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With Ran Paul's new book coming out and the movie based on RFK Jr.'s book "The Real Anthony Fauci", the end certainly has to be near for the new Dr. Death. But why not already? We discuss on this episode. Plus, does the "newly discovered" microbe that devours carbon dioxide incredibly fast, mean the end for the fabricated "climate change crisis"? And the Christian man arrested at the pride event in Pennsylvania. Would there have been an arrest if the tables were turned? We'll talk about that and laugh at it all while bringing God back to the forefront with today's "Moment Of Faith" on....The Freedom Ring!
Sources: Red State, The Lancaster Patriot, The Guardian, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, and common sense!

A study by the worlds second best hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, has found that a higher number of Covid jabs received increases the risk of infection with...Covid-19!!! Why is that not being reported within the first 5 minutes of EVERY newscast??? Also, the Biden regime announced a 20 year ban on oil and gas drilling within a 10 mile radius of Chaco Culture Nat'l Historical Park in New Mexico. However, the Navajo tribe say they don't want the ban because it would ruin their main source of revenue. No mention of that part by the MSM. Also, the MLB team that says "stick your pride month"!
Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!
Sources: Next Impulse Sports, The Independent, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, and common sense!

Every time a celeb suddenly dies or becomes ill, we here at The Freedom Ring ask "did they get the jab?" We asked the same about Jamie Foxx last month. Turns out that our assumption that he did was correct. More details on this episode, plus a former child star goes into detail about a satanic ritual being performed that he saw, and proof that our "two party system" in the U.S. is just a facade! Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!
Sources: Breitbart News, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, Common Sense!

Covid-Vax injured Americans have filed a lawsuit against Biden and his cronies over censorship. We discuss how your friendly leaders have been treating them during this process. Plus, the DC cop who has Antifa ties and how she re-arranged the face of...A LADY...during the Jan 6th debacle organized by the left. And will Joe Biden sit down with Musk for an unscripted Twitter Space interview? Hahahaha...yeah right!
Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!
Source" The Epoch Times, The Gateway Pundit, NY Post, The Bible, and common sense!

For the first time EVER, a former U.S. President has been banned from entering another country...and the MSM isn't reporting it! (This would be headline news if it were Trump). We discuss why Barack Obama isn't allowed to set foot in Russia, who else is on that list, and why? Plus, anti-vax doctor, Rashid Buttar has suddenly (mysteriously) died, and is Yuval Noah Harari foreshadowing things to come with A.I.?
Welcome to...The Freedom RIng!
Sources: Brighteon.TV, The Blaze, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, Common Sense

Did hell really freeze over? Are the words "Joe Biden" and "impeachment" finally in the same sentence? Thank to Marjorie Taylor Greene, that answer is yes. We'll cover her announcement from earlier today and find out what Brett Favre said about the transgender community. Also, rules the EPA announced that will render the US power grid inoperable by 2030 and a question for Jamie Foxx. Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!
Sources: The Comeback, 100 Percent Fed Up, Brighteon.TV, The Gateway Pundit, TMZ, The Bible, and common sense!

Since we began this podcast we've been hinting at another project in the works. The announcement is made on THIS episode....FINALLY! The enemy tried deterring plans, but persistence and faith in God has it coming to fruition now. Details on that announcement are covered, as well as the ongoing invasion on America, and the media's latest cat fight stemming from a bizarre comment stemming from Hollyweird! Welcome to....THE FREEDOM RING!
Sources: AP, The NY Post, Louder with Crowder, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, and common sense!

Mains stream media's hypocrisy was on full display this week. From Kaitlin Collins cutting Trump off while attempting to answer her questions on CNN's Town Hall, to the softball's lobbed at Bumbling Biden. If it weren't so disgusting, it'd be funny. We've got commentary on those, Tucker causing a media meltdown by going to Twitter, and why Bill Barr might be dabbling in the ole "Denver Dank"!
Sources: The Blaze, Yahoo News (lol...but seriously), The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, God, and common sense.

A Biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee reveals what she knows about the CV19 Bioweapon vax (and yes, that what SHE calls it). Plus, more "died suddenly" stories the main stream aren't talking about, the latest on Jamie Foxx's "mysterious illness" that had him hospitalized for almost an month, and the prom crowning that sparked a divide in a Dayton, OH high school. Welcome to...THE FREEDOM RING!!!
Sources: The Blaze, USA Watchdog, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, and common sense.

You read the title correctly! 27 Democrats from Denver Voted AGAINST making indecent exposure to minors a class 6 felony! Who are these perverts and who's going on record to back their decision? We talk about that and show you how backward things have gotten when you find out who we're getting our moral compass from. Also, the REAL reason for cancelled flights. Those stories and today's "Moment Of Faith" on...."THE FREEDOM RING"!!!

Why did Tucker get the boot from Fox? It depends on who you get your news from. We'll give you what the liberal media, like Yahoo News, is saying as opposed to other sources. Then YOU can decide which source is telling you the truth. Also, what organization the Biden administration was just revealed as being the middleman for. Shockingly the MSM must have misplaced this story. Though if it were Trump, it'd be the first story EVERYWHERE! Those stories and today's "Moment Of Faith" on...THE FREEDOM RING!!!
Sources:, The Gateway Pundit, Yahoo News, The Bible, and common sense!

Anheuser-Busch is changing its leadership in marketing?!?! Whoa, who saw this coming? Is it too late for damage control? Join us as we discuss that and the judge who just ruled that the city of Chicago violated the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act when it imposed the vax mandate without negotiating with unions representing workers. Plus, more pervs from the left take it too far and today's "Moment Of Faith". Welcome to...THE FREEDOM RING!
Sources: God, decency, functioning brains, Ad Age, The Gateway Pundit, and Fox News.

High-Ranking dem's in Biden's administration are facing removal from the positions they hold due to allegations of their oaths of loyalty to the country...MISSING! We expand on that and the Oversight Committee's evidence of Biden family connections to human trafficking of prostitutes from all over the world. Oddly enough, Ukraine! (hmmmm). Also, CDC director Rochelle Walensky's latest admission, and today's Moment Of Faith on "Setbacks". Welcome to...THE FREEDOM RING!!!
Sources: God, The Bible, Common Sense, Humor, National File, American Faith, The Gateway Pundit

There's plenty of reasons the lame stream media is hammering that Trump indictment story down your throat. It's because of all the horrific garbage the "Biden Administration" is screwing up! For instance, the U.S. dollar. Once the gold standard of currency, is now nearly worthless around the world because of....the "Biden Administration". We talk about that on this episode as well as Biden's push for..."smart guns" (face palm). Thanks for joining us in...THE FREEDOM RING!

Source: Brietbart, Fox News, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, and two functioning brains!

A lot of Americans are wondering why huge corporations like Anheuser Busch and Nike are walking into the slaughterhouse by going woke. There's a new report we got a hold of that explain it, and we'll explain on this episode. Plus, what you NEED to know about the RESTRICT Act and today's "Moment Of Faith" on conformity. Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!
Sources: The Blaze, The New York Post, The Gateway Pundit, The Holy Bible, common sense

India has offered its currency as a trade to other countries that are running low on cash. Because of Joe Biden knowing nothing about business and his economic policies sucking, their are coordinated efforts to weaken the global reliance on the US dollar. We discuss that on this episode, plus another deep state leak and what the unhinged left are allowed to do that the rest of us law abiding citizens apparently can't! Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!!!

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Rueter's, Bloomberg, The Holy Bible, and common sense!

Even though it was supposed to happen a couple weeks ago, it was announced that President Donald Trump will be arrested this coming Tuesday. They say he's being hit with 32 counts of business fraud (Then what do we call Biden's dealings?). But, why's he REALLY being arrested? We discuss that on this episode as well as the group of protesters in Nashville who need a dose of reality when it comes to gun laws and why they DON'T work. Plus the science behind trans people, and more!

Welcome to....The Freedom Ring!

Sources: The Daily Wire, Forbes, The Gateway Pundit, The Hill, The Holy Bible, and functioning brains.

