Puttin sum bead board up

trying another ghost app

checkin some local woods

Repairing my old front door

A little road trip

Adding some lattice work

Pretty big storm coming

finally some paneling

frog bog review

Some mowing ,stuff, and a drive to my moms

bnsf train

drive to property and sum cleanin

Lots of rain in a short period

Alot of rain real quick

cool colecovision console

cleanup and a helper

A drive to the property


Installing a bead board section

Trying to repair the chiming

Tearing out the rest of the sheet rock

Getting more work done on the walls

Time to clean up some of this mess

Trying something new to slow down a bad roof, until i can get it replaced.

Dreary day and dreading the roof


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Making a off grid tiny house in a small town, for somemthing to do.