I describe more examples of illegals entering and now being given college housing; I also discuss the so-called "former leftists" (one in particular) who is wrong about the left/right dynamic; and I discuss a depopulation document from the UN that highlights the bigger agenda.

Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening

Final days:

I respond to and describe the ongoing illegal immigration scam that is plaguing our county; a few degenerate education stories are covered, including the new African American Dictionary and some recent installments; I also discuss the new RSV vaccine that will wipe out the COVID jabbed and their chronic cough for good (if you know what I mean); and other pandemic treaty audio from the WHO.

Illegals continue to enter and what does this mean for the broader response; the degenerate infiltration of education continues through ever association imaginable; and more jab adverse reactions, including all new 393 pages of them.

The Biden administration publishes a document ensuring you can't question the past; school enrollment drops as trades schools flourish and illegals are up up in university dorms; along with new revelations on the jabs and the strategy moving forward.

My aunt was a choir director of a North Carolina church for 21 years, and this is her COVID experience and observations within that environment from 2020 through 2022.

I discuss the emergence of cross-state education commissions that seek to act above state level DOE's and control the licensure of teachers (along with much more) while being accountable to no one; I also discuss Operation Crimson's Contagion and SEERS briefly, that deal with pandemic scenarios that have been run in 2019 and 2022 for what global, federal, state and local governments and agencies have planed in the future. is discussed as the largest civil rights latino organization in the world and their normalization of insanity; North Carolina's K12 system is collapsing and their Democrat Governor panics; More higher-ed insanity and grooming involving the jabs in NYS, and sex-ed's hidden agenda they don't tell parents about.  

Homeschooling increases while public-school enrollment plummets, Miguel Cardona testifies, yearbook shenanigans, and the COVID fairy tale is crumbling with numerous examples of all are described.  

Recent stories of teachers getting caught being crazy, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion committees and coordinators exist in every school district in America.  I highlight one such group who gave a presentation to a school board that I've highlighted in the past, so you can can hear the insanity for yourself.  

I discuss the Durham Report from Techno Fog's analysis/Substack; I also discuss a few educations stories including the monetary reimbursement of three teachers who refused to take the jabs and were fired for refusal; and two jab stores involving a medical student and airline witness reports.
My latest Substack:

I address a common issue in school and a current local one, involving the double standard of violence and discipline of minors who make deadly threats against students and others.  I also discuss Watch The Water 2 and how this is the tip of the spear in the COVID discussion going forward.  Pay attention to who talks about this and who does not.

The Stew Peters Network releases "Watch The Water 2: Closing Chapter"
This is a must watch as the so-called "freedom doctors" are denying this is real and refuse to look at the evidence because their grift would be over and their virology lie would evaporate.


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