Evil has prevailed...again!

Which could jump a spot at any time.

11/3/21 - Part 2

Whatever is coming will be incrementally, if not exponentially worse. Because it has to be.

We still have to stay the course...and pick up the pace...and make the most of whatever time and opportunities we have left. Now, more than ever, we also need to double-double-down. "We" (you, me, and every other "Scott Roberts" and John Doe out there) simply cannot leave anything to chance or regret.

They WANT (us) to lose this (these) war(s), dummy.

Relevant Thread (China: The Next Jewish Superpower):



There might be 101 things that happen between now and then, but eventually this will be one of their final moves. Without any doubt, that has been their plan all along. From the very first moves these commies made in transferring our industry, wealth, weapons, and technologies to communist China they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. One way or the other, whether they are able to do it on their own schedule or if they are somehow rushed, there WILL BE Chinese (and other foreign) troops on American soil. I mean, there are already millions of enemy combatants well within our castle walls as it is (who will also be armed), but this will be all-out war against the biggest war machine ever assembled.

Stop living in denial. Doing so is akin to not checking the weather for fear of finding out that the hurricane that is just off the coast might ruin your picnic. So you ignore the forecast and the warnings you were given and have your picnic anyway. Then you act surprised when you are caught out in a storm that you are not the least bit prepared for. So you are left without shelter and at the mercy of the elements that are now beyond your control. And ironically enough you are outraged in your last moments. But you aren't angry at yourself. No. You are pissed off at the very weatherman who tried to warn you all along.

In any case...They are weakening us in numerous ways and attacking us from all angles. You name it, they are either doing it or have ready done it to us.

Then they WILL finish us off with what would already be a formidable and increasingly powerful enemy: the Chinese monster they have so painstakingly created. And no, you fool, they didn't transfer all of this wealth, industry, technology, and weaponry over to COMMUNIST China "just for the hell of it". They have every intention of using those billion and a half orcs (among others) against us. In either a direct conflict that at least starts outside our borders or as a cleanup crew once they have orchestrated all out chaos and destruction from within our borders.

What would have been a a progressive civilization with endless wealth and the brightest of futures is being bled dry and utterly destroyed from within...and all of these orcs are getting their fill and doing their part. Ignorantly, but thoroughly.

Even if we somehow got our shit together, China will still be there. Only they will be even stronger by then...and we'll be much weaker. All by design.

There's an absolute 0 ZERO chance that the Jews who run this country and who were obviously seeking to destroy it/us from within when they deliberately transferred our industry, wealth, technologies, and weapons over to China did so without also knowing full well that China was also completely 100% absolutely under their absolute control. Yes, they want to destroy us THAT badly, but they didn't just "chance it" with China. The commies obviously/verifiable/unquestionably took over China decades ago. And they never left. Heck, they didn't even pretend to leave.

It was all right out in the open and in our faces. And it still is.
Also, what is the difference between a sheep and a person who knows (everything) but fails to share or act on what they know? Absolutely nothing.

Most people know most of the "what's" at this point, but they still don't know the "who" behind it all. Well, it's the Irish, of course.

Endless Mcoincidences.

Our media (McMedia) and governments (MOGs) have all been subverted by leprechauns. The Irish are the one group of people who are held completely above reproach. The reason we fight all of Ireland's endless wars is because we have these leprechauns dictating our foreign policy. The American Irish Public Affairs Committee is the most powerful lobby in America. The Irish go around spreading communism everywhere. All of these bankers just happen to be Irish, and leprechauns love to steal our gold and print our money until it is absolutely worthless. The BDS movements against Ireland are strictly forbidden throughout the West, even though citizens are welcomed or even encouraged (by the McMedia) to boycott their own governments and hate their own people. They flood our borders and force multiculturalism on us all, but put a big wall up around Ireland and DNA tests are required for Irish citizenship. The Irish control our food supply, which is why their 4-leaf clovers are on the labels of so many products. The Irish never stop trying to make the whole world feel guilty about the potato famine, so they have these potato famine museums in all of our countries and there are endless documentaries and movies about it. Question the Irish and their version of history and you will go to prison for anti-Celticism and potato denial. Even though the common denominators in control of all things in all countries just happen to be Irish, the mere presence of a German in the German media or a Swede in the Swedish government removes all blame from all Irishmen everywhere. I mean, the Irish are God's chosen people, after all. So we should worship them and be their willing slaves even if we do discover their power and influence over every aspect of our lives. In fact, they have every right to rule over us all, as our religious scholars and professors constantly remind us. And only an evil leprechaun hating terrorist would ever even suggest otherwise.

