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A run-through some of the biggest whoppers of all-time with the brilliant Fake Nukes Phil ncluding Pearl Harbour, 9/11, space disasters and Manchester Arena Loud Bang. Plus a round-up of the latest Gaza rubber babies.
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Richard D Hall - one of the top investigative journalists in the world - is being sued for harassment by Martin Hibbert - one of the alleged victims of the 2017 'bombing' at the Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena in 2017. Hibbert's story once again tests the limits of the imagination. Here Richard D Hall presents the dubious evidence which clearly exposes some massive whoppers on the part of Hibbert. Please support Richard at

It never ends

Nobody’s buying the bad actors in the Dublin fiasco so they’re relaunching in Cork. At least they remembered the fake blood this time 🤡🤡

Note to Jews, if you're going to carry out another hoax in Dublin, please use better actors next time. What an absolute farce!

Bar the red lipstick on his mouth… Watch Mr Algeria’s right arm moving freely. Mr Brazil is on his way to becoming a millionaire for ‘attacking him’ with his helmet. No footage of that! What a scam!

The case of Mary Boyle has been very dear to me for many years. At the age of 6, she was sexually assaulted and disappeared by her uncle Gerry Gallagher who has been shielded by his sister - the child's mother - Anne Boyle. A politician put a stop to the investigation. My documentary 'Mary Boyle - The Untold Story' had one million views on JewTube before it was deleted. You can find it on This case is as rotten as it comes. I also talk tonight about the legal gangstalking I have been subjected to for years by thugs in gowns. Please share if you are on Twitter

Gemma O'Doherty Interview With SGT Report

This documentary ventures into territory that even the most hardened conspiracists refuse to face: that there were no people in the towers that day. Could we see some footage of the thousands of people streaming out of the towers that day? None seems to exist. The social security death index is flawed. The missing pictures are hung up in alphabetical order using the same tape. By 1998, there was very low occupancy in the building. There are many problems with this aspect of the psyop.

Your Faith will get you through everything we are facing. It is what they want to destroy most because they are most threatened by it. Cherish it.

From Dublin to 9/11 to Kennedy…
Anticipate a lot of trolling on this but Phil makes some valid points, and given the levels of deception, nothing can be ruled in or out at this stage.
The bottom line is that any story you’ve been told by Jew-controlled fake news mainstream tell-lie-vision should be taken with a large pinch of salt and presumed false.

Fake Nukes Phil channel:
**Correction: 60 years since JFK ‘death’ not 70. My mistake

It is nurse of the month in the hospital but this part-time actor forgot the most basic nursing skills when it ‘came upon’ the bloodless ‘stabbing massacre’ in Dublin. Imagine our surprise!

In her easily identifiable peach leggings, we suspect this English woman may be one of the directors of the Dublin event. She was running around with a rucksack on her back and headphones, stopping people from filming and trying to block the scene.
Apologies for the Afro ‘brother’ who sounds like he is straight out of Brixton.
Don’t ask how he ended up in Ireland!

This could be the psyop that destroys the Jewish playbook for once and for all. It is their worst yet and that's saying something. A rundown of the new crisis actors who came into the bloodless massacre today.
Here is the crisis actor who coined the new Irish word: hubbabaluvva.

Especially when they have been expelled from 109 countries 1030 times

Temporarily at least. There will be a retrial next year

More whoppers coming out all the time from Ireland - current psyop capital of the world.

No blood, no crime scene, no video footage of hysteria and dubious witness statements - the latest on the more bizarre elements of the 'stabbing' of three children - alleged - that led to the fake riots in Dublin last Thursday

Part Two is here as internet shut down midway:

Ireland is Now Epic Clownworld. Apologies to all

Look-Out Towers, Water Cannons And New Police Powers Rolled Out Immediately After False Flag Riots In Dublin.
This video can also be watched on and my Gettr channel

Problem, Reaction, Solution To Bring In Police State. Lockdowns In Place Once Again. Imagine Our Surprise!

Sums it all up.
Courtesy of Foundring


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