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The fascist death cult backing the American military-industrial-surveillance complex has been busy. In order to defuse the opposition, they have had to commit all sorts of crimes - not just against humanity, but against the English language. "Antisemitism" no longer means hatred of Jews - it has been redefined, increasingly in the legal sense, to include criticism of Israel. The goal is to put anti-war activists on the defensive - to force us to spend so much time defending ourselves against allegations of antisemitism that we never get around to actually protesting all the ziofascist wars the US has been roped into.

The facts remain: these wars in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, all the undeclared conflicts in Africa, none of these benefit the US strategically. Yet the US continues to volunteer its services as Israel's eager pitbull, continues to shovel billions of dollars in aid to a government that violates international law on a daily basis, continues to allow this government to meddle in our political affairs, even while American citizens struggle to put food on their tables and roofs over their heads.

Criticize this state of affairs and you are labeled antisemitic.
This is adding insult to injury. Ziofascists and their allies have ripped us off; contributed to our intellectual, moral, and physical decline; propagandized us to the brink of incoherence; and rendered our country an international pariah - now they want to smear us as bigots as well? This is unacceptable. We will not be silenced.

We stand for peace and justice. This is not a controversial stance, but the forces of greed, hypocrisy and violence have made it so - they are too cowardly to debate us in an open forum and must resort to deception and subterfuge. Ziofascism is a repugnant ideology, rendered even more so when it uses ordinary Jews as an ideological human shield. If we ever want to achieve world peace, we must address the zionist elephant in the room.

Nikki Haley recently revealed she is clairvoyant. What a cool skill for a diplomat to have! Divining with absolute certainty that if chemical weapons are used in the Syrian province of Idlib, it will be President Bashar al-Assad who was responsible, Haley makes it painfully clear that when Trump finally grows a pair and fires her belligerent ass, she has a future with Miss Cleo on the Psychic Friends Network.

Facebook is taking on the duties of the infamous East German Stasi, the secret police that had an informer on every block. Not content with merely hiring tens of thousands of new fact-checkers to patrol users' content, Facebook has incentivized users to report each other for sharing "fake news," knowing full well that the tool would become a means for the grinding of axes and the downranking of articles with which one disagrees. It's like Zuckerburp saw an episode of Black Mirror & thought "ok, i like it, but not dystopian enough." If we can't resist this gallop toward totalitarianism, we really can't call ourselves a "resistance."
(not that we'd do that anyway, now that the word has been coopted by proto-fascists who'd rather hammer away at Trump than engage with the real issues that created Trump)
Everyone knows at this point that FB is a totalitarian nightmare, yet we're all still on it. Mass migration to another platform must come before the elections. Get your friends to migrate with you - it's no fun starting over on a new social network without your friends, which is one of the reasons we're all still feeding Schmuckerberg our data. So far i like minds.com for the destination, but i'm open to suggestion. What platforms do you use that don't suck? Preference given for a.free b.decentralized c.encrypted - but we need to GTFO FB now. They're partnering with financial institutions and healthcare providers now. that means access to your bank balance and all your STD tests. i don't need to point out how scary that is. or do i?

Wicked Witch of the UN Nikki Haley claims that if anyone uses chemical weapons in the coming battle to retake Idlib, she knows it will have been Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Where her newfound psychic abilities came from she has not explained, but rumor has it she was rejected from the Psychic Friends Network for advising too many callers to bomb Damascus &/or dedicate their lives to the Zio-Fascist Cause. Meanwhile, Assad just wants to run his country without interference from the US, the belligerently drunk fratboy of geopolitics, holding nations hostage with its ballistic incontinence as it looks for a spot of land to plop down a military base like a clutch of parasite eggs.

