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Just big enough to chase down, catch and eat the grasshoppers. Fun for the whole flock. Two weeks old. Dot, Spot, Micro-Dot, Back Splash, Jesse and the ‎Phasianidae gang. Their feathers are growing quickly. Hand caught, garden grown grasshoppers.

Texas A&M (yellow) and Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail are one week old playing in their home made brooder.

Using a large blue plastic tote, with washed river sand and two 45 watt heating mats (normally used for starting seeds) keeps the brooder at about 99.5 F for the first week, dropping 5 degrees per week. A glass water bottle sits directly on the heating mats and then surrounded by sand emitting 105-115 F, as well as the edges of the mats rise above the sand on the sides of the brooder, allowing for the coturnix quail chicks to warm themselves when needed. One side allows for cooler temperatures. It's important to test out a brooder before the coturnix quail chicks are ready to go in using multiple thermometers. A water dish with rocks in it keep the coturnix quail chicks from drowning themselves as they will fall asleep on their feet and fall over ~ wherever ~. Heat lamps work as well, we chose the thermostat controlled heating mats for their lower wattage consumption and to maintain a more normal day/night pattern. The white cupboard shelf covers will be removed after the end of the first day and the chicks will be directly on the sand. Droppings will be picked up with a table spoon as often as once or twice a day. As the coturnix quail chicks get older and bigger, they will be moved to a larger brooder enclosure. Electrolyte water as well as filtered water is made available to the coturnix quail chicks. A water bottle is also available with a nipple (2" above the floor of the brooder) which the coturnix quail chicks figure out how to use almost immediately. Game bird starter food is ground in a grinder first before feeding it to the coturnix quail chicks. Coturnix breeds in the brooder box are Texas A&M and Jumbo Brown.

Two days before hatching the Coturnix quail eggs (Jumbo Brown and Texas A&M ) One egg starts moving when whistled to. (middle right)
Scientific name: Coturnix coturnix - Common Quail


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