Disclaimer: I live in a predominantly French town, full of French speaking people that I interact with all the time. I don't speak French, but I understand it quite well.

With that out of the way, the French accents in this title are bad. Just, bad. Not to mention, some of the voice actors can't decide if they should have a French accent or an English one. Even in the same scene or piece of dialog.

Aside from that point though, I really think it is cool. Except for this part where I accidentally lured an enemy in the "wrong" direction and the game couldn't figure out what the A.I. was supposed to do. Fun though, I really like it.

TACHIBANA! TEMEE! ...Joking. But seriously, good fighting, holy crap.

I had a recording before this, but something went wrong somewhere. I had a hard time with lightning kitty in that video, too.

This is getting awesome! When the game opened up into the wider map, my jaw literally dropped. Getting intresting, I like it.

Ok, still sorta getting a hold of the more advanced controls in this title. I have to point this out, the boss battles are fucking cool. Well done.


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