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5/9/2022: Protest at Pix 11 News in NYC. Protesters demand to speak to a producer about the vaccine mandates that are still in place for city workers.

4/19/2022: Travelers in Sarasota Florida share their thoughts about the lifting of mask mandates for public transportation after it was struck down by a federal judge in Florida.

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4/6/2022: NYC Mayor Eric Adams was met with protesters against vaccine mandates outside Brooklyn Chop House in Times Square. Full video of him arriving and leaving. Protesters curse at him and chant "let us work!", "unmask our children!" and some people try to chase the car down the street.

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3/22/2022: Day 28 of The People's Convoy to Washington DC.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) rides in lead truck with the People’s Convoy to Washington DC Beltway for another lap. We have been with The People's Convoy for 8 days so far but mostly posting on Instagram @eastghostreports and Twitter @NJEGmedia

2/22/2022: Protest outside of Canadian Consulate in NYC.

2/15/2022: New Yorkers say "NO!" with Kevin Jenkins outside of the Canadian Embassy.

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(2/15/22) Outside of Grand Central Station. These can also be found on almost every block in the city.

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2/15/2022: NYC stands with Canada rally outside of the Canadian Embassy.
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2/7/2022: Short Video showing NYC workers march against mandates. They have a deadline to get the injection by February 11th.

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Freedom Convoy 2022 portrayed as swastika flag waving insurrectionists who are a cult that steal food from soup kitchens.

2/7/22: NYPD arrested two independent journalists (Njeg media/East Ghost Reports and Leeroy Press) at AMC theater in Times Square. They asked for press passes and said "Not NYPD press passes" then they proceeded to take our equipment and arrest us without proper warning. We were the first people they went after. Earlier we were given permission to stay. 8 protesters were arrested along with 2 customers who showed their vaccine passports and already there having nothing to do with it.

2/3/2022: Protest against mandates outside of 1 Police Plaza in NYC where Joe Biden met with Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Hochul.

1/26/2022: 3 anti mandate protesters arrested at American Museum of Natural History in New York City. They were charged with trespassing after refusing to wear masks or show vaccine passport. They had made reservations to visit the museum. Short version.

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1/23/2022: Compilation of footage from Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington D.C. including clips from some of the speeches.

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1/26/2022: Sit-In at American Museum of Natural History. 3 people arrested and charged with trespassing. Anti mandate protesters attempted to peacefully visit the museum without masks or vaccine passports. Everyone had a reservation. This was their second try at this location. During the first attempt they were denied use of the restrooms. IG: @eastghostreports Twitter: @njegmedia

1/23/2022: Dr. Robert Malone speaks at Defeat the Mandates protest in Washington, D.C. Full speech

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1/23/2022: Thousands from around the country protest vaccine mandates in Washington DC. March from Washington monument to rally at Lincoln Memorial.

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12/19/2021: Panera Bread Sit-in at Union Square NYC. The store closes early for the day after a group of unvaccinated paying customers sat down to eat inside. Management called the police but no officers arrived until the group finished eating and had left the building. It was the second visit to this location and one of multiple coordinated, simultaneous sit-ins throughout the city. www.newyorkfreedomrally.org IG: @eastghostreports

12/15/2021 Sit in at Applebee's - Four arrested - Queens NY: NYPD responds to a "public health" emergency at Applesbee's when a group of unvaccinated thought criminals attempted to order meals and drinks. Covid Law enforcement was called in by restaurant management and the threat was averted. Four people were arrested and taken to the 112 Precinct. They were released at approximately 3:30am with a court date. IG: @eastghostreports

Police arrest six people doing a sit-in at Cheesecake Factory in Queens NY for refusing to show their papers and comply with NYC vaccine mandates. "Criminal trespass" Video credit: @newyorkfreedomrally2 www.newyorkfreedomrally.org IG: @eastghostreports

12/11/2021: Second protest against vaccine mandates outside two of outgoing NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's (Warren Wilhelm) properties in Park Slope Brooklyn. Recap of the day with partial speeches. www.newyorkfreedomrally.org
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12/7/2021: Protesters against vaccine mandates go to NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio's neighborhood in Park Slope Brooklyn. Long version with bullhorn talk, angry neighbors and scuffles with police. IG: @eastghostreports

12/7/2021: Protesters against vaccine mandates go to NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio's neighborhood in Park Slope Brooklyn. Long version: https://www.bitchute.com/video/IycE7TnAkEM7/ IG: @eastghostreports


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