He did offend me I will cool down and one day unblock him

I don't need that guy on my channel. I will block him. I don't support date setting. I am not responsible for what others say. I never knew Ruckman. I believe in Jesus only for salvation. That guy is never welcome again on any of my channels.

Robert Breaker VS Tim Connon on how to get saved

What I will be doing on my Channels

All people are welcome to join my Facebook group on Bryan Denlinger


I hate Halloween my commentary on Tim live stream

I hope the UK vote in the Brexit Party and the UK have a No Deal Brexit

Channel Announcement

My Commentary on Robert Breaker's video titled "Funerals Are Just So Sad"

Ed I am still praying for you Ed

I hate the Bloodless gospel of today, I am King James only.

Robert Breaker - PBI Reunion 2019: Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker (class of '98) attends the first ever Pensacola Bible Institute Reunion in Mountainview, Arkansas in October of 2019. Link to Rob's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n0z_QgQVqo

Australian Government need to listen and look after our rivers

Live - Covering part of Tim Connon's live stream

Deb I don't have anything against you Deb Gill

I am King James only, Steven uses NIV

Verses I read out, It is about Faith and not asking. Jesus loved us enough to save those who believe.

Tim Connon you are a liar and you are sending people to hell [ AVBTM Evangelist Videos]

Live stream covering Kings Table video from yesterday

Canadian PM wants to take Rebel News to Court, I support free speech for all people.

My Commentary on Phil Newton's video

Aboriginal lady puts curses on people who climb the rock

Domino's Gordon NSW doesn't do New York's Meat lovers pizza. I wanted a new Yorker size Tomato meat Lovers pizza no pepperoni.

Once someone is saved they can't lose it

Tim Connon adds to the Gospel of Salvation


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