second trilogy and didn't watch a live-action Transformers movie again until Bumblebee. I'm pretty sure I missed nothing.

Back when Zack Snyder's alleged Superman movie came out I managed to go to the early showing sponsored by Walmart. Superman being my favorite superhero I was curious how this would go. I was prepared to hate it but as a superhero movie it wasn't that bad. As a Superman movie however it's a terrible adaptation and it only got worse from there. Zack Snyder may be a good director but he's the wrong director for the DC universe.

(recorded at Free Comic Book Day 2013 event at Legends Of Superheroes in Connecticut)
The comic artist and co-creator of the new comic The Red Ten discusses his then new Agatha Christie style superhero murder mystery.

In 2013 I attempted to review the 2013 Super Bowl ads, the only thing us non-sport fans watch the Super Bowl for. I tried this in article form but given how some ads got taken down it's hard to show what isn't available, so I thought a video version would work better. I did not end up making it an annual event, partly because I actually got a copywrite claim by one of the ad companies. Then you have years where the ads were so boring they weren't even worth talking about. I don't even bother reviewing Super Bowl ads anymore. I think they stopped trying.

from ConnectiCon 2012
With the scheduled panel surprising the organizers with how many people wanted in, Walker agreed to do a second panel in the main stage area. This meant I lost the chance to interview him as he had to fly back to Chicago right after but he wasn't there for me, so I'm okay with that.

(If only his bosses treated the contributors as well as Walker treated the fans Channel Awesome might not had the Change The Channel incident.)

from ConnectiCon 2012
I'm not really into the Nostalgia Critic these days. While I like Doug Walker's observations on what he reviews his comedic style doesn't always work with me and then there's the "Change The Channel" incident. However, this was an interesting panel not only because of how crazy it was when the number of people who wanted to go way exceeded maximum capacity to the point that the Fire Marshall got involved but the trouble I had on my first convention with a press pass in getting in. Plus we got to be in the Baby Geniuses 2 review, which was fun.

What little footage I could get with my damaged tripod.

Saturday walking around footage...before a part on my tripod broke.

The sights of the ConnectiCon 2013 on Friday.

I promise my backlog is not all convention footage, but there is quite a lot of it. It's not even all ConnectiCon as I've gone to other conventions. ConnectiCon is the one I miss the most because it always felt more like a party than a convention, just a party with panels and celebrities where you can buy stuff.

Also at this time I was part of a website called Reviewers Unknown. While I was mostly there for my articles, I did upload the occasional video, so expect to see Reviewers Unknown in the credits and the eyecatch at the end.

Original description: The line for the pre-registered at ConnectiCon Thursday night was huge!

The second panel at ConnectiCon 2012 by voice actor Jim Cummings. This time he opens himself up to the attendees to ask questions about his career, where he comes up with voices, and who know what else. Sorry for the quality. BitChute's size limits meant I had to use this copy instead of the larger one.

From ConnectiCon 2012, voice over actor Jim Cummings goes over how to create a character and how he approaches the characters he voices.

On Saturday nights Connecticon would have a dance party in the ballroom of the hotel next to the Connecticut Convention Center. In later years I just made it part of the regular ConnectiCon videos but for my first full weekend coverage I gave the party it's own video.

I was still experimenting with convention videos at this time. This one focuses on people promoting comics, commissioned art, and web shows at ConnectiCon that year.

In the early days of going to ConnectiCon (wish I was still going, had to miss 2022) I was still figuring out my presentation. 2012, which happened around my birthday (July 13, one of may overlaps) is when I started recording convention panels. For this video I focused on the cosplayers attending this year. They're the main reason the event feels less like a convention and more like a party.

This year's special may be a bit more well known as a blinded Shepard boy makes friends and learns about snow at Christmas.

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Whether you want to become a video game reviewer or just wonder how they come up with your reviews, panelists Ajay Chaudhary and Dave Riley have you covered. Recorded at ConnectiCon 2012

From ConnectiCon 2012 comes a panel by Kristen Benedict about sci-fi sequels. I can't post this one to YouTube because the rights holders of the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers franchise flagged the daylights out of it and I wasn't sure if it would hurt my channel, so I'm afraid to try again.

(This is part two. I split into two parts because of BitChute's file size limits...a few megabytes too large)
Writer/comedian Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer and author C.J. Henderson discuss getting into the business of writing. Recorded at ConnectiCon 2011

(split into two parts because of BitChute's file size limits...a few megabytes too large)
Writer/comedian Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer and author C.J. Henderson discuss getting into the business of writing. Recorded at ConnectiCon 2011

Back during Free Comic Book Day 2012 artist Dan Dos Santos, who worked on the cover for the Serenity side of the Star Wars flip book, was on hand. I was able to grab a few minutes to talk.


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