BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Jim Wilhelmsen takes SpiritWars through the new Beyond Science Fiction Museum showcasing a glimpse into his life's work!

When you feel the lowest... that's where God has His greatest miracles if you will continue to believe in Him! These are some personal Basham testimonies on this front...

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We have a Cloud of Witnesses!

The full interview with Ministry X
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Hawaii's new lockdowns talk about people meeting in "pods." PODS! This is language from an alien takeover movie. Let's get mobilized and spiritual, folks!

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BANNED TALK! If you're catching this broadcast, please do share! We wax prophetic forward and present and historic, even to ancient times. ENJOY!

SPIRITWARS 8-28-2021!


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We invoke the Keys of the Kingdom!

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We now have VOICE MESSAGING on so if you have any dreams or experiences you'd like to share, feel free to pass them over! Prayer requests and questions are welcome! Just scroll down to the bottom of that fun hand-written page by yours truly!
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More to come! Find photos and links to the rest of the demonstration at

...join us in the fight for Hawaii and the USA and freedom for all peoples worldwide!

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A professional going by the tagline "The Professor" is going to start us off with some understanding about the covered-up history of Hawaii!


Discussion while filming the lovely park.... includes mongoose...

so many priceless treasures in this!

Glimpses into our lovely city life of Naples and our fam...

wonderful happy blessed family glimpses in the FREE CITY OF NAPLES!

We get back down to brass tacks with Derek Prince and discuss the ways of the power of faith in the Word of God!

With the endtime on the radar we need to take our weapons serious!

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The Weapon of Prophecy is key for navigating the apocalypse!

Keys of the Kingdom and Prophecy!


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