The solution is (still) YOU.

One last chance...?

There's nowhere to run.

Part 1: It Didn't Have to Be This Way

Part 3: It Didn't Have to Be This Way (6/25/21)

The Tulsa Twist

History fades over time, while the lies grow bigger. These new stories and twists they are suddenly telling aren't "just now being uncovered". They are just now being written.

There is NO reasoning with them.

"Useful-idiot" is a pejorative term for a person who propagandizes for a cause ignorantly without fully understanding (due to relentless brainwashing) the cause's goals, who is contemptuously used by the cause's founders. It is used to describe otherwise sensible and well-intentioned people who become, due to misrepresentations or outright lies, susceptible to Marxist/communist/Bolshevik propaganda and manipulation.

This applies to ALL "Shabbos Goy" (to include the Jew-ISH ones). None of whom realize they are in fact (and in every way) nothing more/less than useful-idiots (until it is too little too late). All of whom would resent me for telling them what deep down inside they know to be true, since they have dedicated their lives to serving (or have even based their entire identity on) a series of never-ending lies (and the blood-thirsty back-stabbing bastards who tell them).

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If you are pro-Jewish or otherwise defend them blindly, then you must also be pro-usury/pollution/war/open-borders/White-genocide/communism/Marxism/Bolshevism/censorship/feminism/gun-control/lies/chaos/destruction/mass-murder/poisoned-everything, because it is ALL happening on their watch. That much (that it is undoubtedly ALL happening on their watch) isn't even up for debate, at all. You are left ONLY to conclude that they are a bunch of mindless morons, who have made endless mistakes OR that they are deliberately causing all of these problems, with the most malicious of intent.
IF we were "all speaking German" do you believe that any/all of this same insanity, madness, violence, destruction, and regression would still be happening on their watch too? Would the Germans have poisoned our food, water, medicine, and air as well? Would they have flooded our borders (and their own) just the same? Would ANY other group/nationality/race of people anywhere ever even think of doing ANY of this crazy shit? No, of course not. It would ONLY ever be tbe Jews...and it ALWAYS is and has been them.

Food for case you forgot (or in case I forgot to say it before).

It can.

It will.

It IS!

Communism 101/2021

It was all planned. A long time ago.

Just - Leave - Us - Alone

Since terrorist antifa thugs are allowed to violently TAKEOVER entire neighborhoods (completely destroying them and attacking the people who live there in the process), then what legal or moral grounds could (((they))) possibly have to prevent us from legally, fairly, and peacefully declaring our own neighborhoods or the neighborhoods we bought/built to be "autonomous zones"?

Of course they would make up some reason(s) while putting their hypocrisy and hatred on full display, but they certainly wouldn't have any moral high ground to stand on when they sent in their Shabbos Goy troops/thugs/orcs to put us out/down.

They do it all the time.

Seize every opportunity, but never assume that it (this move, their last one, or the next) was a "mistake".

Well, whatever happens you can assume it was part of their plan all along.

And yes, this blatant fraud is a big "LOL" right in our "Goy" faces.

11/6 - "that means that the American democracy system is finished, and can no longer be taken seriously by anyone.

Having 100% of Trump supporters in a place where they have zero faith in the system is a good place for the right to be. The creates possibilities that we did not have before." - Andrew Anglin

Yeah, exactly. That was my main point 4++years ago. A point Anglin and many others (who are also just now coming to this obvious conclusion) were so angrily arguing against.

