Hang out with Jeremy Crow on Walpurgisnaght, Year 7 of the New Luciferian Era (2020 Common Era) to chat about all sorts of occult and Satanic topics.

A live discussion with Jeremy Crow about the sacraments in a Gnostic Luciferian context.

Casual live chat with Jeremy Crow on Samhain/Halloween 2019.

This video was immediately demonetized by YouTube (as all my videos tend to be.)

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Hang out with Jeremy Crow to talk about anything occult related on Canadian Thanksgiving.

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Stay Lucid!

Jeremy Crow chatting about esoteric and occult subjects in the middle of the night.

Jeremy Crow hangs out and chats about lucid dreaming.

Jeremy Crow gives a summary of how he joined and why he ultimately became inactive in the Esoteric Order made famous by it's one-time leader Aleister Crowley. The organisation is called the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO.)

Jeremy Crow gives his account of the experience he had with Esoteric and Gnostic forms of Christianity. This video focuses on the four years of study and practice it took to become an Ordained Priest in the Gnostic Church of The Glorious Christ and the year following in which he served the Toronto congregation as their Priest. Jeremy also discusses some of his experiences with the Martinist Order and a branch of esoteric Freemasonry.

Jeremy Crow gives a brief summary of his experience with The Esoteric Order of the Morning Star, which later changed it's name to The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn and eventually got permission to use the more recognizable name The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The head of this particular Order was Robert Zink. Jeremy's experience is based off the Toronto, Canada lodge.

** This Video Was Instantly Demonetized Upon Upload **

Jeremy Crow talks about the gnostic view of reality and how to avoid nihilistic despair while navigating the prison of existence.

Jeremy Crow explains the real Master of some of the most powerful people on the planet. Many people refer to these people collectively as The Illuminati and their master plan as the New World Order. Coming Soon: A deeper exploration of the beliefs of these Global ELites and the strange practices they do behind closed doors.

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Jeremy Crow gives a quick rundown on how to use Lucid Dreaming to achieve Ascension. This doesn't cover everything necessary but it's a good foundation to start working from. Other terms for Ascension include the Merkaba, the Resurrection Body of Christ, the Diamond Body, Body of Light, the Perfect Ashlar, the Rainbow Body, Taoist Immortality, the Philosopher's Stone, etc... Beyond what's mentioned in the video, you will also need to harmonize all the aspects of the self. This can be achieved through healing your traumas, overcoming addictions, focusing all your internal resources towards achieving complementary goals, radical self-knowledge, etc...

Jeremy Crow ties together concepts from Gnosticism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Sumerian and Babylonian mythology, Taoist International Alchemy, Western Hermetic Alchemy, Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Yoga's along with a few more modern ideas to weave together a possible Afterlife scenario.

Jeremy Crow explains how Jehovah (aka Yahweh or IHVH) is related to the Sumerian god Enlil and the giants of the Old Testament.

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Jeremy Crow tells the story of Enki and Enlil from Sumerian mythology and gets into how these stories evolved through the ages up to and including the present day.

#TeamEnki #TeamEnlil #AncientAliens

Jeremy Crow gives an introduction to the most important part of Flat Earth Theory. Also discussed is the gnostic themed movie Dark City and the controversial scientific theories called Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology.

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Jeremy Crow introduces some of the concepts related to Shape Shifting Lizard People and then explains how to activate a physical transformation into a Reptilian form and unlock hidden abilities.


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Lesser Known Tactics and Techniques to Unlock Your Hidden Potential.

Jeremy Crow has spent decades of his life researching and practicing secret methods to gain an edge in whatever you are trying to achieve. These goals may be concrete and measurable or they could be abstract and subjective. The simple truth is that conventional methods will only take you so far. In order to really excel, you will need to also employ obscure and closely guarded systems and technologies that will make you more effective and actually generate seeming coincidences and synchronicities that advance your goals. This controversial and forbidden knowledge is what you will find here on this channel, laid out in simple to understand language.

Jeremy Crow is a Luminary, an Artist and Community Organizer. He is a trained Influencer, a Futurist and an aspiring Polyglot (English, French, Japanese and Russian.)

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