Technically the second run of this game.

4A Games added different full-audio versions of all the voice acting in this game. I opted to have Russian voice acting with English dubbing. Enjoy!

Pretty intense. I hope my flashlight doesn't run out of batteries because the heavy shadows is making this quite startling.

The black and white filter I have on here was initially a joke at how "old" the original title was.... but I quite like it...

Saturday the 14th doesn't roll off the tongue like Friday the 13th, but I'm continuing the series nevertheless.

For Friday the 13th I'll be playing through the HD Remaster of the original Resident Evil..... What?... What do ya mean the original is from '96?.... What do you mean that game has an HD remake?... I thought it was Resident Evil (2) because it was a remake of the original from '98! .... Resident Evil 2 is from '98? ... Ah yer fulla shit.

Enjoy. And happy Friday 13th.

If my videos upload the way I know they do, this video might be like, abyss dark. I'll have to see.


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