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What happens when the silver spoon-set get desperate? Perhaps the best way for them to find money is to ... inherit it?

Darva Campbell has won the Indie Auteur 2016 for her work on Writer's Cramp. Congrats, Darva, and Thanks Bare Bones!

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Have you seen the ghost of John? Elizabeth has. And she was very lucky to find him.

For his part? He's not feeling so lucky...

A scientist loses his funding and becomes his own subject in an effort to find out why his sleep subjects remain asleep indefinitely.

What he finds will keep him awake - if he ever awakens. . .

Scary Tales and Nursery Rhymes, Chapter 2, is based on a familiar folk song - Frère Jacques, or (In English) Are You Sleeping?
The original song - most likely about a monk who slept through Matins - is updated here with a modern twist.

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A film-production company in the San Francisco Bay Area, Once Upon a Thyme Productions makes films - both short and features - in every genre.