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Folsom Prison Blues Karaoke! Fair Use!

Author David Dennis - The next four years (1985 – 1989), were without a doubt the toughest, but also the most exciting and soul-searching, of my life. My employer press-ganged me into relocating to an office in Redhill, Surrey. I bought a pokey 1 bedder-house in the most miserable suburb in Crawley, Sussex. Having moved away from home and all my friends, I turned what should have been a wonderful period in my life into a living hell. (Just like Mrs Wilkins informed me people do). Instead of rejoicing at a well-deserved promotion, new house, 100% bank mortgage, generous relocation allowances, and a group of new friends, I made myself miserable by focusing on what I’d left behind and feared a lonely and mundane future.

Then, one night in mid-1997, Grandad came to me in a vivid dream to give me the biggest butt-kickin’ of my life. He told me to get off my laurels, quit wallowing in the self-pity, celebrate my successes, and create an exciting new life, (by following my life-plan). Next morning, I bounced out of bed and walked into work with a whole new fresh attitude. My friends and colleagues appeared to be quite shocked. I then booked my very first vacation to good ole USA (Florida) with my good friend, from Germany, Thomas. Wow! We had a wonderful time. I fell totally in love with America and her wonderful people and vowed to return.

When I got back, I immediately sold my 1 bedder and bought a lovely two-bedroom house in Worth, an old village located between Crawley and East Grinstead. By now things were going great at work and I was making a whole raft of new friends, plus I regularly visited established friends in Essex and Kent. What I learned from that is that we have a choice over what we think and how we relate to our circumstances. In so doing we can create a reality that supports us, as opposed to one that supports our misery.

It was about a year later that the heroic rescuer in me invited a young Irish girl, down on her luck, to lodge at my house until she got back on her feet. What I didn’t know was that she’d been involved with a religious cult (which I respectfully refrain from naming) and that their UK head office (an old castle) was just up the road from where I happened to live. She persuaded me to take her there to help her repair her damaged mind, which she insisted they had been responsible for creating. BIG mistake on my part! These cultists, (or, more accurately, occultists), latched onto me from day one, and the head of their intelligence arm insisted that I’d make a great intelligence operative. Oh, boy, did I get a quick lesson in occultism? On only my second visit, I had alarm bells screaming in my head (Grandad? or perhaps another guide or my own soul intuition?) I, therefore, high-tailed it out of that oppressive place and never returned. What I learned from that was: Be wary of anyone or any organization insisting that they have the solutions for you and others, when the truth is, we already have the solutions within us; we just need to learn how to unlock them. I also gave up being the rescuer for the Irish girl, who I took to stay with an old friend of hers in Croydon, London.

It was then that I said: “Screw it! I’m gathering some trusted friends and heading to Hawaii.” So, in Oct 1988, four of us jetted off to the beautiful island of Oahu. Best vacation of my life! On my very first day, I met a Maltese-origin girl from Adelaide, South Australia, while my friend Steve and I were swimming off Waikiki Beach. This Aussie and I hit it off immediately. It was as though we’d known each other forever. I remember saying to Steve, “Oh my God! I’ve just met my future wife!” Anyway, to cut a long story short, we stayed in touch and by December, she was living with me at my house in Worth. We got engaged, but she had to return to Australia, as I was unable to sell my house due to soaring interest rates and the onset of a massive global recession. She didn’t want to live in England and was keen that I join her in Australia. I tried everything to sell that house. It took me 11 months. It was only when I said, “Okay, I give up!” having abandoned any hope of selling the house, that the first potential buyer in 4 months rocked up and agreed to buy it. What I learned from that is: Focus on what you want but release any attachment. You can get excited, for sure. But the universe only responds when you release earthly attachment – which often results in negative fear vibrations.

The buyer and I exchanged contracts, I resigned from my job (after 11 long years, having turned down the promotion opportunity to my first managerial appointment), got myself an Aussie tourist visa, and hopped a Boeing 747 to Sydney, where I caught a transit flight to Adelaide. I had a weird feeling as I took off from Sydney airport though. Despite heading to Adelaide to join my fiancé, (whom I was totally besotted with), something deep down told me that Sydney was where I was meant to be ...

The Great Awakening: My Journey into Consciousness & Expanded Reality

David Dennis © 2020


Ever since I was a young child growing up in the Sixties, I’ve felt different from others around me. I’ve always been sensitive to things and influences which most other people appear to be oblivious to. This was very painful at times when I was growing up, as no one, apart from my paternal grandad, appeared to understand me. I also felt very lonely and secluded at times, especially since I was an only child. As the years gradually passed, I’ve experienced a personal awakening, during which I’ve come to remember who I am, from where I originate, and the reason for my current incarnation. I’ve also always known that something BIG was going to happen on a global scale during my lifetime and that I would play an important role in it. After becoming a published author, I considered writing an autobiography for general publishing, but I’m not quite ready to do that yet. (Intuition always tells me when to do things and as an empath, I’ve learned to follow my intuition and spiritual guidance). Instead, after speaking to a friend and administrator in one of my groups, I decided it would be a great idea to start by publishing a twelve-part series in her group. I’ve now been requested to do the same in other groups. So, I thought where better than in ‘The Awakening Patriots’. We’re hoping that by doing so, it might assist others to understand their personal journeys better. So, without further ado, I’ll kick off with some early experiences, which I believe set the scene for the unfolding series to come. I welcome any constructive feedback or shares that you feel may benefit the group. Namaste, my friends. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you……

Shortly after meeting the person who was to become my second wife and the mother of my only son, we met Sandra at a Mind-Body-Spirit Festival in Sydney. She just happened to live down the road from us in Coogee. At this stage, I was working as an export manager at my new company and was desperately unhappy there. Sandra was an accomplished healer and hypnotherapist. When I told her that I’d always been fascinated with the idea of reincarnation and would love to do a past life regression, she invited me to attend a regression session at her apartment. I enthusiastically agreed.

