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40 Dead, More Than 100 Wounded In Terrorist Attack In Crocus City Hall In Moscow - FSB

A group of armed terrorists launched an attack before the start of a concert at 8pm Moscow time, firing at the audience at point blank range and throwing incendiary bombs.

The attackers were clad in camouflage burst into the hall through the stalls - RT

China expressed its "strong disappointment" after the United States blocked a draft UN Security Council resolution for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The root cause of all problems in the region and most of the world is the 'self-inflicting wound the world caused by creating Israel' by giving the land of the Palestinians to groups of the same religion.

This is a must-watch very short in-depth explanation by renowned Professor Roy Casagranda about the creation of Israel, how it's the cause of instability, mayhem, and carnage in West Asia and the rest of the world, and a suggestion by the esteemed professor for a solution.

However, since the blind support the USA, Europe, and Russia, even China gives Israel, and the aspiration of the Ukrainian Nazi junta to turn Ukraine into another Israel, why not move the Israelis to Ukraine and solve dozens of problems at once?

I've suggested the creation of Ukrael:

Your objective comments are always welcome.

China tells UN Security Council that the US airstrikes “constitute a grave violation of the sovereignty, independence, & territorial integrity of Syria & Iraq.”

“The situation in the Middle East is on the verge of extreme peril.”

“Who is creating threats, whether in the Middle East or elsewhere? Who is engaged in the excessive use of force? And who is misleading public opinion?”

“The US purports that it does not seek to create conflicts in the Middle East or anywhere else, but in reality, it does precisely the opposite.”

“The US military actions are undoubtedly stoking new turmoil in this region and further intensifying tensions.”

“All parties should heed the strong call and overwhelming consensus of the international community and support the UNSC in taking strong actions to promote an immediate ceasefire.”

Spokesman for Yemen foreign ministry reminds the US people of their own history after the latest round of US and UK bombing of his country to 'defend' themselves, or rather to defend Israel while it continues to commit its genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Yemen imposed a blockade at first only against Israeli-owned ships and ships heading to or coming from Israel as a measure to pressure the anti-Jewish Zionist criminal regime to stop their war crimes against Gaza and to allow food and medicine to enter the besieged strip.

The US and UK regrouped their usual suspects, former and current colonial powers to break the blockade imposed by Yemen and to help Israel with its war crimes.

In return, and only after the first US and UK bombing of their country for the above, Yemen expanded their blockade to include US and UK ships banning them from entering or exiting the Red Sea through the Bab Al-Mandib strait.

All other ships are free to sail through the strategic strait, Yemen has even not imposed a similar blockade on the countries that bombed it for the past 7 years but at the noble human beings they are, they couldn't sit idle like the rest of the world watching live the massacre of thousands of children and women in Gaza.

Source: Press TV.

Found it from an old cloud account, this was on my channel which YouTube terminated in its first wave of censorship.

Of article:

Israel assassinated Iranian IRGC senior commander and the military attache to the Iranian embassy in Damascus Brigadier Seyed Razi Mousavi.

It's not the first time that Imperialism puts up a puppet, uses it and throws it in the trash. We had a buffoon like Zelensky - Guaido. Imperialism grabbed him and threw him in the trash in Miami

After the USA vetoed the resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza, China slammed the US hypocrisy claiming it wants to protect the civilians in the besieged strip.

Chinese top diplomat at the United Nations Security Council did not limit his criticism of the US double standards to diplomatic terms and with few words condemned the US hypocrisy regarding its decades-long slogans of protecting civilians across the globe.

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