I promise you the smarter these Covidiots THINK they are the more STUPID they get as this goes along. I feel sometimes like I am watching the Darwin Olympics. They are so indoctrinated and brainwashed they will kill their own children and recommend, dare I say DEMAND you kill your child. Here is the story about this 13yr old child that was murdered:
This worthless excuse for a mother is busy killing her kids and wants you to do the same. Listen to her. She is turning into a doctor. "Monitor his heart rate even at night" and what? Does she even have a clue what the hell she is saying? No. A complete fool.

But wait there is more to this twisted sick story. Check this out:
Idiot Aunt still says vaccinate after her brothers 13yr. old son dies 3 days after 2nd Pfizer shot:
This is like the Darwin Olympics going on all around with idiots like this lady.

"My mom got it and she is fine" (That sounds so stupid). I know someone who got a heart transplant and they were fine. The donor was graveyard dead however. "The sooner everybody gets this, the sooner we can get out of this"...she is right. She will be checking out permanently in the near future. You like this crap so much then take mine and don't insist I euthanize myself you ignorant fool.

Oh yes. They did it once already. How to fake an alien invasion
Source: The Corbett Report

3 pilots dead at Delta, A cargo plane pilot passed out on the tarmac in Canada before a flight and the flight was rescheduled. Plus all of the "sick" pilots at American and more.

It is now HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you bring a magnet with you to the grocery store and do the MAGNET CHALLENGE on all meat that you are thinking about purchasing. The internet has hundreds of videos showing 60% of the people that got the Covid Vaxx are now magnetically charged, and there are now hundreds of videos showing all types of meat, including organic meat, that also can be identified as contaminated by doing the same Magnet Challenge. It is not just Walmart since there are only a few major slaughter houses in the USA. The meat might be getting contaminated because the animal feed is being contaminated at the livestock feed mills or during the shipping of the meat within the supply chain rather than at the slaughter house. If you live anywhere near an Amish settlement, now would be a good time to start buying their meat and vegetables instead of trusting the FDA and USDA. Here is a guy testing the meat in his local Walmart store to help him with his buying decisions. Other customers are also getting educated about the Magnet Challenge too.

Some of these people who took the jab got out easy. They died quick. Most will not be so lucky.
Source: Tim Truth

And we know what made in China means...Quality right? Look at this dude. Holy crap. I somehow doubt the folks at the CCP (Biden, Camel toe Harris, Pelosi et al) will help him out. This guy looks like a half boiled lobster. Not sure if his body can heal from this. It looks awful painful. The toxins from the jab are being expelled through his skin.
Source: Pirate Pete

Has anyone ever given any consideration to the idea that "Alexa" is part of the psyop against the people to keep us sitting still waiting for a knight in shining armor that is not going to appear in blue suit and red tie off of a golf course? I gave up on the orange man back in 2017 or about a million sealed indictments ago. Do people really think Satan would not lie to us through a Google device or system? Seriously? I don't think Biden or Trump is president, in fact I don't think we have one. No corporation = No CEO


D. C. Has been evacuated. Our fake president is an actor in a mask or a clone. The book that said Trump would be the last president was correct. He is the key to this and I don't think for a second he was ever on our side. I think we have already lost. It may be too late to correct.
Source: The Christian Statesman

Having been there several times, there should be zero parking and bumper to bumper traffic. He should not be able to cover so much ground so quickly. I don't believe we the people have a functioning government any more. It may be being run by the military as an arm of the Untied Nations or worse China. Once they kill off and sicken enough of the people over the next few years with the current genocide we will find out.
Source: Richard Citizen Journalist

The General of Jabs speaks the truth. That old truth always get out at some point it would seem. Yes those of us who are aware would agree that the consequences of getting the kill shot are worse than any side affect of not getting the Quackcine. One of those side affects of not getting jabbed would be life. You screwed the pooch on this one didn't you big shot?

Dr. Peter McCullough

Woman In Florida Gets Bit By a Bill Gates GMO Mosquito that Leaves a PULSATING Wound
Links to more info:
GMO Mosquito Bite In Texas leaves huge welp on lady's arm:
Bill Gates wants to release a Billion GMO Mosquitos in Florida. To Spread the Covid19 Vaxx?
Bill's Mosquitoes Released! Are We Headed for MOSQUITO-Gate? MOSQUITO-Geddon?

More information on the release of Bill Gates GMO Weaponized Mosquitoes:
Woman In Florida Gets Bit By a Bill Gates GMO Mosquito that Leaves a PULSATING Wound
Bill Gates wants to release a Billion GMO Mosquitos in Florida. To Spread the Covid19 Vaxx?
Bill's Mosquitoes Released! Are We Headed for MOSQUITO-Gate? MOSQUITO-Geddon?

To my knowledge there is no turning back for these people. It is almost like slow suicide. Or maybe in the future with 5G it will be when someone just decides the pull the plug and you drop like a rock?

Is there nothing they wont pervert? Don't tell Fauci. He will be trying to grow hair on aborted rat fetuses and bring them back to life or some other weird shit all paid for with fake US money. Even with my fertile imagination I can't make this crap up.
Source: Thomas Guy Greenwood on Fearless Nation

It's not safe but it is effective. Just think of how many would be dead without it....like...zero? Tested positive on the same day he was supposed to get his second shot. Why? THE FIRST SHOT GAVE HIM THE DAMN VIRUS OR MADE HIM VULNERABLE. 2 DEAD BEFORE THEY COULD GET THE SECOND OF THE 2 QUACKCINE SHOTS.

If I find her. I will kill her for what she is doing to this child. Make no bones about it. I will flat kill her on site for beating this child. This bitch makes my blood boil. Pass this around until this bitch is found and stopped.
Source: Wil Paranormal

The symptoms people are coming in with from the shot. I don't know if she works in a clinic or an ER but this is what she says are the problems being seen. Good to know information.

If they want you behind the counter, they will invite you. If you go behind the counter and make an ass of yourself, you might get your ass beaten. This woman was lucky, she could have easily got shot.



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