After I arrived at Sandra’s apartment the next day, she made me comfortable and asked me if I felt a special affinity to any countries or eras. I told her I’d always been fascinated with ancient Rome, Greece, and America, and that I had a good friend who I’d visited a few times in Germany. She then hypnotized me and asked me to visualize walking across a bridge spanning the River of Time, while she counted from one to ten.

Shortly after the count of ten, she asked me to look around me. I saw nothing at first. She then asked me to look at my feet and I saw that I was wearing a pair of black pointed shoes. I then saw that I was wearing strange beige pants and matching tunic. I then realized that I was inhabiting a much larger male body to the one I was used to. I had a huge rib cage, greater cranial capacity, and jet-black hair. I told Sandra my name was Brae Xallinor (pronounced CH) and that I was the first son of an important dignitary: a political administrator or perhaps a royal figure, like a duke or a king. As soon as Sandra asked me to describe my father and to state whether he reminded me of anyone in my current life, I saw the image of a regal man who reminded me of Grandad (who I’ve referred to on numerous occasions throughout this series). Whether these two individuals are projections of the same soul-mind, I can’t be certain, but intuition tells me that they might well be.

When Sandra asked me about my mother in this past life, I was shocked to see a regal lady who looked distinctly like the girlfriend I’d just met, who was destined to become my second wife. When asked what my past-life mother did for a living, I replied that her job was to entertain important dignitaries from all over the kingdom and other parts of the world. I found that amusing, since my future wife loved hosting dinner parties, took great pride in them, and always treated preparations very seriously. Years later, I was to discover from my Aunty Bette, (my current-life dad’s elder sister), that the name of Grandad’s first wife was the same as that of my second wife, and that we shared identical wedding dates: April 13. Coincidence??? Perhaps. And, also, somewhat unsettling. After all, who wants to think that one’s partner in this life was one’s parent in a previous life? I am, however, assured by experts in the field of past life regression that we indeed reincarnate repeatedly with people from the same soul group, and that we often switch rolls to learn from one another and also to work out past life karma.

The other thing that fascinated me was that I found myself in the same massive white mansion or palace that I’d dreamt about as a kid, and to which I’ve yearned to return ever since. Sandra got me to look around every room of the house. It was big and white, and all the rooms were circular. Some had permanent high ceilings, while others had ceilings that opened to the sky, and yet others were permanently open. We had a great big bathroom that reminded me of the Roman baths often seen in the movies. I refused to go into the kitchen, however, as I claimed that it was the domain of the servants, and it was beneath my station to go there. It’s interesting to note that I hated cooking at the time, although I’ve become moderately proficient at this chore over the years.

I went on to explain to Sandra that where I lived had a very warm climate and hardly ever rained. When she asked me where it was, I replied that I thought it was Poseidia or Atlantis and that it was located on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean near Florida and the Caribbean. Interestingly, I’ve always been fascinated with the Caribbean, although I still haven’t been there. Florida, however, was the first US state I visited on the North American continent. When Sandra asked me what we called America in Atlantean days, I replied that we called it the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, a name to which America is apparently often referred to this day.

After viewing and describing most rooms in the house, Sandra asked me if I wanted to see any more of this life. I abruptly replied, “No!” as my past-life parents were always drilling into me the importance of my duties and frowned upon my desire to associate with the servants and the common people. Interestingly in this life, I’ve never enjoyed managing others and being duty-bound to ... MORE IN VIDEO..

Author David Dennis - While I continued my spiritual journey in Australia, my dad remained an atheist and skeptic of the afterlife. I’ll never forget a chat we had when I visited England in 1999. I tried to convince him of the existence of an Infinite Creator and the afterlife, but he maintained his stubborn skepticism. I, therefore, bet him that if he died before me and found himself alive on the other side, he would send me a message admitting that I was right. With dad being of ill health, due to a lifetime of heavy smoking and drinking, he humorously accepted the bet.

18 months later, I had a disturbing dream in which I was once again in my hometown in England. I was about to walk into a church where a whole bunch of people were mourning at a funeral. Just as I was about to enter the church, I was whisked away and awoke, having never attended the funeral. Four months later I had another dream that I lost one of my front teeth, only to read that according to native American wisdom that means the loss of a father. Two months later I received a phone call from my oldest friend, David, and my Mum, informing me that my dad had been found dead early one morning behind his car in a car-park next to a local pub. I took a flight to the UK the next day to support mum and help her to organize dad’s funeral. David picked me up at Heathrow airport and told me that the police wanted to talk to me as soon as I got to Mum’s house. It turned out that Dad had been mugged by two young men and had died of a heart attack as a result. The police pursued the main perpetrator to Glasgow, Scotland and arrested him, while I was still at Mum’s house. They also arrested the second man, who’d taken only a passive role. Although we’d organized dad’s funeral, it could not proceed while I was in the UK; under British law, the accused were each entitled to have independent autopsies conducted, and there were no coroners available at the time. I, therefore, returned to Australia and ended up missing my own dad’s funeral.

Still shocked and in mourning, I phoned my metaphysics teacher, Rosalia, to tell her what had happened. During the call, I asked if she could contact my dad, having declined to mention our bet. She tuned in and replied, “Oh yes, but it doesn’t make much sense and isn’t very interesting.” She went on to declare that all he’d said was: “You were right all along, Dave.” At first, I was disappointed he hadn’t said more. Then it occurred to me that he was a man of very few words, and that’s precisely what he would have said. He was never one to embellish anything, but at least he was kind enough to honor our bet from beyond the grave!