On this episode we discuss why a leader who claims to be in the throes of WW3 has time for photo ops with actors and is available for guest appearance on David Letterman's latest TV show. Most leaders at war are planning strategies with their military leaders to keep their citizens safe. It's almost as if....none of it's real!
We also talk about the latest school shooting in Nashville and what seems to be missing from most of MSM's headlines, and the new incarnation of BLM and where they showed up recently.
We're just two guys not happy with the garbage MSM is feeding society. We don't claim to have the answers, but we do claim our love for God! And we're doing our part to bring him back to front and center where He belongs!

Sources: Red State, We Love Trump, Common Sense, Our Opinions, The Holy Bible

John Kerry is telling us to expect more climate mandates from the Biden administration, including executive orders. He also gives his take on "global elites" (career politicians who live elite lifestyles with your money) flying around in private jets. We share more on this episode as well as the latest video from the Taliban featuring all our stuff, plus what a federal appeals court is saying about Biden's vaccine mandate on federal employees. Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!

Sources: Breitbart, The Gateway Pundit, The Holy Bible, and our brains!

For those still relying on the CDC for accurate info about covid cases, here's a tip: They don't have a freakin' clue! They have no protocol in place to decipher between hospital stays due to covid and hospital stays for reasons other than covid. We explain more on this episode as well as a new concern for travelers looking to fly, and how one of the world's biggest corporations is nearing the beginning of the end. Something that was unimaginable until recently. Plus, resisting evil on today's "Moment Of Faith". Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!

Sources: Just The News, Deadline, The Gateway Pundit, The Holy Bible, and common sense.

Now we know why Pfizer wanted the data surrounding its Covid jab kept sealed from the public for 75 years. One of the reasons was the inclusion of graphene oxide. We'll discuss the "unique interactions" and some of the severe effects it causes on this episode. Which should have any sane thinking person asking themself, "And they're demanding we put this in our bodies, why?" Plus, the next bailout the Biden regime is trying to arrange taxpayers to fund, and mass deliverance breaks out across America! Welcome to...The Freedom Ring!

Sources: The Holy Bible, The Gateway Pundit, JoeMiller.US, The Daily Mail, and common sense

The House Oversight Committee is showing that Joe Biden received $1 Million after China wired $3 million to one of his business associates. Can you say "Treason"? We'll talk about that and the latest celeb to speak about their horrible experience after taking the Moderna clot shot, and the dad who is telling about the offer FEMA made him after his 16 yr. old son died after receiving the jab.
Sources: The Epoch Times, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible, and common sense

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed the U.S. involvement with bioweapons programs, and revealed Anthony Fauci's involvement in taking billions of dollars from the Patriot Act which reportedly led to his heading up all the gain-of-function research, etc. More details on this episode as well as the REAL reason for the bank buyouts, the majority's view on Pete Buttigieg's performance as Transportation Secretary, and more people "dying suddenly".

Sources: Breitbart News, The Gateway Pundit, Functioning Brains, and The Bible.

"J-Money" makes his show debut to discuss Biden's blatant lie that Americans will not be responsible for bailing out Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. Tapioca Joe said "“no losses will be borne by the taxpayers,” and the money will instead come from fees that banks pay into the Deposit Insurance Fund. (Yeah, ok!) Plus, Paul Gosar (Arizona) says stay tuned for the investigation and prosecution of Pelosi, Cheney, Milley, and Mayorkas. And the Bengals are looking to alter worker's comp laws in Ohio. Why? We discuss on this edition of...THE FREEDOM RING!!!

Sources: God, Common Sense, ESPN, The Gateway Pundit, The Bible

Joe Biden claimed his regime has "brought down inflation seven months in a row". Not sure what universe he's living in, but we try figuring it out on this episode. Plus, we may FINALLY be witnessing the beginning of the end for Mr. Nuremberg himself, Tony Fauci, Kamala claims kids are suffering from "climate mental health" issues, and House Republicans have launched the investigation into the Jan. 6th committee. Join us for MORE...on...THE FREEDOM RING!

Source: The Gateway Pundit, NBC, Common Sense, and the Bible!


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