Neoliberalism represents the nadir of global capitalism - the bottom of the barrel for all but the .01%. But communism doesn't sound so great either- certainly not in a large, diverse nation with so many conflicting interests. The problem with our system now is not necessarily capitalism itself but in how it has been applied as the Solution to Everything. Capitalism is great for business, for building a framework to support technological innovation, for building up a nation's industrial base...but not so great as the foundation of a culture. After all, who would you rather spend a night with, a banker or a philosopher? But who's collecting fat checks and who's barely scraping by? Our culture is doomed unless we put things in perspective. Capitalism is a dead end without a rich cultural tradition that values artists, imagination, innovation of all stripes.
Neoliberalism makes a virtue out of greed because it is morally empty - not only are your fellow humans mere means to an end, but the value of everything is determined by what you can get someone else to pay for it. This is a race to the bottom. We have lost sight of the great thinkers of the Enlightenment - the philosophers who brought us out of the dark ages and who were at that time highly respected for their role in framing a new kind of society. Now, a student announcing he'd like to major in philosophy at university is laughed out of the room. Again, who would you rather have a drink with - John Stuart Mill or J.P. Morgan?
Imagine if our politicians were philosophers - thinkers, problem solvers, people who dedicated their time to finding solutions to the complex issues facing modern humanity - instead of, well, politicians - greedy, venal, morally bankrupt, looking out for #1?
Capitalism has its place - in the boardroom, in the stock exchange, in the shopping mall. But it's no foundation for a functional society.

We have reached Peak Outrage. Americans are so alienated they are desperate to find strong feelings anywhere, even in taking offense on behalf of some imaginary third party. Witness the packs of pod people cheering for the deplatforming of Infowars because - they think - of Alex Jones' comments about the Sandy Hook school shooting - comments they have never heard, on a show they've never watched, about an event they stopped caring about years ago. If this is the best we can do as a species, it is time to throw in the towel.
(also known as "the video that no one is going to see, because pretty much every word in it is flagged by YouTube algorithms")

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which witch? the wicked witch! et cetera.
Farewell to John McCain: traitor, warmonger, fraud, sanctimonious scumbag. Not a war hero, not a "maverick," merely a bloodthirsty lackey of the zionist ruling class. The women and children of Syria and Iran will sleep better at night knowing he is six feet under.

Has capitalism lifted the world out of poverty, or did it just pull its usual scam of stepping in at the last minute and taking credit for the work of someone/something else? Fun fact: those who protest that America's economy is a disaster because it's not REAL capitalism, that a REAL free market would be positively utopian! are no different than those who whine that the excesses of Stalinism and Maoism can't be blamed on communism because those regimes weren't REAL communism. These economic theories are great in theory, but as soon as humans get involved, the notion of a "perfect" free market flies out the window to land on the same trash-heap of history as "perfect" communism, both ideas unworkable by all but the most "perfect" human beings.
The answer, as usual, is something in between - a hybrid with elements of both socialism and capitalism - but don't tell that to the rabid Randian ideologues running the US economy into the ground. As neoliberal austerity dines on the last vestiges of our humanity, Americans have lost the ability to understand anything more nuanced than brute force.

Why are liberals cheering on Brennan, Comey, Mueller and other Deep State hacks? Haven't the FBI and CIA devoted massive amounts of manpower to infiltrating and destroying the organized Left through COINTELPRO and CHAOS among other operations? Have they all gone insane?
Hypocrisy and memory loss are two of the primary symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), a contagious hysteria afflicting liberals of the trendy/shallow persuasion who wear their ideology as a fashion accessory but have never actually read a book (or even a long web article) on the political views they claim to hold. Because they've adopted their ideals as a package, they don't have the capacity for nuanced argument and instantly revert to shouting and attempts to deplatform. TDS is making rational debate extinct and giving real liberals (like us!) a bad name.
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presentation from 2017 Left Forum panel "The New Thought Police: Social Justice Warriors" at CUNY John Jay College in NYC. The hyper-PC "social justice warrior" movement has hijacked liberalism, turning it into a toxic, censorship-crazy perversion of its former self. This is no accident, nor did it originate within the Left. Most liberals want nothing to do with this tiny but strident extremist contingent - yet the establishment media presents them as the new face of the Left. To understand where they come from, one must only ask "cui bono?" - who benefits from a Left so confused, balkanized, distracted, and discordant it has all but destroyed itself?
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