I subsequently had two dreams about dad. In the first, my wife, young son, and I visited him in what I can only describe as an afterlife hospital. He was still somewhat traumatized from his violent death but was receiving assistance from afterlife care assistants. Yes, there is work for those who want it in the afterlife! In the second, about six months later, he’d fully recovered, was fit, healthy, and happy. He also appeared as I remember him in his mid-thirties while I was growing up in the sixties. I’ve since learnt that deceased persons often appear to relatives and friends in a preferred form from their former lives. It was wonderful to see him as a tall, lean, young, and healthy person once more.

At this stage, I was still angry at missing his funeral, and at the two young men who’d killed him. (They only received 4 years in jail for their violent crime). Fortunately, I was studying for a Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Lifecare at the time, and we were required to undertake personal counselling sessions as part of our course. The lady counsellor I selected used a technique known as Focusing, during which she asked me to view the main perpetrator from a higher perspective. I closed my eyes and visualized him as being surrounded by a mass of insidious dark energy. When I tried to answer from my own perspective of seeking justice, she interrupted by saying, “No, what does would the light want to do for him?” Where previously, I’d been filled with anger and resentment, I replied, “The light wants to burn away all the darkness that surrounds him to liberate his soul.” At that moment I saw all darkness being burnt away and a shining soul liberated from torment. All my anger immediately dissolved, never to return. With that came the understanding the no one is truly evil but can be negatively influenced by dark energies that influence their actions.

I finally completed my metaphysics course, together with diplomas in hypnotherapy, remedial massage, and Holistic Counselling and Lifecare. I resigned from my job as a home loan specialist at a major commercial bank. I then started my own business as a healer, remedial massage therapist, life coach, and past life regression therapist. I must say that I loved the work and learnt a lot .. MORE IN VIDEO...

Author David Dennis - The name Coogee is said to be taken from a local Aboriginal word koojah which means smelly place. It is also said to have been named due to the smell of rotting seaweed which often washes up on Coogee Bay Beach. But since the beach is carefully maintained by the local council, modern Coogee is anything but smelly. It is a beautiful beach resort, where locals mingle with other Aussies and foreign tourists. I lived there for 4 wonderful years, during which I started telling people: “When I left the UK and migrated to Australia, it was as though I’d died and come to heaven!” This is still one of my favorite catchphrases to this day. The funny thing is that the three best friends I met in Coogee all came from Canada. One was a girl from Vancouver, named Michelle, who lived with me for about ten months. She’s a Pisces, the sign that I’ve since come to recognize as the most compatible signs with me. (I’m Cancer). Considering Vancouver was one of the places that I told my mum I’d consider moving to when I grew up, and I shared a strong affinity with all three of these Canadians, I’m convinced I have strong past life connections with them all and that they may well be part of my soul group.

Michelle was younger than me, on vacation, and not ready to settle down, so she eventually headed back to Vancouver. We’ve since lost contact, unfortunately. It was shortly after she left in Dec 93, that I experienced a lucid dream that opened a conduit within me that set me on a cosmic journey that has continued to this day. I was asleep in my rented two-bed apartment one night when I dreamt that I was looking out of the window at thick black clouds that had gathered overhead. I suddenly noticed bright strobing lights coming from behind the clouds. Next thing, a massive UFO loomed out of the clouds. Its main body took the form of a vast black metallic sphere, from which extended six thick black arms, all of which culminated in miniature identical black spheres. I shuddered, sensing that this UFO was occupied by malevolent entities of which I should be wary.

The scene changed dramatically. I found myself gazing at a bright blue sky, from which descended hundreds of thousands of brightly colored UFOs of various shapes and sizes. They landed in every country of the world, and on all seven continents, including Antarctica. Instinctively, I understood that these UFOs represented the civilizations of a vast federation, somewhat like United Federation of Planets in my favorite Sci-fi series, Star Trek. Unlike the initial black UFO, however, I sensed that their occupants were benevolent in nature; here to assist humanity in our evolution. I also felt that my soul was closely aligned to the occupants of some of these UFO’s and that their arrival had something to do with my soul mission here on Earth.

Again, the scene changed. This time, I was lying in bed, marveling at what I’d just seen, thinking that I’d just awoken. Two bipedal Greys, standing approximately 1.2 meters (4 feet) in height, suddenly walked through my bedroom door and strode right up to me, causing me to awaken for real and to sit bolt upright in bed. My left shoulder itched intensely, and I subsequently discovered a white scar on my left shoulder blade that I’d never noticed before. My shoulder still itches at times to this day! Despite this, I assumed at the time that my dream had been precisely that: A dream. Even now, I’m uncertain if it was just a dream or whether I experienced an alien abduction. (Must do a regression soon to find out!) What I do know for sure is that something had changed in me overnight. My fascination with UFOs, aliens, apocalyptic prophesies, the Infinite Creator, and anything of an esoteric culture soared dramatically, as did my insatiable thirst for knowledge. My psychic abilities also increase exponentially, and I found myself more in tune with others and the world around me.

In one instance I was trying to sleep, when I suddenly heard hundreds of conversations taking place in the apartments of my building and adjacent building blocks all around me. It was amazing! I could even listen to individual conversations if I wanted to but finally fell asleep. In another, I was with a friend in my local pub, when I suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable and got an overwhelming urge to leave. Next morning, my friend informed me that within a minute of me walking out the door of that pub, an almighty brawl erupted in the bar that we’d been standing in. Apparently, chairs and glasses began flying everywhere and everyone in the bar was embroiled in the brawl. My friend happened to be a 2nd Dan Ninjutsu, so he could take good care of himself, but he was convinced that I had received precognitive warning of trouble. Despite being trained in martial arts, (Kyokushin Karate), I have always detested violence of any sort, which is quite understandable, given some of my past life military experiences ... MORE IN V

Author David Dennis - It was during my return to the UK in 2017, that my life changed forever. With the passing of mum, the sale of our family home, and the resignation from my job, I knew that a fresh chapter in my life had dawned. Even up to that point, I’d still bought into the lie that we needed to work for others to validate our existence. The truth is that we don’t, if only we take the time to explore our true potential and have the guts to tap into it, as Anthony Robbins teaches so well in his amazing programs: Unleash The Power Within and Date With Destiny.

