Islamic State of Mind

Christian MMA fighter Cobra Tate talks about his respect for Islam and his disappointment with modern Christians and Christianity.

Sh. Faisal discusses Islamic knowledge

A Jumuah Khutbah by Sh. Faisal

From Jamaican TV Show "Religious Hard Talk", Muslim Shaykh Abdullah al-Faisal debates Christian Bishop Yusuf Ade-Gold

Sh. Faisal discusses ibn Abdul-Wahhab's famous work, The 10 Nullifiers of Islam

Allegiance and Disavowal in Islam

Discussing the various cancers and deviant sects plaguing the Ummah

Newer version of the previous "7 Conditions of Shahadah" lecture

Sh. Abdullah al-Faisal - The Four Branches of Tawheed (AKA Authentic Tauheed) [2001]


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