Government Shouldn't Be A Corporation

If it's true that in a time of universal deciet, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Then I'm doing my part. In this video I break down some basics about law and government in their own words. Did you know that America has 2 constitutions? I explain the lawyer's coup of 1871 and explain how We The People can restore the republic under the original constitution.

And to anyone who has ever taken an oath to support and defend the constitution, I would ask you: Did they give you full disclosure as to WHICH constitution you were swearing to? Or did they just let you assume it was the one from the founding fathers, because without full disclosure the contract you got into with them is a nullity.

One of the bears told me yesterday that I'm a genius for thinking of this, but I don't think so. It's just that if you are monetized, your video has to be at least ten minutes or they won't put ads on it. So I figure if you use someones original score of music, and its at lest ten minutes long, they are probably obligated to the copyright holder and/or advertisers to put ads on it. So PLEASE CLAIM THIS BB! And if it works others can do it too. #MakeThemPayHim

Just a beautiful day at a park, wandering around asking people to help me figure out: "What's the difference between Nationalism and Patriotism?"

You know what? As I sit here and wait eternally for this thing to upload I have gotten myself on a good slow burn to some hefty righteous ire. You know how some people say "Oh that guy, he's so old that he's been around since Jesus was a Corporal?" Yeah, well me and HE were young PFC MP's on patrol in the Temple back in the day.

Having been born the same year that we faked the Hoodley Daddle Landing, I'm proud to say I'm at the very top end of GenX and NO Fucking Boomer! And I despise their sheer audacity and capacity to blow the wealth of generations away to satisfy their need for instant gratification of pointless materialism.

Anyway, America needs a Civic's Lesson. I said it in this video and I mean it. But I want to do it on a platform that I can guarantee not to have the message suppressed, stifled, or censored. There's only one place to do that in my humble opinion: Unauthorized.TV.

So I'm going to start my own small media company that can enter into negotiations with those guys.

I've decided to call it Big Smile Productions 😁🤚

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Man, YouTube has done it now! They've pissed off THE GERMANS! YouTube just had to go and financially strangle their "partners" and start changing the rules and moving the goalposts. It's the Treaty of Versailles all over again! This is a re-upload mirror from Jorge Sprave's channel. Original description follows.

Deutsche Version:
This video is in the Public Domain (Creative Commons) and you are encouraged to spread it as much as you like.

I've been a self recovering agoraphobe for 17 years this month because of my #HimToo moment. I have nothing but gratitude and love for my Brother In Logos, Owen Benjamin. Thank you for helping me finally be me again. I'll be heading to open mike nights now, starting at Bob's Java Jive a week from tonight on South Tacoma Way in Tacoma if any of 'Da Bears woyld like to turn out to see just a man with a small moustache and a very big hat. #BringBackTheMoustache

I did not edit this at all. And the thumb is what YouTube picked. I swear you just can't make this stuff up. You guys get it. #LogosRising

You guys get it.

No description needed.

The thing I like to do most is to Milli Vanilli me some songs with my Trump puppet. This obvious fair use parody was blocked on YouTube because whoever owns the copyright on AC/DC really are a bunch of pricks with no sense of humor at all. So hit that Toe button.

Since YouTube told me that my complete mockumentary I called Owen Benjamin Vs. The World was removed because it might be offensive even though it didn't violate TOS, I've had no choice but to break it up into its component bits to find out which part got it removed. It's either this one or the intro, I suspect its the intro.

So please enjoy this upload and if you would like to see the original , you can find it on BitChute at

Please Toe it up and share it from there. Peace and Blessings all.


All right, SCREW Q! I'm TrumpX! I was here FIRST! I knew Donald Trump was trolling the DeepState the day after inauguration, that's why I originally uploaded this that same day (1-21-2017) Soooo, I'm like, your DeepState Outsider, bitches! Subscribe NOW!!!

I signed up for BitChute back in Beta, but never heard anything about getting an account. I come back a few days ago to find that Bitchute has been mirroring a great many of my uploads from YouTube, but not nearly all. This is the video that really started it all for me. Stay tuned, as I'm about to start uploading just plain old talking videos using OBS but I will be hillarious. Meanwhile enjoy guys!

I've had this video sitting on my hard drive since the start because, of course, YT won't let any Beatles content play worldwide. Enjoy, Bitchute!

Bill Cooper tells you everything you need to know to understand the world we live in today at time of re-upload in 2019. It's go time for free speech and anti-censorship. We The People can course correct the current political situation, but it takes forming Jural Conventions in the States to do so. More to follow. RIP Bill Cooper.

An auto finance guy explains how he figured out the illegality of how loans create so-called money. Uploaded for posterity as it's go time freedom of speech and information sharing at the time of upload.

An auto finance guy explains how he figured out the illegality of how loans create so-called money. Uploaded for posterity as it's go time freedom of speech and information sharing at the time of upload.

An auto finance guy explains how he figured out the illegality of how loans create so-called money. Uploaded for posterity as it's go time freedom of speech and information sharing at the time of upload.

An epic face off between Toe Rogan and little Ben Shapiro. You guys get it.

"And please, someone send this to Ben Shapiro."

You guys get it.

(((Black Hebrew Israelites)))

TrumpX presents Owen Benjamin Vs. The World Volume One. A short mockumentary of the now infamous, and reluctant warlord. Comedy isn't dead folks, its just changing. I actually found a Jewish Janitor! I hope you have as much fun watching this as I did making it. Don't forget to hit the Rogan's Up button. Logos Rising!


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It's time to accept the biggest Red Pill of all: we are NOT under the Constitution of 1787. The lawyers pulled a bloodless coup that culminated in the Act of 1871 (an act to create a government for the District of Columbia) because the Constitution of 1787 HAD a thirteenth amendment to it that prohibited anyone ho holds a title of foreign nobility (ESQUIRE) from holding office in government. If you appreciate my work, please consider a donation or subscription to SubscribeStar.