Having been fortunate enough to attend UPW with my friend, Geoff Strudwick, a few years earlier, (where, amongst other things, we’d completed a Fire Walk over scolding hot coals), I’d finally acquired the courage and resources to go it alone in following my destiny. I spent the next two years completing my novel, building up my network of local and global friends, working out, running on the beach, and researching all my favorite subjects. After self-publishing, The Tora Legacy in April 2019, I was delighted to see sales flow on five continents of the world. Admittedly, the income wasn’t great, but just knowing that I was providing entertainment and sharing spiritual insights with people across the globe was extremely satisfying.

At the same time, I discovered the wonderful world of YouTube, which I started watching a couple of hours every day. What astonished me about YouTube was that it gave access to alternative sources information which appeared totally at odds with that propagated by the MSM, which always projected a very bland, dismal, contentious, and negative world view. The focus always seemed to be on war, violence, conflict, global calamities, and the daily struggle for survival. On the other hand, there was so much sensationalist garbage on YouTube, the majority of which I swiftly learned to dismiss. However, I encountered certain channels, upon which the hosts shared consistent, credible information and similar perspectives. Amongst these were The Edge of Wonder, X22-Reports, And We Know, Brooks Agnew, Orion Rising, Destroying the Illusion, and The Kate Awakening. I also joined numerous Facebook groups, within which I was I was delighted to encounter thousands of like-minded people, who had also awoken or were in the process of awaking.

It was during this time that I heard references to The Secret Space Program (SSP). Intrigued, I decided to delve deeper into this subject. I soon encountered SSP insiders, such as Corey Goode and Emery Smith, together with highly respected and educated authors, like Dr Michael Salla. Together, they claimed that since the days of WWII (1939-45), and the Roswell Incident of 1947, the US governments and others have acquired advanced technology which was back-engineered to catapulted our own technology hundreds, if not thousands, of years ahead of its time. Furthermore, they claimed that this technology had been commandeered by the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) controlled by a corrupt global elite and has been deliberately withheld from the global population.

They also claim that the MIC and certain global governments have already colonized the Moon, Mars, other celestial bodies of our Solar System, and even the planets of other star systems. I was fascinated to learn that people like Corey Goode, Emery Smith, and David Wilcock (one of my long-term favorite author/presenters) were members of a wider Disclosure Community, who believe that humanity, is currently transitioning towards higher 4th and 5th density consciousness. Check out the superb documentary movie productions, such as Above Majestic and The Cosmic Secret, directed by Corey Goode and Roger Richards. What also struck me as interesting was that members of the Disclosure Community were describing similar technologies to those described over a seven-year period in The Tora Legacy. While I’d been thinking those technologies were perhaps too advanced even for the people of the 23rd Century, members of the Disclosure Community were claiming that certain global governments, or more accurately, corporations already possessed them.

The more I learned about the SSP, the more I felt compelled to write a 2nd (this time, contemporary) Sci-fi novel, centered upon the various SSPs. Meantime, I’d begun to friend members of the Disclosure Community, including Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts of Edge of Wonder, and SSP insider, Emery Smith. Ben and Rob are amazing! Even though they live and work in New York and were extremely busy with their popular YouTube channel, The Edge of Wonder, they always took the time to acknowledge me and chat with me on Messenger. I was impressed with their openness, dedication, and sincerity, and excited to hear their announcement that they would be hosting the Dimensions of Disclosure three-day event, in sunny Ventura, California, in August 2019. Having always wanted to visit California, I didn’t ... MORE IN VIDEO >>

Author David Dennis I shall never forget Mrs Wilkins’ psychic prediction of 1985, that by age 40 I’d be living with a partner and two children – in AUSTRALIA! Well, she was right – with a slight variation: the 2nd child was my Rottweiler, Caesar. Admittedly, this was only a temporary situation. Caesar lived only 8 years, and my wife and I parted ways after 11 years of marriage, in 2007, to follow different life paths. Meantime, we’d brought our son, Aaron, into the world; he taught us the true meaning of unconditional love.

By this time, I’d moved to a nearby beach suburb. Aaron and I got to spend many wonderful weekends together at the beach and in the local national parks; memories we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. We also got to watch lots of Sci-fi. It was in 2012 that I started having dreams and daytime visions of my very own Sci-fi action-adventure story, having been keen to write a novel since childhood. The plot and characters just kept pouring into my head over the next few months. At first, I intended to write a rip-roarin’, shoot-em-up interstellar war fest, but it was soon clear to me that this story was to have a strong spiritual component. I found myself including profound themes, such as the concept of an Infinite Creator from which all consciousness and reality emerged, The Cosmic Logos, galactic and stellar logoi, planetary spirits, monads (group souls), soul projections, reincarnation, karma, and Divine Plan of Creation. I also included numerous concepts from quantum physics, which I now understand to be only modern interpretations of ancient divine wisdom taught to us by our distant ancestors.

My script, which I felt compelled to name The Tora Legacy, turned out to be a real labor of love; I was also compelled to add to and enhance the story over a period of 7 years. By now I was convinced that someone or something was channeling information through me, and wanted to get it out to the world, in the guise of a Sci-fi novel. To me, it wasn’t about making money; it was about publishing my own novel and incorporating all the cool themes I’d been so desperate to read about from established authors. It was only later that I discovered that many of the themes are also found in the Law of One material allegedly channeled from a hive-mind entity named Ra. Whether some of the concepts contained in The Tora Legacy originate from this or another source, or simply my own mind, I can’t say for sure. But I do feel that many of the concepts contained therein, including the idea that all beings need to work together in peace, harmony, and cooperation to avoid an impending apocalypse, relate to The Great Awakening and current volatile events taking place on planet Earth.

