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Update from Reiner, seeing the huge changes in the world, and seeing the turn of events in favor of justice. But not a quick victory.

Reiner Fuellmich continues to think and speak with integrity, intelligence and courage.
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Reiner thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes, plus comments on his trial. As he notes, there cannot be an iota of doubt that this is a show trial.
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Day 14. Many changes. 2 court dates cancelled. Extension granted, in the end. Plus Katja Woermer addresses the outrageous treatment of Reiner Fuellmich, put into isolation exactly on his birthday weeknd, supposedly du to an anonymous tip. Response of the judge: this has nothing to do with the court. She is to address the prison administration. Plus more.
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Hundreds came to be outside the prison where Reiner is being held, to celebrate Reiner on his birthday. For one hour he could walk in the prison yard, so could hear the celebration. At one point, he calls Freiheit!! Freedom!! A friend wrote to me:
I watch and listen to the birthday party in front of the prison - I cry...
Reiner was outside for 1 hour - 1-4 pm - and he must have heard what was going on outside...
Roger is sooooooooooooo great !
Everyone present is so great !
I am so grateful to everyone !
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Katja Woermer is asked her perception of the witness from Day 12, Jens Kuhn. She gives a detailed answer of all the information from Jens Kuhn, more than confirming the statements of Reiner Fuellmich. She also describes the bizarre visit to his home by Vivianne Fischer and Robert Cibis. Plus there was a small incident outside the regular court proceedings. A quick, very welcome account of the day.
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A focus of the interview: changes due to thepending criminal charges against the prosecutor, John. Also information on the witness, Tobias Weissenborn.
For more, here is a loose translation into English of Jiota's much more detailed account:
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Katja Woermer, Reiner Fuellmich's main lawyer, describes the dossier on Reiner that goes back several years, and the situation. The dossier somehow arrived at Dr Miseré. the new legal team member.
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Update. Reiner Fuellmich, April 5, 2024. The whistleblower dossier. The law-breaking assistant DA. The people who have acted against Reiner - buffoons, as they are called more than once.

I knew I wanted to interview Jason Christoff from the first time I heard him speak, in an interview with Reiner. Mind control. How mind control is done. Just 2 key ingredients - REPETITION and TOXINS. That interview is well worth watching. So is another recent interview, where he starts with another major ingredient: CONFUSION. How that makes us give up thinking altogether.

And then of course, there is how mind control can be undone. That’s tougher. Key ingredients, once again: repetition and detoxifying. Key strategy: educating - which is not pushing.

I’m telling you a lot. That’s not enough to really know. For that, I strongly suggest: watch the interview.

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I give in
I give up
I knuckle under
I have a dream
and it does seem
I could make it real
Ah I don't know
which way to go
'cause I'm confused
It didn't use
to be this way
It's hard every day
almost ...

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There will be a weekly meditation for Reiner and others caught in the injustice system, and for anyone or anything else important to us - health challenges, for instance.

Today, the first meditation, was extra special for Christians. Easter. Death and resurrection.

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GENTLE RAIN. The gently falling rain slowly wets the ground ...
Soft and tender love poem
A love poem about a love that feels like a home-coming.
December 15, 1995.
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Ed Wackerman has been in a California prison for months, charged with committing a crime impossible for him to commit. An unnatural forest fire. What is an unnatural forest fire? ROBERT, PROFESSIONAL ARBORIST for 33 years, has years of evidence about the differences between natural and unnatural forest fires in California and also elsewhere. Maui. Texas. And more. Here Robert gives an overview of the situation, with photos from fire after fire where trees did not burn but were dead from the inside out, where houses were gone but the trees beside them remained, the needles unburned, untouched. We need to see this evidence, know this evidence, act together to protect those charged with crimes they did not commit - and to protect this world as well as we can. This is being done to us. Robert has years of evidence. Watch now. And be involved, active, doing what you can. Every step helps.
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We've all heard. The Bankers have all the money. And they definitely need that money to stay in control. The 72 trillion dollar question: how to get the money to flow to us? Cal Washington has spent 20 years exploring the ins and outs of the system we live within. First, listen to this excellent interview on who he is, how he developed his system, and how it works. Then, here is his website for more information: https://www.inpowermovement.org/about
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It's a question we've all asked ourselves:
Who am I? Who is this person I call me?
Every day is flowing
into another going
who knows where
who knows where
our lives will lead
Who is this person I call me?

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Video from 2022
Here is a video from 2018: https://www.bitchute.com/video/snP6KS9UOt1T/

BREAKING. QUICK UPDATE from REINER FUELLMICH. Feb 23, 2024. On the delay. On what's happening with the witnesses. And on.

For the second week in a row, the court dates have been cancelled. Katja Woermer, his attorney, has been ill. This cannot be easy for Reiner who is completely prepared and has been in prison for over 4 months. The next scheduled date is now Feb 27. And so, here is a new intention meditation, that Reiner’s mind is open to the positive changes the current expansive quality of time offers him.

Intent Meditation for Reiner. The intent:
Our intention is: Reiner Füllmich accepts the situation with calm and assurance. He resonates with the current expansive quality of time. His mind is open to the positive changes it offers him.

You can listen and meditate along at any time.

Then, on Telegram, the German group is holding an intent meditation Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024.
Through Substack, the English group is holding an intent meditation on Thursday, Feb 22, 2024, at 2 pm. You can be part of the meditation in 2 ways. You can join the Zoom meeting by sending an email to: [email protected]. Or you can attend the Youtube live, which will be at: https://truthsummit.info/live-reiner-240222.html

Intent Meditation for Reiner. The intent:
Our intention is: Reiner's performance is obvious and is appreciated. All witnesses and authorities involved in the trial and all those present in the courtroom act in an atmosphere of absolute impartiality.
There is also another intent:
We are sending so much care love support to both Reiner and Inka. The intent: that they can feel all this care love and support.
Finally, bcause the 2 court dates have again been cancelled, due to Reiner’s attorney (who was already ill last week), we send the intention that all further court dates go smoothly, with (again) the main intention:
Our intention is: Reiner's performance is obvious and is appreciated. All witnesses and authorities involved in the trial and all those present in the courtroom act in an atmosphere of absolute impartiality.
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Statement - Reiner Fuellmich. Feb 9, 2024. From ICIC.law. English with English subtitles.
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Intent Meditation for Reiner - Feb 13, 2024.
There will be a group meditation on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. Time: 2 pm Eastern time (New York time).
The link for the group meditation: https://truthsummit.info/live-reiner-240213.html
However, you can do this meditation also at any time.
Here are the words:
We hold the vision for Reiner that he has won and is released from jail. That truth and justice prevail. That there is a full recognition of his innocence. That his integrity radiates everywhere.
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There are nasty agendas we're very aware of. Like crocodiles in the swamp. There are also agendas those supposedly "on our side" have. Yes, those people are outraged at some of what is outraging us - like the plandemic, for instance - but when it comes to other stuff they may have those nasty things - AGENDAS. I was introduced to John Pilger (right after his death) as someone who was fantastic.So many admiring eulogies. I soon found ... AGENDAS!!! - meaning agendas other than the truth.

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The people pushing Anglophobia on us do not want it recognized, let alone named. Instead, they want it to stay the unrecognized hatred. All the more reason to shine the spotlight on it, nice and bright - to name it, to show the different varieties, and to look at the easy obvious remedy. Ethnic bonding.

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