Message from a cowboy, stetson pulled way down low.
Don’t ever forget
Life’s a miracle and yet
It hurts
when we break
a leg or a heart
But don’t ever forget
Life’s a miracle, my pet,
With love
and the highs
The wonder of it all
And don’t ever forget
you’ll do fine

Good old-fashioned broken heart country music, a heart ache song - along with an uplifting message.

Ed Deigan - vocals, guitar
Mark Corwin - viola, arrangement, sound design
Elsa - lyrics, melody, video

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I feel relaxed in my center

steady and centered

at ease with being me


I feel unmasked in my center

ready from my center

to reach and still be free

seeing you

steady in your center

relaxed in your center

being yourself with me

yet we're ready . . .

There are so many moments of loving. This is one of them.
comfy as a pillow
relaxed as a willow
soft yet sturdy as can be
seeing you
comfy as a cushion
relaxed as a mushroom
deliciously cozy with me
and then we're ready . . .

Time for a celebration of love - a little attention to love and its power. There is so much push toward fear all around. Also anger, frustration, loneliness, misery. Social distancing, economic hardship. If fear is what "they" want - fear, frustration, loneliness - it's all the more important that we go toward what gives us life, and one of those things is love.

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Logic - something so amazing. Sometimes it brings us, so easily, to logical conclusions that are far from our original view. I think of 2 such times.

Of course, sometimes logic does not work. I think of one such time.

I also think of a time, when amazingly, logic was used to break the grip of madness. The madness - disjuncture from reality - could not be stopped. But with thinking with logic, the person could live, aware.

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Zee's Cafe Cafe - spoken word, poetry, ideas, music, images, stories.
Zee’s - electricity. It sparks, zings, delights, invites everyone to come in.
Now - Grand Opening Premiere.
What’s on the menu?
* A Big NO coming from a Bigger YES.
* Who Is This Person I Call Me?
* Not Going Forward, Not Going Back.
* and a Big Idea Piece:
C.R.T. - critical race theory -
vs A.I. & A.S.T.I.
At the root of C.R.T: a human vulnerability plus a malign force.

That’s the full menu for the Grand Opening Premiere of Zee's Cafe Cafe.

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For the different parts:
* Not Going Forward, Not Going Back: 1:55 - 6:05
* A Big NO coming from a Bigger YES: 6:35 - 8:50
* Who Is This Person I Call Me: 9:00 - 11:50
* C.R.T - intro: 11:50 - 12:40
* C.R.T: 12:40 - 35:40

We’ve all heard: repressing our feelings is bad, expressing our feelings is good. I want to look at something else: choosing our feelings.

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It's a question we've all asked ourselves:
Who am I? Who is this person I call me?
Where are we going with our lives?
What will be our story?
It started as Caro's song. She's 13. Life ahead of her.
It’s a question that still resonates for me.

THE HISTORY of Who Is This Person I Call Me:
Written: January 23, 2004
Webpage (with a first recording): June 2008
First Video: 2018 - not quite completed
Second Video: completed and uploaded, April 15, 2015

I had a eureka moment a couple of days ago. I was watching a couple of videos from Raymon Grace, and I was hit by the answer to a question which has been in the forefront of my mind for a good long while: how to we stop what is going on with the great reset, with the plandemic, on and on.

Here are the videos from Raymon Grace that brought me to my eureka moment:
And if you believe it can’t be done, here are words from Raymon Grace:
“I didn’t know it couldn’t be done.”

C.R.T. - critical race theory vs something very different. A wider view - much much wider - starting with a childhood memory, and a book in a language I could barely read. C.R.T. The C seems to stand for Castration - the castration of thought, of blacks (perpetual victims), of whites (perpetual victimizers). I start with a memory which brings me to a world alive to much more than the narrow little world of C.R.T.

By the way, in the video, I read from an article by Bill Federer. Here is the reference: https://www.wnd.com/2018/11/what-really-happened-when-stanley-met-livingstone/

I'm not on empty
I'm not on full
I'm not stuck in a rut
I'm in a lull

I’m looking for a track
a track that pulls . . .

Elsa at Zee's Cafe Cafe - opening night

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From tragedy to full flourishing. There's a story children tend to get from all sides. You can be anything you want to be. It sounds good. It isn't, not for millions upon millions of people. Instead, so very often, tragedy. People come into the everyday world. Many come to a precipice and don't get up. New stories are needed - like about the seed in each of us.

A very strong no. Coming from an even stronger yes.

Information you cannot post on Youtube. Athletes die. And instead of warning people, Youtube's policy is to prohibit the information from being displayed on its platform.

This video was emailed to me. If it is yours, please let me know. I am glad to give you credit.

Considering the information, my sense is that you want it as widely shared as possible.

You walk by 
I'm left outside 
You see 
I'm left outside . . .

Do you keep walking by?

Please, don't walk by  

Walk with me, be with me
Walk with us, be with us

All of us together

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We are logical. We are reasonable. We reason.
They are not logical. They are not reasonable. They do not reason.
The outcome is a foregone conclusion. We fail.
If failure is not our preferred outcome, what options do we have?
Next: How to succeed.

We think they're our friends. But when we ask, what do we do, they respond with 5 excellent strategies for failing.

7 days in a row

7 days
like a sunny spell
     after a winter
          from hell

7 days and still going . . .

For the full poem and more: https://elsasemporium.com/happiness-poem.html

A poem celebrating the feeling of happiness, joy, happiness.

From Elsa.

just one string
no matter where you start
just one string
the veil parts
the evil league of hate

the politics of fear and hate

leftwing PC EU UN Nazi Islamic Marxist climate alarmist caliphate
viral terror, lockdowns, masks, election fraud, treatments blocked, experimental jabs, vaccination caliphate

death to freedom

pull the string

Full lyrics: https://elsasemporium.com/just-one-string-political-rap.html

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What Do I Have for You? What stories, songs, ideas?
What do I have for you? Those words went through my head when I thought about,
how do I introduce my stuff to you - such different stuff.
So that's how I'm starting.
And today I have . . . We've Just Begun Defending Freedom

Here it is:
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One part of loving is being open to love, welcoming love.

I welcome sparks, welcome flames

I'm back in the I welcome love game
    open to love warm, love tame

I welcome love

     the dance of love

     the touch of love

     the flame

          that does not burn

               but warms the heart body soul

For the full lyrics: https://elsasemporium.com/good-love-songs.html

What are you doing on Valentine’s Day
when your sweetheart is no one
when you see others play . . .

One kind of love song. A song of longing for love.

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Yes, the drive to flourish is as natural as hunger for food. But most of us are not flourishing.

2 big questions: Just what is full flourishing? And is there any reliable method for heading in that direction?

Both questions get answered.

Soon: a mastermind for heading toward full flourishing.

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