I also realize that writing of The Tora Legacy accelerated my own spiritual growth. It changed me. I became more tolerant of my fellow human beings and less tolerant of the corporate world in which I’d been trapped for decades. It was in 2017, (two years before publishing my novel), that I had a major meltdown concerning my job. I was working as a natural hazard claims manager for a large insurance company at the time. Although the work had been helping people in need, it was always from a clinical corporate perspective, highly stressful, and totally unrewarding. I finally reached an impasse, whereby I couldn’t continue and took annual leave to consider my future. I was desperate to leave the corporate world but terrified at the prospect of being unemployed, having just paid off my mortgage, and reluctant to redraw on my line of credit.

That was when my friend, Geoff Strudwick, stepped in and invited me to attend a complimentary NLP Breakthrough session at his office, where he was attempting to establish his own transformational life coaching business. It was during this session that he challenged me by saying, “Do you want to be a sheep or a lion?” It was then that a brilliant light bulb switched on in my head. Having been reading about the boldness and wisdom of Lionwalker, a character in a Sci-fi novel, on the train that morning, I replied in all confidence: “A lion; in fact, I want to be The Lionwalker!” By the time I left Geoff’s office that day, I’d decided beyond all doubt to resign from my job and leave the corporate world forever!

I’ve never worked for anyone or any corporation since. As soon as I made a choice to move forward in accordance with my life purpose, the universe aligned with me. At the time, mum was receiving medical assistance at her local hospital in England. She was 91 years old and experiencing medical problems. I’d wanted to visit her for several months but realized the timing was crucial. Two days after visiting Geoff, my mum’s neighbor contacted me to suggest the time was indeed now! I phoned the hospital and a nurse agreed with the neighbor, so I booked a flight to the UK the next day. Since I’d yet to inform my employer of my decision to resign, they agreed ...

A chance encounter between a Terran deep-space cruiser and a warship of the reptilian Hurron Empire leads to a decade-long interstellar war that results in the near extinction of the human race. A handful of human survivors encounter a mysterious alien AI, who assists them to even the score, to rebuild their shattered civilisation, and to reconnect with their galactic soul purpose. Subsequent events lead to the formation of an ever-expanding alliance of alien races, which need to set aside their differences to avoid a looming crisis that threatens to wipe all life from the face of the Milky Way galaxy.

Author David Dennis - To say that my life and paradigm changed after my first past life regression would be an understatement; it was as though I’d created a completely new timeline for myself. Having walked away from the best-paying job I’d ever had and having thrown myself at the mercy of the universe was scary, to say the least! At the same time, it was extremely liberating. Fortunately, my partner invited me to enrol in a rigorous self-development program. This course enabled me to distinguish negative programming and patterns of behavior, which I was able to replace with consciously selected commitments and behaviors that supported my journey. I didn’t think I had much to complete from my current life at the time, but I was in for a big surprise! As it turned out, I had plenty of issues to work on, including incompletions from my failed first marriage, which eventually permitted me to marry again and have my own family.

At the end of the initial self-development course, participants were invited to sign up for an advanced course for an additional cost of $700. Having just walked away from my job and paid for the first course, I was hesitant to spend more money, but my partner recommended signing up and trusting the universe to take care of the details. So, I took the plunge and signed up. Two days later I received a pleasant surprise in the mail from my former employer: a cheque for $708. I was amazed that it covered the entire cost of the course, plus an additional $8. The extra $8 eluded me at the time but turned out to be the exact cost of traveling to and from the course! Astonishing, especially considering the way I’d walked out on my former employer. What it taught me was that the universe invariably aligns with one’s purpose once a person commits to a firm course of action.

It was around the same time that I visited Sandra for my second past life regression. If I considered the first regression to be a mind-spin, this one took things to an entirely new level! By now I was fascinated with the Legend of Atlantis and the privileged but burdened life of Brae Xallinor, who’d lived thousands of years ago. I, therefore, told Sandra that I wanted to re-visit that life, or, even better, visit my very first Atlantean incarnation.

She agreed and counted me back over the bridge. I fully expected to find myself ready to explore my life as Brae Xallinor, but, instead, found myself floating in an ocean of pure white light. When Sandra asked me to look down at my feet, I promptly informed her that I didn’t have any feet or, indeed, a physical body of any description. I then started prattling on about something called The Divine Mysteries. When she asked me if I wanted to learn more about The Divine Mysteries, I answered, “Yes.” I was immediately swept through a swirling tunnel of golden light on a journey that seemed to last forever, but at the same time was over within the blink of an eye; time appeared utterly meaningless.

I emerged from the tunnel to discover myself floating in space before a vast orb of golden light. I was immediately overcome with a sense of awe and amazement. I felt an overwhelming love for this golden orb, knowing deep down that it was a divine sentient being. I also instinctively knew that it was the home from which I’d emerged, to which I’m eternally connected, and to where I will eventually return. When Sandra asked me what it was, I informed her that it was a star. I explained that I was gazing on it from a higher dimensional perspective. This accounted for its appearance as a serene golden sphere as opposed to being a blazing nuclear furnace. She then asked me if it was our Sun, to which I replied, “No, it’s Sirius!” I informed her that it was my home and that I used to live and work there. She asked me what type of work I did there. I replied that I worked with the energy flows of the star and explained that it was part of a vast cosmic grid that connected the entire galaxy, and even the other galaxies of the universe. When she asked me if I worked alone or with others, I informed her that I worked with a friend called Radi. He reminded me of a friend called Mark, with whom I used to knock about in the UK in my early twenties. Mark and I are still in touch to this day, although I’ve never informed him that I believe we might have worked together within the energy flows of Sirius! Maybe one day soon. After all, we are experiencing the Great Awakening!

