Inflation Indicators Are Firing On All Cylinders, Base Metals Surge, Historic Copper Shortage
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Inflation is running hot and it's likely it's about to get much hotter. Base metals are surging prices paid have been running at a record pace. Dr. Copper which has traditionally been an excellent barometer of the underlying health of the economy is soaring toward record highs. We aren't there yet but there is a historic copper shortage under the surface which is about to become apparent in "panic copper pricing"

The Damage From The Energy Price Surge may be worse, $17,000 Power Bills!
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Energy Bills Surge To Crippling Levels, The People Who Lost Power May Have Been Better Off because their bills are insane. Many people are paying several years' worth of power bills in one month. They have moved from being the envy of the neighborhood to being in deep trouble
The People Who Lost Power May Have Been Better Off The People who actually had power are paying insane prices. There was one guy who reported getting a $17,000 Power Bill, Another whose power bill is usually $357 a month got a bill for over $8,000 for the month, maybe just a few days.

The biggest story no one was talking about is the food supply warning due to inclement weather.
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So in Texas, there are warnings that the Agriculture industry may have taken the worst of the hit and this isn't getting much attention. It's likely the food supply disruptions will get worse. Many Farmers have reported troubles with livestock and crop loss and they said they should have priority above all other industries regarding power.

Everything That's Wrong With The Capital Detailed Review Of JaydenX And Crew
This is a detailed overview of the reported events at the capital and I think this pretty definitively debunks the official narrative. Fee free to share this. These guys are a bunch of actors and I'm not sure too many people believe the media anymore. Everyone connected to these guys is suspect and this seems pretty revealing the scene with Ashley was fake and she is also an actor.

The media is lying about everything and the man who they said was the leader of the oathkeepers and the reason they justified to get approval to read through all social media content, But if the police are dressing up to frame the oath keepers that's appalling and they look like scoundrels. This is a voice to text app I was experimenting with and an article that will be on at some point. I wanted to give you guys an early look

The best is the response from Justin Trudeau's brother which apparently everyone wants to pretend doesn't exist. He exposed this plot as nothing more than a deepstate cabal intent on stripping everyone's rights. Then I saw this woman crying over the whereabouts of her son who they disappeared from the Airport. The craziest part is they are taking people who have tested negative by simply saying their test is not sufficient.

Audio From Full Article Here:
I wanted to discuss methods Tyrants use to maintain power over unwilling subjects, some forms of Tyranny the world should never see again, and why the current encroachments should not be taken as incidental, they are following a plan. Rewind the clock to the time when the entirety of Europe was under the authority of the pope and even kings were subject to the inquisition. Censorship and control of thoughts expressed was so brutally enforced there were an estimated 500 million souls who perished over the 600 year rein of the Roman Catholic church. Here is a bit of History about what I brought up about the Incan Rebellion, In essence, they were totally defeated at the leadership level and the population was left mainly intact, The leaders capable of organizing a resistance were kidnapped then killed. It was a people far superior in number yet they were utterly defeated. I actually wanted to point out an effort that nearly succeeded in undermining the authority of their Spanish overlords who ruled by brutal oppression.

The Full Article Here:
The world turned on it's head describes the recent scene following the Reddit Traders from Wall Street Bets focusing on Evil invincible banks who were heavily short on Game Stop and began buying up the stock and even Robinhood who reportedly has a business relationship with Citadel. I am actually amazed at how powerful this bank is to have favors coming from even the highest levels. The most important part is the valiant efforts of the true Robinhooders who sought to help redistribute the wealth and actually it was a brilliant trading scheme. It screams hypocrisy since these Wall Street banks are the literal market makers and they have been doing the same for years.

Audio From Full Article Here
So Silver is the big news finally as the Wall Street Bets call on physical silver has kicked off a flood of demand for SLV ahead of the market open. I personally bought some more SLV shares, we'll see if the order goes through. The point is to push the bullion banks off of their shorts or make them stand for delivery by a huge raid on silver stocks which is already causing havoc behind the scenes. The CEO of SD Bullion said demand was the highest in company history on Friday and they halted orders over the weekend because they ran out of silver. It's not just them there is a national silver shortage on an epic tidal wave of precious metals investment demand.

