3rd Test video of inking a Mars Attacks illustration going to put all these together with the final product for a blog on my steemit page and at at

Longer more interesting videos to come. Finished work ...more later.

Just uploading another test. longer videos to come. This is me inking. Finished work at ...more later.

Just uploading something as a test. This is me inking. Finished work at ...more vids later


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Welcome to the Bitchute Channel of the dark humor cult favorite, multi award nominated, comic Arsenic Lullaby

We will post Animated short cartoons, short films, misc. ranting and illustrator Douglas Paszkiewicz will give secrets and techniques on illustration and storytelling in comic book form.

Douglas has been nominated for the Eisner Award, the Harvey Award, and the Comicdom Award in Europe. He has contributed to Mad Magazine,The Tick, Comedy Central's TRIPTANK, and publishes his most sinister work in his own book Arsenic Lullaby. subscribe and visit our website for blogs sneak previews, news, and pod casts.