I must admit that much of what I’d been talking about during my regression had made little sense to me at the time. It was only later that I learned that the Atlanteans are supposedly connected with the legend of the Anunnaki and that the Anunnaki are extraterrestrials who are supposed to have originated from the star system of Sirius B. I was also later to develop a fascination with cosmology and quantum physics, from which I learned that many scientists now believe the universe is a vast ... MORE IN VIDEO ...

Author David Dennis - To say that my two years in Adelaide was an unmitigated disaster would be an exaggeration. My fiancé and I had fun, I was granted permanent residence, and we got married. But then it all turned pear-shaped within a couple of years. The world was in a recession: It was difficult to get work in Adelaide at the time, but a friend helped me get a menial job in a car yard as a car detailer. It was during that time that he almost got us killed in a near-head on collision on a country road. How we didn’t hit the other car at 80 KMPH, I have no idea, other than to confirm the deep understanding that I’d developed that I was protected. It may sound crazy, but I do feel that I’ve had a protective envelope around me all my life, which I believe is available to all of us, if we learn to remain connected to Source and follow our intuition. Anyway, suffice it to say that my friend and I survived – by the skin of our teeth!

I proceeded to get a better job selling new Toyota’s, but that game sure isn’t easy, especially for a rookie salesman in a recession In South Australia. On the domestic front, things were even worse. I won’t go into details, but the vacation romance certainly didn’t develop into matrimonial bliss. Quite the opposite; it became a living hell. So, my wife decided to ship me back to England. I agreed and was just about to pay for my one-way flight to Heathrow Airport, when an overwhelming thought filled my mind: Don’t do it! You’re not finished here yet! I literally froze and dropped my pen, thinking that I couldn’t stay in Adelaide, but I also was reluctant to return to England with my tail between my legs either. So, I decided to head to Queensland to think about my future, up there. I was just about to book a bus pass straight to Brisbane and then onto Cairns in North East Queensland, when my wife insisted that I must see Sydney on the way. Despite my previous intuition that I should be in Sydney, I happened to have hated big cities at the time. I was therefore reluctant to go at first. Then another voice in my head said: You must go to Sydney, first! So, I did. I booked a bus pass all the way to Cairns, via Sydney and Brisbane.

I only intended to stay in Sydney for three days, max – to see the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. I therefore checked into a backpacker hostel in Coogee Bay, in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. I really liked Coogee, as it’s a small beach suburb and has a beautiful high-vibrational energy, not too dissimilar to that of the Hawaiian Island chain. It was on my third day that I decided to travel into the city to see the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. Once I got into town, I got lost and sat down to read a map. An elderly man immediately sat beside me and asked if I were lost. He helped me to read my map, but it’s what happened after that that shocked me. He wished me good luck, bid me farewell, pushed a blank white business card in my hand, and promptly walked off. When I turned that card over it said three words that I will never forget for the rest of my life. It said in BIG GOLD letters:


At that moment, a massive surge of energy leaped through my spine and into my brain. It was as though someone had switched on a floodlight and woken me up.

I went on to find the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, then returned to the Coogee Bay Backpackers, where I immediately met a hilarious guy named Girard, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We immediately hit it off. Being a chef, he went out next day to land a job in a restaurant. I thought, if he can do that, I can too! Next day, I went to an employment agency in a place called Botany. During the interview, my interviewer asked me if I had a college diploma or a degree. When I answered, no, she suggested that I return when I had one. I left, feeling despondent, and resolved to continue my bus trip to Queensland, then to eventually swallow my pride and return home to my mum and dad in England.

Twenty minutes after returning to Coogee Bay Back Packers, the lady at the agency rang me and said: “You did say you had export documentation experience, didn’t you?” When I confirmed I had, she said: “You won’t believe this, but twenty minutes after you walked out the door, an employer rang me, desperate to interview anyone with export docs experience. That may happen once in a blue moon. I really can’t believe the synchronicity!” (Neither could I!) “Would you like to attend an interview?”

I thought, what the heck? And went to the interview the next day. The given name of the General Manager who interviewed me was identical to my surname. He liked me and offered me a job the same day. I accepted. He then invited me to an industry-related dinner-dance that weekend. I agreed to go and gave away my bus pass, completely free of charge, to a young English backpacker at the hostel. I subsequently went to the dinner-dance and won 1st prize in a raffle: A week for two up at a luxury ... MORE

I emerged from my 2nd regression having embraced an exciting new paradigm. I no longer viewed myself as a human being having a spiritual experience, but as a spiritual being having one of multiple human experiences. I also developed an increased sense of urgency re forthcoming global events & their connection to my life purpose. As such, I requested the Infinite Creator to send me appropriate guides, experiences, and the resources required to fulfil my life purpose. As a bonus, I resolved incompletions from my failed marriage which led to a second marriage a year later.

Soon after getting married, my wife and I attended a local psychic festival. It was there that I met Rosalia, a gifted Australian-Hungarian psychic. As soon as I sat down, she floored me by declaring that I was “Not of this world”. She then explained that I’d originated from another star system and had also lived past lives on four planets in this Solar System: Mars, Maldek, Pluto, and Earth. I’ve since learned that Maldek (also known as Tiamat in ancient Sumerian records) was supposedly destroyed in a natural cataclysm or a cosmic war, and now forms the asteroid belt found between Mars and Saturn. I’ve since had lucid dreams about being on Mars and glimpses of a past life in which I was a nuclear scientist and was killed in a nuclear attack on Maldek. Perhaps my mind created these scenarios because of what I was told. On the other hand, maybe these are genuine past life memories. I’ve no way of knowing for sure, but intuition suggests the latter.