Better late than never...I guess.

11/6 - these MFers are relentless. They are always on the attack (against Whites, with strawmans, using Trump as their excuse): "Millions of White voters are once again showing who they are"

11/6 - still to come: endless articles from jews and their puppets/parrots (based on their false history) reminding us of "muh slavery", "muh colonialism", "muh Jim Crow", "muh gerrymandering", and "muh White supreeeeeemacy", as they shamelessly/relentlessly tell us we "deserve it" and have to just "suck on" our "comeuppance", while we "finally get a taste of" our "own medicine", etc...etc...etc...endlessly. And any who disagree, attempt to correct their twisted version of history or so much as complain at all will be labeled "hateful raaaaycist White supreeeemacist Nazi terrorists", of course.

11/6 - "A Facebook group with the goal of spreading election misinformation and inciting violence had grown to over 350,000 members on Thursday. Now, Facebook has shut it down.

A Facebook spokesperson said the platform was also concerned because the group was organizing in-person events." - CBS

One might assume that Facebook was "concerned" about Antifa organizing in-person "events" on their platform, since Antifa has a long history of "inciting" (engaging in) violence, but of course they are talking about (and shutting down) conservatives who dare question their twisted narrative and blatant corruption.

But hey, if nothing else this should wake up those 350k Trump supporters to the censorship people like us have been witnessing/experiencing for decades.

And, of course, they accuse us of "inciting violence" AS they openly incite violence against us, and they label anything they disagree with (see: anything that exposes them and their lies) as being "misinformation" (because some jew "expert" somewhere says so).

- Who could have known AND how/when/where was I wrong?

- The future that IS happening and the future that is still to come.

I have been predicting all of the things they were going to do (basically at once or in - relatively - rapid order until they are all ultimately happening simultaneously) for a long time now. With a pandemic and race riots preceding a famine and a major conflict/invasion/war (primarily with China, here on our soil) being my central theme/warning/prediction...and, unfortunately, I still don’t see anything to convince me I was the least bit wrong in my predictions. Do you? And no, sorry, but simply/repeatedly calling me names in no way proves me wrong (on anything I am saying or have ever said).

Wait... You don't see the war/famine that is coming? Will you have to be starving or dodging bullets before you finally do see/accept it? If so, then I would assume you failed to see this pandemic/plannedemic and this race narrative/war coming as well, but it IS will the rest of it and beyond (right into Bolshevism 2.0).

But hey.. Pay me no nevermind. I’m just a “paranoid-conspiracy-theorist racist/race-mixing poor-jobless/Fed antisemitic-Nazi-loser Negro-in-denial/White-Supreeeeemacist/hater-of-Whites Debbie-downer/Dr. Doom big-fat-gigantic-obese meany dot-dot-dot”.

BTW - if it wasn't already obvious to everyone (and it is THAT obvious; it doesn't take a prophet to see it or a mathematician to add it all up), Bolshevism 2.0 isn't about "taking over" (they have had control over everything that matters in the West for far longer than any of us have been alive). Of course they aren't c-a-u-s-i-n-g all of these problems to "take over" what they have long-since had (lock, stock, and barrel). They aren't d-e-s-t-r-o-y-i-n-g everything on p-u-r-p-o-s-e because they somehow "need to" in order to maintain their control (over what they are a-c-t-i-v-e-l-y destroying). In fact, it isn't about control, power or wealth at all. All of which they already have and all of which is simply a means to an end (ours). It is about mass-murdering most European Gentiles (certainly the best of them), then gaining absolute complete control over the relatively small population of slaves who will be 'permitted' to serve them on the back-end. THAT is the future they have p-l-a-n-n-e-d, w-o-r-k-e-d so hard for, and are currently just on the cusp of c-r-e-a-t-i-n-g. If you can't see at least that much (at this point) then you are either blind OR you are pretending to be.

Well, at least he was honest.


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