How to put on a duvet cover?
Putting a weighted blanket or duvet cover on without the right technique can be quite frustrating.

Video created by Relixiy, weighted blankets to help with Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia. Visit:

Learn how to effortlessly cover a weighted blanket or duvet in seconds by just following a few easy steps:

Step 1: Take the cover, unzip it and turn it inside-out.

Step 2: Lay the inside-out cover on your bed, keeping the zipped edge on the opposite side of the headboard.

Step 3: Take the weighted blanket or duvet and lay it on top of the cover.

Step 4: (Only if your blanket or duvet has ties) Tie all the blanket loops except the ones on the zipped edge.

Step 5: Roll the blanket (or duvet) and the cover together starting from the bed headboard.

Step 6: Carefully push the rolled end inside the zipped opening. Then repeat for the other rolled side.

Step 7: (Only if your blanket or duvet has ties) Tie the remaining loops on the zipped edge, then close the zipper.

Step 8: Unroll the blanket (or duvet) and cover. Your blanket/duvet is ready!


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Relixiy Weighted Blanket is a natural solution for stress, anxiety and insomnia. Thanks to its "Deep Touch Pressure" stimulation and its therapeutic effect, the blanket feels like a gentle hug: naturally calming, warm and relaxing.
Our weighted blankets are coming with a stunning luxury cover, unbelievably smooth and soft for cloud-like cosiness.
Relixiy is also OEKO-TEX Certified and ethically manufactured.

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