Anyway, back to Rosalia. She invited us to join metaphysical classes held at her home. It was there that I learnt numerous metaphysical skills, including psychometry and crystal energy healing. I also experienced a rising of the Kundalini during deep meditation. This caused a surge of invigorating energy to rise from my base chakra right through the top of my head. An associate of Rosalia’s subsequently informed me that this had brought the mysterious 8th chakra, (located just above the top of the head), to move much closer to my crown chakra. It also apparently opened the brow chakra (Third Eye or pituitary gland) in my forehead. This is the psychic center that permits us to see subtler energies and to peer into alternative realities. By the way, never allow anyone to point infrared thermal imagers at your brow chakra. These instruments disrupt the third eye and suppress psychic abilities. Instead, request the imagers to be pointed at the underside of one of your wrists. Remember, the instigators of the current deep state Plandemic don’t want us to awaken! Hence, the deliberate addition of fluoride to our water, chemtrails to our skies, toxins in our food, and the use of toxic vaccines!

After the rising of the Kundalini, I re-discovered the natural abilities that I’d suppressed during childhood. These included the perception of highly evolved energetic beings which came to our classroom to observe and assist us. They often took the form of pure white, blue, or golden orbs. One orb of white light turned out to have been a Jewish Rabi in a previous life, whose thoughts I was able to channel and share with my classmates. The same ability enabled me to see an orb of pure white light working on my wife’s left flank while she was lying down. It was projecting a beam of pure white light into her. I told her not to move as we were keen to start a family. To our astonishment, we later worked out that she’d conceived our only son on that very day! I shall never forget the sight of that glorious white orb working on her; whether it was my son’s higher self or an angelic being helping us to have a family, I have no idea. What I am certain of is that it was not a figment of my imagination.

Very soon I began to run healing sessions from my home. I did, however, make the mistake of doing this before completing Rosalia’s course, much against her wise council. (The need to be patient has turned out to be one of my biggest life lessons!) During that time, I helped many people but failed to consider Rosalia’s warnings that the demonic realm is real and that demons (negative interdimensional & extraterrestrial entities) prey on human psyches; their victims happen to include inexperienced healers. These entities feed off our negative energy (Loosh: as labelled by Robert Monroe, author of three amazing books, creator of Hemi-sync technology, and founder of the Monroe Institute, Virginia, USA)
At this point that I’d like to share two personal experiences connected with the healing sessions:

The first involved a friend of mine. She was a massage therapist and had become extremely ill over the past two months, to the point when she could hardly walk or talk. She managed to make her way to my home one morning, where I conducted a crystal energy-reiki healing session. As soon as I started working on her, I was horrified to perceive a mass of insidious dark energy surrounding her body ... MORE IN VIDEO ...

Author David Dennis - As a young child growing up in Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, England during the Sixties I was surprised and disappointed to find what a primitive society I’d been born into. It was cold, drab, and often wet or icy in the winter months, and not that crash-hot in the other three seasons either. My parents and other people stuck ridiculous white & brown sticks in their mouths, which they set alight and polluted the air with plumes of foul-smelling toxic smoke. Primitive petrol and diesel-driven chariots trundled along the street, and huge chimneys spewed out great funnels of thick smoke, which added to the pollution. Contributing to my surprise and disappointment, was the total lack of understanding and empathy that my parents displayed for my discomfort. Not only this, but they didn’t understand my confusion or concern that strange entities could enter and leave my bedroom at night and talk to me in my dreams. Some of these entities were friendly, others not so. I only liked the friendly ones, because they taught me things and seemed to understand me in ways that my parents couldn’t.

It, therefore, came as a great relief when I saw the first Dr Who show in 1963 and realized that at least someone out there seemed to understand fundamental physics that extended beyond 3-dimensional reality and third-density awareness. After all, time is illusionary, time travel possible, and all-time periods exist simultaneously, do they not???

I was also very much relieved when several years later a young man visited me one night in my dreams and reminded me of some of the basic skills required to navigate the Astral plane. I’m not sure of his name, but I used to talk to my parents about an invisible friend named Thumb-foot, who always watched over me and talked to me on my toy telephone. I loved my toy phone because I’d seen real ones on TV and in other people’s homes, but my parents did not possess a real one at the time. Anyway, on with my dream involving the entity, I’ll refer to as Thumb-foot. We were suddenly standing in my parent’s back yard and Thumb-foot taught me (or reminded me) how to levitate, float and return to the sky-world from which I’d come. First, he said, I had to relax and allow myself to tilt or fall backwards without any fear. Once I achieved this and found myself floating a few feet off the ground, he told me to imagine myself getting lighter, which would permit me to rise in a straight line high into the air directly overhead. I did as he said and levitated effortlessly high above Westcliff-On-Sea. When I looked down, I could see my parent’s three-bedroom semi and surrounding gardens lying far below. I could also see rooftops and yellow and white streetlights scattered for miles all around. It was a magnificent sight. I felt exhilarated at having been released from my restrictive physical body and able to travel anywhere at will. After marveling at my wonderful and liberating experience, I returned to my parent’s back yard. I then awoke, feeling energized, relaxed, and invigorated in my bed.

A few years later, I dreamed that I awoke and walked through the bedroom door (which was located where a built-in cupboard existed in the wall directly opposite my real bedroom door). What I discovered, to my excitement, was a white landing area from which descended a magnificent white spiral staircase. This led down to the reception hall of a great white mansion. Finally, I thought, I’m home in my real house. I walked back into the bedroom from which I’d emerged, (also a huge, pristine-white chamber), only to awaken moments later in my real bedroom. This was far smaller than the magnificent bedroom of my dream and very mundane. I was so upset, with the dream having been so vivid, that I rushed to the cupboard, tore open the door and cried aloud when I discovered the pokey little space contained within. From that day on, I resolved to rediscover my old bedroom, the magnificent white spiral staircase, and the glorious mansion, which I knew to be either a former home or my true home.