NYC has become probably the most advanced in this economic redistribution, Audio From Full Article:
Rents across Manhattan have collapsed and the vacancies continue to grow to leave essentially little competition for commercial real estate in NYC. We can see by these trends it hasn't been just the large businesses leaving.

This is the audio from the full article here: We cover more than just this video but the real problem is the Fed is the source of the rising income inequality for a few reasons. The Fed has been buying bonds of the wealthiest or (essential) corporations while mom and pop stores and restaurants file for bankruptcy.

Audio from full article here:
The discovery at Callinex Mines inc means all the more now:
The world is going crazy over Game stop, don’t you know you pesky Reddit Traders are disturbing the established order and the establishment was pissed. The story was Reddit boards were causing some stocks to trend which wasn’t acceptable to the power elite and hedge funds who were incredibly short on Game Stop among other failing retailers. I for one, don’t find Game stop exciting but it’s what happened next that is inspiring. The Reddit Trading army focused their efforts on taking down the criminal bullion banks who are notoriously short Silver and Silver Miners. First majestic silver surged 40% overnight along with SLV and almost all silver miners. We have mentioned the momentum game for stocks but the most inspiring part is the people voting with their dollars to liberty the precious metals industry from the Bullion banks

This is from the audio in the full article found here there is other videos and more articles at
The Government has gone crazy recently and it seems we're not in America any more todo. Tyranny, Fake News, Riots, The Government Is Literally Hitler & Anti-Maskers Are Terrorists pretty much sums it up

This is getting serious but not at all surprising unless you have been drinking their Koolaid. I swear the people who have just taken over are the real pied piper leading people right to total slavery and government power. There's no way in hell anyone can still be asleep when even fox news turned against Trump in a most disgusting display. We need to talk about camps, in the beginning, I used to mention the phrase "watch out for the white vans because Communist china was disappearing healthy citizens against their will. I found a huge amount of footage and a lot of other crazy things we should be tracking.

Original video in full available at I saw this video detailing how revolutions are all inspired by the top ranks of the spy agencies in the United States to direct "democracy" around the world and essentially they put in or take down any regime they want. One of the calling signs of the most sought after revolution experts is a fist. This is interesting because this symbol began to show up in the United States in 2015 but was also used in the 60's when there were major shake-ups that have the same logo as these guys. This is a clip from a longer video on out telegram channel

I put together a compilation and remix of a couple of hot clips that have been cycling, I know you haven't seen this because I created it and gave original created to sources from some of the original work. The clip of the national guard is the guard turning their back on B1den's motorcade and the song is from a clip from a Pr0ud b0ys clip so I don't know the original author but the song itself is one of the most powerful and on-time songs I have heard. I have been getting emotional about our duty to protect America

Man Attacked in his car while driving and when He got out to hit the guy back He was jumped by other people in the neighborhood

The #BuildBackBetter was never #Biden's slogan but I guess you guys already know that. #NWO/#GreatReset = #Communist overthrow of the 🌎 This is No #ConspiracyTheory It is a real live #Conspiracy

Huge tax increase coming in for the top earners that stay according to recent proposals to increase the state tax rate on the highest income bracket or those earning over $5 million. This will push the effective tax rate for top earners in NYC close to 14.7%, the highest in the nation. I also saw this video that seems very similar to what the main stream of thought seems to be trending. It's interesting that His plan is exactly the same one being pushed by the global world leaders. Taxes will be going up and I would probably get your money out of the bank before they begin restricting what people can remove via capital controls.

Trump lined with what looks like commanders in the military speaks to the media and asks do you know what this represents? She asks what Trump: "Maybe this is the calm before the storm" What storm? Trump: "You'll find out"

A large group of National Guard Marching through DC ahead of the "transition of Power"

This seems like a Freudian slip from the commander of the national guard of Virginia he said in this interview they are there for a smooth transition to military power. There are now 65,000 national guard troops in Washington DC. and active duty Military working

Powerful speech from Josh Hawley who seems to be wide awake. We may have a true patriot here who has called out the threat by name and their New Global Order. I won't lie I tear up listening to this pumping my fist in the air because this country truly needs saving and there is only one hero left to save America. We're on the cusp of losing everything and people think this is just normal

Food shortages in China are something the Government doesn't talk about much yet since all information is totally controlled. These videos are being scrubbed from the other censorship platforms but it shows how crazy things are at a grocery store. They are locking people in their homes and dragging people away again!


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