Documentary about online censorship and what to do about it.

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As I said here is some more links for more information:

Black Pigeon Speaks

EU Directive SPELLS DISASTER for Internet Freedom


Update on EU’s Copyright Reform Proposal #DeleteArt13


BBC Reports on Article 13 - The EU Copyright Directive

Memes 'will be banned' under new EU copyright law

Angry Foreigner
EU wants to BAN MEMES & Enforce "Link-Tax"
Also here is a petition to save the internet from article 13....


A film discussing the future of freedom of speech online.


So this is the short version, people said no one would watch the long version. Meh :P It is still better than what a lot of content creators give for this length of time.

I actually made the last one longer too because I wasn't sure how much more video making I would be doing at the time.

I give a slight update here but I'll give a much more in depth update on my situation very soon.

For a few days still...Nov.20th 2017

Some of the editing is kind of sloppy but please forgive me

…For over my 100 subcribers I made an over 100 minute documentary mash up video.
Sort of like an abstract tale of how I got my first 100 subscribers but much more than that.
I could say so much more but it wouldn’t fit in the description anyways.
I tried really hard to go over my video that was largely done by old clips and mention all the people who need to be mentioned under creative commons agreements, this should be all of them but if I missed you, let me know and I’ll try to update this as soon as I can.
A Little Faith - Bitter Suite by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Why I decided it was time to upload my first video to BitChute exclusively.

So I'm mostly not even trolling. Bill Nye is some pretty cringey garbage. Fellow trannies might hate me, but fuck it, do you seriously not want fellow trannies giving some damage control over this freak show circus? There are parts that I jokingly allude to conspiracy theory type stuff. I'd say a small part of that is joking at the conspiracy theory culture, but it's a joke with truth behind it. Whether or not what I allude to is verbatim what is going on, in my perception something pretty fucked up is going on, and some of that perception maybe exaggerated some in order to try to highlight what I see. When Bill Nye gets so excited over kids turning gender queer, he seems in my opinion just a little too excited. Though I'm not against kids transitioning, at least not in every situation, I don't share any excitement Bill Nye seems to have here. In fact he seems so excited that he seems like he is restraining himself; for me as a non binary conservative special snowflake I only understand that as a cultural Marxist communist plot to weaken the South Koreans. Hey this new K-pop star looks like fun, but to me, this is definitely the vibe that I get from Bill and his lackeys.

Great Job France, the whole world doesn't know whether to cry or laugh at you.

Oh of course almost forgot...


So good news and bad news:
The Berkeley Protests remained peaceful...
Which is mostly good news.. other than I can't make another Grind core music video now. Oh well I guess. Great thing that it stayed peaceful. Perhaps this means real progress is being made.
Anyways here is the link to my music video on the last protest

Anyways Special thanks to We Are Change, who was on the ground capturing most of the footage here. Ann Coulter wasn't able to show up, but a whole bunch of people did. Speeches from Gavin Mcinnes who reads Ann's speech as well as does his own speech.
Other speeches from people such as Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, Baked Alaska, Latino's for Trump, Brittany Pettibone and others.

Hey I apologize this is unscripted, edited some but I wanted o get these thoughts out there. I noticed that so far only one other person posted about this on YouTube yet, it's very just breaking and it is a huge story.

I apologize if my support for her is a bit more lack luster right now, my Le Pen promo video got 100 views and only around two of the views or so were from France even though the whole video was in french and pretty much all the tags were too. In this video I don't put in any French tags in hopes my disappointment and unease about this does not discourage anyone who can still vote for what is hopefully still a good thing., so I thought I'd break the news to English speaking folks with my honest thoughts and advice.

Former liberal and Current liberal get real.
Ultimately it exposes a darker side that apparently a number liberals actually feel.
Out of around a hundred people when asked What liberals stand for now these days? This was the best and only answer that was given. This maybe a shocking confession to some.
I think this video should make both right and left wingers question their parties a little bit more.

So this looks like the first round of voting, so it's not necessarily over yet, but not looking to good for #LePen and Freedom at the moment.

Some say the elections may never be the same after this. Well Sharia law probably won't be here that soon, but if it keeps going in this direction, the elections certainly won't be the same.
PS I should mention the rtist at the end is Placeboing
Oh and ....
I was listening to ChilledCow in the background a seemingly never ending live stream

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IS it Islomophobic NOT to vote for Le Pen?
I guess if you don't agree with the mental gymnastics done here, you have to be a little in awe at how feminists with from saying they wanted to see a first woman president to saying they don't support a woman president who actually stands against true misogyny.

But if you don't agree with the logic, are you saying those Hadiths need shredding?

And if so what else has to go?

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La Pen on recent terror attack in France.
La Pen sur la récente attaque terroriste en France.
Le Pen for president.

Le Pen pour le président.

Save the west!
Sauver l'ouest!

Vote au nom du peuple!


This is a music video made of the new Berkeley Riots over Ann Coulter speaking at the Berkeley Campus. the free speech turned to riots again as Antifa clashed with Trump supporters.
Could this be divide and conquer on the road to martial law and a police state? Music by Massgrave

Video is primarily from 'We Are Change':
Embarrassing Police Stand Down At Berkeley

Handicap Senior Citizen U.S Military Vet Stands Up & Cucks Antifa

Berkeley Pro Free Speech Protesters Chase Out AntiFA

Anyways if you liked this video you may also like :

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Okay So last night I found some footage of last night and posed the question: "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN NORTH KOREA RIGHT NOW?"

So today I am doing a follow up.


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