End of Part One

Author David Dennis - Although christened as a baby, I did not receive a religious upbringing. My dad was a confirmed atheist, and my mum had turned against all form of religion due to the nuns in her convent school when she was a child. As a result, I received a neutral upbringing and grew up as a confirmed atheist, although I had an interest in the afterlife and anything of a supernatural or esoteric nature. This was reflected in two verbal presentations I delivered for my English Language O-Levels between the ages of fifteen and sixteen: The first was about religion; the second about my pet subject of UFO’s.

My spiritual outlook changed dramatically due to a traumatic event when I was sixteen. I believe it was on a Saturday morning that my parents ushered me into my dad’s old Ford Anglia, and we drove to my paternal grandad’s house in a town called Basildon in our county of Essex. I’d always loved Grandad dearly, and for some reason inexplicable to me at the time, I’d felt closer to him during the past few years than I’d felt towards my parents.

We arrived at Grandad’s house to discover approximately twenty to thirty family, friends and neighbors gathered downstairs. Grandad, I was informed by my parents, was seriously ill upstairs in his bedroom, with two nurses and his second wife, (not my grandmother, but whom we referred to as Aunty D). Suddenly, I felt an irresistible urge to walk up the stairs to see him. I followed my urge, although I’d been instructed by my parents to remain downstairs. When I arrived at his bedroom door, which had been left ajar, I saw Aunty D and the two nurses tending him in bed, looking incredibly sad. He was unconscious and had the death rattles. I watched him for about thirty seconds before heading back downstairs, having been too shy to intrude on them.

Moments later Aunty D came downstairs, as white as a ghost. She then announced that Grandad had just died. A cold shiver ran down my spine, knowing that I’d been summoned to him just moments before his death. We were then all invited upstairs to pay our final respects to him before positioning ourselves along three walls of his bedroom. I felt totally numb, having never experienced death before. To my shock, Aunty D suddenly grabbed his left hand, removed his wedding ring, and dashed over to me. We’d never really liked each other, so I was surprised she’d done this. Then, to my astonishment, she placed his wedding ring in my hand, held it tightly shut, and informed me that his last dying wish was for me to keep his wedding ring and never to part with it. Why he’d chosen me for this honor, and not my dad, his siblings, or Grandad’s immediate family, I’d had no idea at the time.

Next day, I awoke with a profound belief in and love of an Infinite Creator or Supreme Being, which I’d never previously experienced. I can’t really explain what happened to me between Grandad’s passing and my awakening next morning, but I can tell you that my life has been dedicated to understanding the Creator and the nature of reality ever since. I’m also convinced that I’ve received direct guidance from Grandad over the years. It’s almost as though his death opened a conduit between us and set me on a quest for knowledge that drives me to this day. It was only later in life that I discovered a profound set of connections to Grandad of which I’d previously been unaware, including our significant past life connection during the Ante-diluvian (Atlantean) era, which I intend to share with you later in this series.

End of Part Two (Part One saved within group feed)

Author David Dennis - My early working years were much like those of many young guys. I worked in the international division of a major UK bank in London. I had one serious relationship which I right royally screwed up, and lots of false starts. I played soccer, hung out with the lads, and drank far too much beer. But shortly after breaking up with my first girlfriend, I was drawn to an elderly psychic lady named Mrs Wilkins, who had conducted an accurate psychic reading for one of my friends. As soon as I walked in, she informed me that my late paternal Grandad had walked into the room with me. She then told me much about his former life, before informing me that by the age of 40, I’d be living with a partner and two children in, of all places, Australia! This fascinated me, as I told my mother when I was only ten that one day, I would emigrate to either San Diego, Sydney, or Vancouver.

When I challenged Mrs Wilkins’ prediction, she said: “Well, if it doesn’t come true, there’s no point coming back to me, because I’ll be long gone by then.” I then asked her two questions: “Is there a hell?” and “How do I know you’re really talking to my Grandad and not reading my mind?” She speared me with her ice-blue eyes and replied: “People create their own hell.” She then laughed and said Grandad would provide me with proof of the afterlife, which would come in handy in the future. She told me that I had pills (vitamins), which I kept in a draw in my bedroom cupboard, which I did. She instructed me to check the draw every day but not to remove them. She said that one day they would disappear. I could search the entire house but wouldn’t find them. One day when I least expected it, they would turn up in a place where I could not possibly have missed them.

I went home, and, sure enough, the vitamin pills were in the draw where I kept them. I checked the draw every day for three weeks until one evening I came home from work to find them gone. I searched high and low and challenged my parents, but neither had been into my room nor opened the draw in my cupboard. Four weeks later, I came home to find them sitting slap bang in the center of my bedroom windowsill. It totally freaked me out. When I challenged mum, she swore she had not been in my bedroom or put them there.

I didn’t realize at the time, but I now believe that encounter with Mrs Wilkins had been carefully arranged to set me up for the future. Not only did it confirm to me that the spirit world exists, but it also confirmed that entities from other planes or dimensions can interact with us on a physical as well as a psychic level. Shortly after that encounter, I was relocated by my employer to a place called Redhill, Surrey and bought a house in the neighboring county of West Sussex. By now I’d completely dismissed Mrs Wilkins’ prediction that I would move to Australia. Little was I to know that an apparently chance meeting with a girl from Adelaide, four years later, would lead me to migrate to Australia. In the meantime, I was to undergo several pleasant and not so pleasant experiences that appear to have been specifically designed to prepare me for the journey ahead.

End of Part Three (Previous parts saved within group feed)

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Our Fireside Chats get deep into the topics of the day! Check out our amazing guests! Doc Skinner, David Dennis, Deserie Foley and Stephen Cephalo!

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Our Fireside Chats get deep into the topics of the day! 05/17/2019 Check out our amazing guests! Doc Skinner, David Dennis, Deserie Foley and Stephen Cephalo!

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