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Taken from my recent interview with Colin Neil Anditon who served 27 years in prison for a gang related murder he did not commit.

A song im working on to be the top g theme song if Andrew Tate likes it. Contact me if you like it and would like me to license the beat and finish the song. @AndrewTate

9 year old Kaylee smacks full grown man in face. So hilarious!!

Yuval Noah Harari speaks about the real aim of science...

Professor Yuval Noah Harari

A one minute preview of the full 30 minute version.

Highlights I took from 3 or 4 different talks given by Professor Yuval Noah Harari, including at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, and the 2020 WEF meeting at Davos, among others.

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Many news clips from over the years showing many different news channels from across the country all reporting the exact same stories, word for word. Also includes a clip i added of Mika Brzezinski on air saying that it is their (the news media) job to control what people think.

A short video i put together describing the process of waking up that I personally experienced in my life with a clip of Alan Watt of Cutting Through The Matrix providing the commentary. He is the only person ive ever come across who accurately describes and understands what ive been through and finding this talk of his along with many other truly helped to keep me from what would have been much darker times. For that, I truly thank you Alan Watt. May you Rest In Peace and may your god or gods go with you. Excerpt Aug 10, 2007 Alan Watt on Truth Hertz Radio. ***TRIGGER WARNING*** SOME FOOTAGE OR PICS IN THIS VIDEO ARE DISTURBING. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

A mixture of video clips of presidents, politicians and other prominent political figures talking about a New World Order. Most of it is just a video taken from Info Wars several years ago along with an extra clip i added at the end as well as a short intro i did with short clip of my voice in the beginning. The point of this is simply to help establish the existence of a New World Order by those involved to prove it is not a fucking conspiracy theory. Period.

Several video clips documenting the many lies told to the public surrounding the aftermath of 9/11 and leading up to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 and the so called War On Terror that ensued.

Short clips including Kary Mullis, Robert Redfield, Chamath Palihapitya, John Stewart, and G Edward Griffin. Designed to make you think about the origins of COvID-19. Music by bensound.com

A brief compilation of footage of former FBI Senior Special Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson .

An exploration of the similarities and parallels between the COVID-19 pandemic and Event 201 which occurred 6 weeks prior to COVID and simulated a novel coronavirus outbreak. Narrated by me.

Short clip of a court hearing stating that the news is not a credible source of information, including narration by me.


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